The Debauched Of Antlin 36 Interlude 1 - Them


The Debauched Of Antlin

The Debauched Of Antlin 36 Interlude 1 - Them

A chapter a little different from the others in which we can briefly glimpse the different characters that have already appeared....Agathe was very reluctant to agree to stay within the compound this castle. Of course, the King did not ask her opinion, but if she really had to, she was ready to fight her way out through the edge of her sword.Her dream of freedom compromised, her desire to join the adventurers' guild, the small mansion she dreamed of buying herself, were all valid reasons to reject that order that made her an object.However, when Rhea put her little hand on hers and with her adorable smile, showed her the few advantages relating of this place, Agathe finally gave in to stay by the side of the one she loves.…It wasn't easy. No, she hesitated for a very short time as to the att.i.tude to adopt, when after getting up, the Viscount looked at her with his eyes of a beaten dog.Opting for an act that she thought would cheer him up, Rhea smiled broadly at her former lover, who curiously, almost stumbled.It was complicated. Yes, it wasn't so easy to make a decision about what action to take, when the man whose fat s.e.x had so often filled her, walked away without ever taking his eyes off her. Believing that it would be really unhappy to leave each other like that, Rhea joyfully waved her little hands towards the man who, there again, and she didn't understand the reason for it, almost choked.…He came out of the throne room with his head down, humiliated, robbed of his precious, big breasted, possession. Not being able to understand the somewhat stupid reactions of the woman he wanted to marry, he wondered for a long time.When he thought of his legitimate wife, who probably had already been buried, he regretted his outburst a little. Perhaps it would have been wiser to wait a little before ordering her murder?Walking alone through the wide, cold stone corridors, feeling so tiny under the high vaulted ceilings, he turned to his two concubines.Feeling even more depressed after seeing the faces of the two woodc.o.c.ks whose brains had been delivered to the wrong address, the tired Viscount dropped his arms devoid of energy.…Preparing to join his two new concubines, two maidservants wrap their King's body in a thin white towel.What better place to discover themselves than in the baths? With a small smile on the corners of his lips, remembering the helpless and devastated expression of this idiot from to whom he has just steal two young women of incomparable beauty, the King laughs and rejoices in his position of absolute authority.…After seeing her decompose-faced master come back alone, Lola asked the question in a small voice. Her sweet mistress can't come back, so... No more sweet kiss. No more digestive walks, no more naps at all hours and no more good meals.
Heartbroken to see all her recent privileges taken away from her by a King who has as many women in his harem as those who can make up a small village, if the guards hadn't stopped her, Lola would have broken the face of this perverse fox. …Standing far from the main road, climbing on the back of a small donkey he stole from a fisherman, he slowly moves towards Piotre.Stopping only to drink and eat the food he luckily finds in the backrooms of various inns and other shops, but he cannot calm his anger.His life has become simpler since, by chance, he discovered a small purse containing ten pieces of silver in the safe of a large house, but his promise to himself has not changed. As soon as the opportunity presents itself, he will take his revenge.He, a faithful child of G.o.d, fed on rotten apples, on ears of corn that the chickens did not want, on marrow bones or carrots already half eaten by rabbits, he lived the life of a under b.u.mpkin.Transported in a sort of smelly coach with iron walls. Sleeping in bas.e.m.e.nts, sheds, stables or even pigsties, he was treated worse than an animal.Now free on the back of his more or less obedient and fast mount, crunching on a pastry he has just find on a market stall, Dimitry, ready to do anything to get his big-breasted wife back, heads for what will be the scene of a b.l.o.o.d.y revenge.... Enjoying with his wife a gla.s.s of milk of the highest quality from the milking the one who shares the bed good friend's, Baron Clen slips a bag full of gold into the hand of a highwayman.He knows it. He is known by all to be a great lover of milk. A capable man, a master of milking who knows how to handle udders like n.o.body else, however, lately, he hasn't been able to curb his pa.s.sion and although he regrets it, his luxury cuvée "Rhea" is about to run out.Having become addicted to this divine drink and above all of these two giant udders, he has decided to employ a group of marauders who, in exchange for a few silver coins, will take care of bringing him the beautiful one, which in addition to satisfying his l.u.s.tful desires, will also be able to feed him.Satisfied with this advantageous transaction, after the departure of the bandit leader, the Baron and his wife toast with their gla.s.s of milk.…On his knees before a young man, he can only be satisfied to hear his long congratulations.For this faithful man, these few compliments are well worth all the effort and time he spent looking for her.Raising his head to kiss the hand of His so beautiful Prince, the wriggling crotch, Sergeant Vidal, withdrew quickly before His sweety Highness saw the few tears of joy that began to flow from his eyes. ...With his old trousers full of holes and his shirt eaten away by moths, the forty-year-old who has lost everything, is well aware that he does not look good.If it's true that from the outside he doesn't look like much, he consoles himself by pulling on the half-ripped collar of his faded shirt. Since his girlfriend has washed it, he must admit that he smells less bad. Before that day when she so lovingly took care of him, he was too often chased by a few stubborn flies. His eyes directed towards twenty clouds all having the appearance of Rhea, after a long journey in a cart carrying hay, the old Louis in love, now progresses on foot, without haste, on a small path located in the center of the Kingdom of Visgon.

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