The Villain Has Blackened Again Chapter 26


The Villain Has Blackened Again

The Villain Has Blackened Again Chapter 26

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Live Broadcast, The Demon King Eats People

    Qin Yuexuan looked lightly at the visitor and slightly frowned, "How come you're here?"  

    Zuili Yuejian pointed and shrieked: “If I don't come, how can I see this, you yell at me1!"

    Hao2 Yue'Er!” Qin Yuexuan grabbed her waist. “Yue'Er, don't make a scene, I am here to humiliate this woman. How can I be with her, when I am married to you? She is a withered willow3,how can she be half as good as you?"

    Nan Xun sighed, this woman is really a strange creature. She saw Zuili Yuejian's little face smiled and held Qin Yuexuan shyly. "Brother Xuan, are you serious?"

    "Naturally it's true."  Qin Yuexuan lifted her chin with a smile, bowed his head and kissed her.

    When Nan Xun looked away, she seemed to have stimulated the two, who were increasingly moaning. The two people's movement became more and more erratic, nearly performing a live erotic show in front of her.

    Nan Xun's face didn't change color, instead she stared at the stars in the night sky.

    She doesn't know when the erotic sounds disappeared. But when Nan Xun looked back there was only Zuili Yuejian.

    She is a beautiful woman, but her face looked ugly because of jealousy.

    “Zuili Xuan, I'm warning you, stay far away from cousin Xuan! Now, you don't even deserve to give him shoes!4" Zuili Yuejian left after saying ruthless remarks while sneering.

    Nan Xun sighed. “Do I look like a person who needs to hold onto a thigh badly?”

The void beast retorted: "In just a few years, he was promoted from junior master to intermediate king. This Qin Yuexuan is indeed a genius cultivator.”

    Nan Xun looked at the night sky and became drowsy again.

    What's wrong with her, why does she feel that her body is getting weaker?

    Two months later, after hearing there was a civil strife within the demon domain, the five big human families and the Qinglong clan headed an attack on the demon domain. The beasts without a leader were defeated and the demon domain was breached. But after that, the defensive array set up by the Demon King activated, which prevented further attacks from the humans and the Qinglong.

    The beasts were shocked that the defensive layout of the demon realm has been stolen and that there was a thief within them!

    Soon, the beasts thought that the Demon King's human woman was the culprit and all the blame was directed at the Zuili female who return to her clan.

    Nan Xun listened to the void beast's live report and almost spit out a mouthful of blood.

    f.u.c.k, why is she carrying all the pots on her back?

    She thought about it. She feared that this defensive layout was stolen by her aunt Zuili Lan Xin who gave it to the Zuili family. As the poison that was inflicted on the Demon King, she had no idea who did it. With Xue Ming's vigilance no one could get close.

    “Forget it. Anyway, I'll be eaten by the Demon King and have to take the pot5." Nan Xun said very open-mindedly.

    The void beast suddenly asked, “Do you know why this beast chose you in the beginning?"

    Nan Xun yawned lazily. “Is it because I'm as beautiful as a flower?”

    The void beast was silent for a moment and said in a serious tone she has never heard before. "You seemed casual, lively, smart, got along well with others, but in fact you are heartless. You never give up your feelings easily and you sleep like a dead pig even if the sky was falling. However, once you are concerned about something, you will do everything you can and you're incredibly persistent. This type of person will have the highest success rate in completing the task."

    Nan Xun covers her face in embarra.s.sment. "Short oil6, why did you suddenly praise me, I'm very embarra.s.sed."

Void beast: …

    All the other words it said before was ignored by the other party?

    “Little eight, I really don't have cancer? I always feel as if my body is being hollowed out, and I'm about to run out of oil7.” Nan Xun covered her chest.

    She leaned her head slightly, rubbed her head with her hand and her dusty face pale like paper.

    This time, the void beast was silent for a long time. “Actually, I suspect that you're—”

    Before it could finish its words, the void beast noticed something, and its tone suddenly changed. "f.u.c.k, the Demon King broke out of the Qinglong clan's nine treasure cage and has now escaped!"

