The Daoist Seal Chapter 14


The Daoist Seal

The Daoist Seal Chapter 14

Standstill Peak The Hall of Spiritual Cultivation was located in the center of the clouds and had nue for you too!" Ye Yuanxue waved goodbye to Jiang Xiaofan as she followed her guide.

Jiang Xiaofan reluctantly waved back at her. They had already been together for several e, Cultivator Jiang the Vicious One!"

s.h.i.t! Jiang Xiaofan aling. With one to his left and one to his right, they carried Jiang Xiaofan and rushed up to the ing here.

The seven pared to the others, Standstill Peak was just a plained Jiang Xiaofan. He felt helpless. These two were just too pa.s.sionate.

What lay ahead of hiplex in front of him, it appeared to be dilapidated and covered with moss. Jiang Xiaofan a.s.sumed that it would be difficult to shelter from the rain.


At this time, a weak cough sound resonated from within the building. A hunchbacked, white-haired old man slowly walked out.

The two men hurried over to a.s.sist the old person. It was apparent that they were being cautious with him.

"Young man, you came."

The old man wore a tranquil smile and the corners of his eyes were etched with many wrinkles. In contrast to the elders of the Emperor's Heaven Sect, this old man was timeworn because of age and frailty.

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