The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 14


The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President

The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Good husband!

“So you didn't want her to stay with you because you were lonely?” When Mu Huan called him and said she wanted her sister to come and stay with her for a while, he thought because he was too busy, she was bored at home alone and so he said nothing.


“Then let her pack up and leave.” Bao Junyan really hates the presence of outsiders at home. Even some servants are rarely called over.

Mu Huan herself wanted Mu Kexin to leave so she could move more freely. But if Mu Kexin were to be driven out now, the Mu Family would keep pestering her and even the expert promised by her grandmother would be voided.

“Honey, if she wants to live here, let her stay. If you don't like her, just ignore her, okay?” Mu Huan asked joylessly.

Bao Junyan blinked: “Can't you see why she wants to live here?”

“I can see it, but she's my younger sister. If we will drive her back, we would only be treating the symptoms but not the root cause. We'd better let her stay here and let her know completely that her hopes are futile, so she'll have no more illusions about it!” Mu Huan paused, straightened her head up and met Bao Junyan's eyes expectantly, “Husband, you'll let her give up, right?”

Faced with such earnest eyes, Bao Junyan couldn't bear or even be bothered saying no, but: “You treat her like a sister, but she doesn't do the same.”

Knowing the he is her brother-in-law, but still blatantly seduce him, it was obvious that Mu Kexin doesn't put her sister in her eyes.

“I know, I also don't treat her as a sister with that kind of sincerity, but, not like this. There's no way I can explain it to the family….” Mu Huan again bowed her head.

Bao Junyan stayed silent for a moment, “How long are you planning to let her stay?”

“Up to one month!” Mu Huan immediately replied.

One month is enough to make a difference.

“She can stay for a month, but you don't have to let yourself be wronged. You are Bao Junyan's wife and you don't need to put up with anyone.” Bao Junyan has long known that Mu Huan's biological mother has long since died. Now that there is a stepmother, he doesn't want his young wife to suffer anything at home. She has to know that she needn't be afraid of anyone.

As far as her husband is concerned, Bao Junyan is really a good husband! He is also a person worth relying on, but unfortunately, she can't have this privilege.

After she has sent Bao Junyan off, Mu Huan was about to leave when she was stopped by Mu Kexin.

“What?” Mu Huan asked impatiently.

“Tell me all the Junyan's preferences!” Mu Kexin ordered.

“Are you stupid?” Don't say she doesn't know Junyan's likes, even if she knows, would she tell her?

“Mu Huan, you'd better not p.i.s.s me off!” Mu Kexin held back her anger.

“This sentence is should be my line. Go, cool down and stay here!” Mu Huan reached out with one hand and waved her off.

Mu Kexin's hair was instantly fried: “Mu Huan, I tell you, you'd better be a little useful when I need you, otherwise, when Bao Junyan learns of what you truly are, you're dead!”

Mu Huan didn't bother even arguing with her. She sat on her electric motorcycle and went out.

Mu Kexin was left hopping mad.

Mu Huan picked Li Meng up and both rushed to a client's home.

Their current client is named Zhao Xuan. She was about to marry her boyfriend only to find out that he was actually a married man. Although heart broken, Zhao Xuan decisively broke up with the man.

However, because Zhao Xuan had previously wanted to buy a wedding home only that she didn't have a local residence permit, she bought the house under the name of the b.a.s.t.a.r.d and paid it in full. Now, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d is claiming that the house is his.


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