The Lie Of Reality 23 Chapter 4


The Lie Of Reality

The Lie Of Reality 23 Chapter 4

"good morning" said nature."good morning, ugh my head hurts""first time sleeping on the gra.s.s?" asked nature." yeah first time, but it reminds me of my home, where I always felt comfortable. I miss my parents and my friends, having to remember them is something"" so your head is hurting because you miss people" said nature."umm you can say that"I stand up to take on some fresh air. "do you want to come with me?" asked nature." Where too?", she holds my hands pulling me and running, I run behind her and then I notice she starts flying, she was levitating, she pulls me with her strong hands up in the sky with her. The feeling of the air was something out of this world, felt like heaven. "you liking this?" asked nature. But I keep silent with my face up and my eyes closed." Well that's a yes to me", going even higher above the clouds."woah"" I know right, it took me thousands and thousands of years to build all this" said nature."I'm just speechless, lost of words and just, wow" the clouds were unreal, you could see birds and dragons flying above. The clouds had a see color almost like I'm standing on water. I look up and see something falling from the sky"what's that?" I asked, nature looks at me and then looks up in shocked expression. She quickly landed me and flow up high. She then came faster than the speed of sound towards me." there is a huge rock coming towards us right now, we need to leave quickly" she grabs my hand before I could even try to see what it really was and heads to notice the entire tribe of people around. She tells them to hide in the caves, but sadly were too late, everyone was dead by the time we reached. No one was alive. Kids, teens and adults all dead." this cant be happening" said nature while shaking." everything is going to be okay" trying to calm her down. A huge wind pushes us falling on the ground with miner scratches." what was that?" I look around and see nature not moving, in pain. I run towards her checking on her, " my head" said nature." thank G.o.d"" what happened?" we look around and see the entire planet filled with fire, everything was burning. I see three figures standing not far away, they looked huge and tall." we are the G.o.ds, we concur and take. Baw down to us" I look again and to my shooking feeling, it was Zeus, Hades and Poseidon all standing together.It was something I never thought I would see, how can the G.o.ds do this. This all has to be a lie either way cause from what I read it was that they were here living and never went well with nature because she wanted earth for her self. The G.o.ds are the bad guys now? Wohhhhhhh this is seriously f.u.c.ked up to a whole new level. f.u.c.k you Zeus."what the h.e.l.l is wrong with yall, how dare you do this to my planet" screamed nature. I stood away making myself not visible listening to everything.
" owh come on little creature. Baw down to us, or suffer the death of a thousand blade in your head" said Poseidon." come on now, we don't have time Baw down because this is ours now and you cant stop us G.o.ds you quick b.i.t.c.h" said Zeus." never will I be yours, you are not G.o.ds but worthless a.s.sholes" screamed nature while crying. Nature runs towards them constructing a huge blade with her hand and fighting all three of them. I run towards them giving my first punch hitting hades to the ground. Then sending my punch to Zeus where he grabs both me and nature and throwing us away where we hit our heads on the ground a couple of meters away. Nature stands up with all her magnificent strength and runs faster than the speed of light hitting all three G.o.ds all by her self. She comes running to me and gives me a sip of her blood, my body didn't see that coming and neither did I. " why would you do that" I screamed at her while trying to stand on my feet." If I die, your going to be the next nature"." there will be no life for both of you" said hades." not if I kill you" I screamed." are these the G.o.ds you were talking about?" asked nature." yes, but I guess what they taught me was all a lie for them to get power and control while you just turn into a monster"

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"well, then lets f.u.c.k them up" said nature." owh that would be fun" screamed nature, we run towards them and fight, with each of us in pain from all the punch's we got, and I mean they were huge, about 10 feet tall while we were 5 feet.I hit hades while Zeus flow away and left Poseidon alone fighting nature, I then knew it was my moment to show the young hades what I'm really capable of doing."hades, always acting the best"" how do you know our names?, your from the future isn't that right" said hades, giggling." what are you laughing about a.s.shole" I screamed."well, if your from the future then our plan to become G.o.ds of humans came true, and of course heaven is real and so is h.e.l.l my son" said hades which shocked me" meaning we concur and you are just going to lose my little boy""no this cant be, you might have created me but I'm here to destroy you and I mean it this time hades. I'll show you the pain you gave to my friends you dumb sick f.u.c.k." I run towards him with a piece of rock hitting his eyes and making him bleed." you piece of s.h.i.t" screamed hades while falling to the ground." I'm not the bad guy, are"I took the knife I saw on the ground. I pulled hades's head" die b.i.t.c.h""wait, wait if you kill me, all my powers will be yours and you will be destructive at all times. You will be the next hades b.i.t.c.h. I'm everywhere" said hades with a huge evil smile.( Damon looks at hades in anger and puts the knife inside hades kill him ,the evil power of hades grabs Damon changing him, and making him look exactly like hades, wanting to destroy everything. All this happening while nature is on the other side looking at all what's happening. Damon becomes the new hades and the destructor of everything)

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