The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 9


The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President

The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Meeting on a narrow path

At the imminent peril, Mu Huan kicked the girl with the knife and dragged Xiao Ying to her side.

Xiao Ying was in a cold sweat, her legs were trembling. She thought she'd breathe her last.

“Run?” Mu Huan looked at her askance.

Xiao Ying quiverred, unable to make a sound and just clutched Mu Huan's hand. She was well protected by her parents since she was a child. She had never encountered such a danger. Whenever she ventures out, she sprinkled money with this group of good sisters to eat and drink. At most, she'd cursed with dirty words. This was the first time she was embroiled in a fight. She was originally happy and excited to finally meet a scene from the movies so she was the first one to attack.

She has never thought…..

Mu Huan said nothing more and sprinted out with Xiao Ying.

But at this point, not everyone who wanted to escape can run. The girls' senses were hightened from the fight. They won't let anyone they deemed the enemy off.

“Take Xiao Ying out first, I'll bring up the rear.” Mu Huan shoved Xiao Ying to Li Meng and turned to solve the girls who came after them.

LI Meng knew that Mu Huan was much better than her. She pulled Xiao Ying and ran.

The girls in Xiao Ying's group were no match to their rivals and there weren't many left standing. This prevented Mu Huan from extricating herself even if she had no love for fighting.

Upstairs in a bar.

Gong Zeye, who was drinking and heard the commotion downstairs, and went to have a look down, “Bao ge, look !”

Bao Junyan looked past and when he saw a group of girls caught in a brawl, he withdrew his gaze and gave Gong Zeye a cold look.

What was there to look at at a bunch of girls fighting?

Gong Zeye smiled mischievously, “Don't be so boring!”

Bao Junyan brushed him off and continued drinking.

And Gong Zeye continued to look out the window and even commented with great interest: “Bao ge, look. That girl is amazing. She beat seven or eight of them by herself, and it looked like she still hasn't done her best!”

Bao Junyan didn't look out anymore. He wasn't interested in seeing girls who were dressed in weird costumes and painted themselves with ghost-like makeups.

Downstairs, Mu Huan, who was annoyed by this delay, wanted to pick up a stick when she heard a blaring whistle.

And then somebody shouted, “The patrols are here!”

Seven or eight girls who were gloating over pestering Mu Huan suddenly panicked.

Mu Huan took the opportunity to slip away.

Who knew if the girls just didn't want to let go of her or were escaping in the same direction, they followed behind her.

After Mu Huan caught up with Li Meng and Xiao Ying, the three sprinted off with all their might, with the girls hot on their tails. They covered two blocks before they completely shook off the people behind them.

Exhausted, the three stopped at a sidewalk to take a breather.

A black car flew past with no signs of slowing down. It run past a puddle and splashed their gasping faces with water.

The three, “….!!!”

Li Meng only felt the muddy water in her mouth and immediately cursed the driver for lacking basic qualities.

Mu Huan originally planned on sending Xiao Ying home then taking a showerut unable to bear the dirty mud on her face, when she saw a car parked in front of them, she walked up to the gla.s.s window and tried to wipe her face clean before sending Xiao Ying back.

However, just as she was about to wipe her face with wet wipes, the window of the car suddenly lowered slowly, revealing a face so handsome and breathtaking!

Mu Huan first narrowed her eyes, then was frightened into taking several steps back. Her b.u.t.t almost landed to the ground.

Bao…. Bao Junyan!!

Why is he here? He said that he'd be abroad for a week!

When Li Meng saw her stumbling, she ran over to ask her what has happened. When she saw Bao Junyan in the car, she too was scared into retreat.


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