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The God Emperors Awakening

The God Emperors Awakening 9 Shut Up

Chapter 9 Mira was completely calm. What was there be afraid of? Xu Fan slid down from her shoulder. Mira caught him in her arms. The lazy cat hadn't even bothered to open his eyes. d.a.m.n thing just had faith that she wouldn't let him fall. She didn't know rather to laugh or cry. Who asked such a lazy beast to force her into a contract. She held his tiny body in one and stroke his fur with the other. She'd never been much of cat person… she'd always preferred dogs, however she had to admit that there was something therapeutic… something soothing about holding a 'pet' in your arms. All the while General Su hadn't taken his eyes off this third daughter of his. He was finally able to put his finger on exactly what had changed about her. There was a air of weathered maturity about her. Su Qin Yu was only fourteen there was reason for her to mature so rapidly if she hadn't experienced anything traumatic. The only thing that he could think of at this point was that she wasn't Su Qin Yu at all. However when he'd suggested the blood test there had been no noticeable changes in her at all. She appeared to be completely at ease. Was she really not worried about the test? Did this mean she really was Su Qin Yu? Still off to the side was that despicable three. They were seething in rage. That piece of trash wasn't the least bit perturbed by their accusation. In fact she actually dared to mock them with such a obviously sarcastic response. The bland expression on that little witches face clearly said that she didn't put any of them in her eyes, but their rage is instantly extinguished as soon as General Su asks for that bowl of water. How could they not know what that meant. The general was obviously questioning Su Qin Yu's paternity. Discovering that that little witch wasn't apart of the Su family would certainly be the best outcome. They could be rid of two eye sores at once. A malicious glint entered each of their eyes. They truly couldn't wait. "Here you are master." The servant promptly returned holding the bowl of water out to General Su. General Su immediately took out a dagger and cut his finger allow the blood to drip in the bowl He looked to Su Qin Yu intending to make her do the same but there was no need. She'd already placed the cat back on her shoulder and had taken the delicate jade hair pin from her hair and had p.r.i.c.ked her finger. She allowed a few drops of blood to fall into the water and then grinned. "How exciting!." She said with a wide smile. A smile that noticeably didn't reach her eyes. As blood started to mix that mocking smile that curved her lips deepened. "Oh well… it appeared we're related… 'father' what to do now… ?" Mira looked like she was having a very good time. She wasn't scared at al. She wasn't even insulted by having first her chast.i.ty questioned and then her paternity. Instead she looked extremely amused like it was all a game that had nothing to do with her.
"Did you leave the mansion last night?" The asked her, choosing to ignore her mocking responses for now. "Father, how could I leave? Where would I go? Who do I know? After all father has deemed me unworthy attending any banquets. This…" She actually chuckled. "lowly daughter although fourteen this year has not meant anyone outside of this mansion. Where would I know to go, father?" "Yu'er your father didn't allow you to go because he was afraid of others making things hard for you because you can't cultivate. It was done for your own good. It isn't good to hold a grudge." Madam Su said the a kind smile. No matter what she wouldn't pa.s.s up the opportunity to make the rift between Su Qin Yu and the general. She wouldn't allow them to get along. "Tsk." She made a nonsensical noise and rolled her eyes. Mira had never really care for word game like this. Pretending to be polite and kind was using your words like knives to hurt someone else. "And if I d? what can you do about it?" She said simply. "Y… you" Madam Su turned red from anger and her words stuttered. She never thought that trash would actually talk back to her this way. "Third sister how you talk to mother that way. She was just trying to help you!." Su Qin Lian said her voice filled with self righteousness. "You ungrateful wretch, how dare you speak to father and mother that way!" Su Yi spoke and took a step forward as though he couldn't wait to get his hands on her. "Shut up." Mira said suppressing the urge to roll her eyes again. "Why do I have to listen to this bulls.h.i.t nonsense this early in the morning." She said while holding the bridge of her nose. These type of people deserved to be attacked immediately. For Su Qin Yu's sake and the sake of punishing them properly she was resisting her own extremely straightforward nature. Honestly she was very proud of how much she was holding back. Those two siblings were shocked stupid. Su Yi's anger boiled over. He never been so insulted before. He was at the spirit n.o.bel soul foundation stage. At the age of seventeen to have reached this stage he was considered a genius and his fathers pride. Every cultivator started at the spirit pract.i.tioner stage. From there one would advance to spirit warrior then spirit n.o.ble, spirit lord, and then spirit king. Each stage had three level Qi formation, Soul formation, and Core formation. After these initial stages one entered the more advanced realms of cultivation. From spirit saint one cultivating became truly difficult. Su Yi was at the spirit warrior soul formation stage, he was envied and respected by all. No one dared speak to him the way Su Qin Yu had. His ego and arrogance simply wouldn't allow him tolerate so before he could even stop himself he was already appearing before her with the intention to strike. He didn't bother to try to control his strength. After all it would be best if he killed this trash by 'accident' a lot of trouble would be taken care of if he did. Amira had to admit she was shocked. She honestly didn't think there'd be someone in this house with less self control then had. Serious… trying to kill someone just because they told you to shut up. Mira wasn't worried of course. With this level of attack she didn't even have to use magic. She pivoted to the side and caught his right wrist with her left hand. Taking a step back to stabilize her position she yanked on his captured arm and pulled his into her rapidly moving forward right elbow then released him. He fell to the ground holding his bloodied nose. Madam Su and Su Qin Lian ran to his side. Madam Su immediately started to weeping. Concubine Zhao ran to her daughters side checking her for injuries. "How could you harm your brother so? How can you be so vicious?!" Madam Su said between sobs. Su Qin Lian had pulled out a hanky and was helping her hold his nose. "I don't know, I guess it a reflex when someone is trying to kill me." "Don't slander second brother like that. He only wished to teach you a lesson in the place of father. As your older brother he has that right." Su Qin Lian said in anger. She truly loved her brother, and he earnestly doted on her in return. Their relationship was quite close. "Yea, teach me a lesson I can use in the next life. Father was that all? I haven't even eaten yet." She ignored the other and looked at him. She wanted to eat and the meditate more manna. She wasn't interested in dealing with these people at all. Madam Su was still weeping while tending to her son. She was worried. Her husband hadn't said anything in Yi's defense. He hasn't said a single word of scolding yet. She knew better than anyone the type of personality her husband had. If that trash proved to no longer be trash anyone he would certainly expand resources to raise her. Madam Su wouldn't allow such a thing. She wouldn't all that b.i.t.c.h to take her children's things. She'd been far too kind in the past. It was time to earnestly put effort into getting rid of both those eye sores.

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