The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 12


The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President

The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 12

Chapter 12: You need not be so cautious and solemn

When Bao Junyan came out of the bathroom, she was already dressed, pink and tender, and particularly young, standing in the morning light like a delicate flower, bouncing with vitality!

This flash of rosiness darkened Bao Junyan's eyes and also make him frown.

He really dislikes his feelings getting out of control.

Seeing him frowning, Mu Huan flew directly to him regardless of the source of his displeasure, “Husband, are you going to the company or taking a rest today? Do you want me to prepare your clothes?”

Bao Junyan can clearly, from all appearances, Mu Huan is trying her best to please him. Behind why the Mu family let her marry him, there was no question about it. For her to be so cautious and solemn, he could understand very well, but he really hates her doing so.

“I've never thought of divorcing when I decided to get married. If you never get into trouble, you'll always be Mrs. Bao, so you don't have to be on your toes just to please me.” So long as she doesn't often pick a quarrel or overstep the bounds of what's proper.

Mu Huan was stumped for words. She has already spared no effort to act normal, but it still didn't escape his eyes! Looks like she has redouble her vigilance in the future. She bowed her head low and muttered, “I wasn't being cautious.”

Bao Junyan stared at her furry head and couldn't resist a smile. She's already acting it and she still claims that she wasn't.

However, forget it. She'll get tired of it over time. By then, it will no longer be the case.

“I'll be going to the company after breakfast.”

“Okay. I'll get your clothes ready!” Mu Huan hurriedly turned to the dressing room.

Although she has been married to Bao Junyan for a while, the time they really got along, except in bed, was basically few and far between. Therefore, Mu Huan has always felt that being a good wife is nothing but simple. However today, she felt totally under pressure!

She really wished that Bao Junyan would remain busy everyday so he would return back home late at night and would be gone when she gets up early in the morning.

After preparing his suit, Mu Huan blurted an excuse and hurriedly left the room.

It was plain to Bao Junyan that Mu Huan was hiding from him, not daring to stay longer with him. Still, he balked at poking at her excuses. She's still a young woman. Marrying a to such a stranger, it was normal that getting familiar with would take time.

When Mu Huan went out, she met Mu Kexin.

“You b.i.t.c.h! You must have seduced my Junyan again!” Mu Kexin was staying in the room next to the master bedroom. Last night, the noise that pierced through her ears nearly blew her top!

“What your Junyan, if you have a problem with your head, go to the doctor and don't get mad here!” Mu Huan knocked her hands off her collars.

“Mad? Mu Huan, did you really think a girl like you can remain as Mrs. Bao? Stop deluding yourself! I'm telling you, if you know what's good for you and your grandmother, you'd better hurry and get me together with Bao Junyan. Otherwise, when the time comes, you'll only end up with a terrible death!”

“Mu Kexin, can you be a little knowing of yourself? You should know that you're just a psycho, not G.o.d!” Being merely mortal, did she think she could map out her future life?

“You b.i.t.c.h!” Mu Kexin could only gnash her teeth, knowing that Bao Junyan is in the house, so she didn't dare overdo anything.

“Rather than spewing s.h.i.t here, I think you'd better get back to your room and apply a bit more powder and blush on. You can't seduce Bao Junyan with such a haggard look.” Mu Huan is starving and is too lazy to continue arguing with her.

Although Mu Kexin was livid, she felt that Mu Huan was quite right. She shot Mu Huan a vicious glare before marching back to her room to dress up.


This is the second time that Mu Kexin saw Bao Junyan. She couldn't control the thumping of her heart. He really is handsome! So handsome, she could barely restrain herself from pouncing on him!


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