    Nan Xun suddenly felt no pain nor did her head hurt when she heard the news. Her heart trembled and she asked, "It's said that the Demon King was badly tortured by the Qinglong clan when he was trapped in the cage. Little eight, is there any way for me to see the situation of the Demon King now?"

    The void beast's tone was a little strange, “Do you really want to see?”

    Nan Xun nodded fiercely and prepared herself psychologically before seeing it.

    “The Demon King is on the way back to his palace. I'll give you a live broadcast immediately.”

    As soon as the void beast's voice fell, Nan Xun felt her eyes were feverish and then she "sees" the Demon King's palace.

    “Why is there a woman in the palace who looks exactly like me?” Nan Xun was shocked, but soon she understood.

    The Demon King's enchantment is not something that anyone can break into, so the woman was most likely Hong Chou. She doesn't know what secret technique Hong Chou used to actually make herself looked exactly like her.

    But doesn't Hong Chou know that the demon realm been turned upside down? Or was she afraid of leaving the palace and being unable to enter again? Did she not leave the palace for the past two months and have no idea what is happening outside?

    Nan Xun didn't have time to think deeply because the palace was suddenly turbulent with a void distorting the s.p.a.ce. A tall man in a black robe suddenly appeared in the palace.

    Nan Xun was frightened.

    Even if the man wore the black robe, he can't hide the scars on his body, and he was covered in blood. Especially on his original handsome and uncast face there were several whip marks marred deep within his bones. The flesh and blood were torn and exposed his stern white bones which complement his blood red eyes which emitted a bone-eroding hatred. The whole person was like a blood bathed devil.

    In the palace, "Zuili Xuan" was frightened and pale, she staggered backwards a few steps. She was terrified and asked in a panic, "w.a.n.g, w.a.n.g, how did you become like this?"

    The Demon King's hateful blood eyes stared straight at "Zuili Xuan", and suddenly in the next moment his eyes turned into a pair of vertical blood red pupils!

    He opened his mouth sharply, exposing two sharp poisonous fangs on his upper gums, then his mouth grew larger and larger, but in a blink of an eye it turned into a huge snake head!

    The long snake devoured "Zuili Xuan" into its big mouth, the beauty's head disappeared, then her body. Finally, her feet with her shoes were completely swallowed by the snake whole.

    Everything happened in just one or two seconds.

    When the vision disappeared, Nan Xun grabbed the table beside her, bent over and opened her mouth.

    Puke, vomiting vigorously.

    For the first time, she witnessed the Demon King eating people. All of the contents in Nan Xun's stomach rolled and even her evening meal tumbled out.

    “Calm down, calm down, that wasn't you that was eaten.” The void beast consoled her.

    Nan Xun covered her stomach and cried, "He wants to eat me, that's me!"

This phrase doesn't translate well into English, literal translation is "You yell at me". It means that the two people are very loving.  In the sentence, she means that if she didn't come, she wouldn't witness the two people who are loving towards each other. There's a lot of different "Hao" in Chinese, but this particular meaning is basically two couple on intimate term, very fond. Withered willow - fallen/ruined woman, idiom. She doesn't even deserve to give him pleasure since she's so dirtied by the Demon King. **This is what I am a.s.suming it means; this is some kind of a.n.a.logy that isn't well known so I don't know its exact meaning, just a gist. The pot she keeps referring to is blame. Short oil - mentioned in a previous chapter - Slang, playful and cute saying; internet buzzword. Its equivalent is "what is wrong."Exhausted oil/running out of oil - metaphor about her life / she feels that she's about to die. Apprentice < master="">< general="">< king="">< emperor="">< G.o.d=""><>

The cousin…his name is right. But I think I did the grammar wrong the entire time. I think it should have been Qin Yue Xuan…whatever I already committed to that way of writing his name…ahah sorry I don't have the willpower to go back and change previous chapters…just going to keep calling him Qin Yuexuan.


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