Taming Beasts To Survive: I Can See The Prompts Chapter 77 – Frightened By Bones


Taming Beasts To Survive: I Can See The Prompts

Taming Beasts To Survive: I Can See The Prompts Chapter 77 – Frightened By Bones

Chapter 77: Frightened by Bones
The Little Spirit Fox was also frightened, but she quickly glared to hide her embarra.s.sment.

As for the Greed Treasure Chest and Steel Fairy immediately hid at the back when they sensed danger.

They were afraid that the aftermath of the battle would affect them.

Mcgee was used to this, so he focused on the bone in front of him.

[Bone Fairy]

Level: Level 6

Attributes: Rock

Skills: Rock spike, bone rebound

Hidden Attributes: None

Talent: Bronze

Rock spike: Uses the power of the earth to summon pieces of rock, becoming a persistent existence, launching a sneak attack on the enemy.

b.o.n.e.rang: Throw a bone as a weapon and launch a series of attacks on the enemy (be careful behind your back as it will fly back).

Status: Angry

Special intelligence: The body of a bone elf can be infinitely rea.s.sembled. Its bones must be completely burned by fire to prevent its resurrection.

Looking at the intelligence that appeared in front of him, Mcgee immediately understood what this guy was.

It turned out that this was also a type of tameable beast. However, no matter how he looked at it, it was strange.

Moreover, its talent was not very good. It was bronze, so Mcgee did not have any thoughts of subduing it into his team.

“Heavenly Eye Spider Queen, use the spider silk from the side to cover it. Earth Mine Pangolin, you'll be in front to attract its attention. If you feel that something is wrong, dig a hole and hide.”

“Little Spirit Fox and Chameleon, the two of you will use fire at the critical moment and burn all the bones on his body.”

“If there is only a little left, he will be able to resurrect.”

Of course, there were only one or two left. So even if he were resurrected, it would not be of much use.

But just in case, it was safer to burn all of them.

Seeing that Mcgee and the others were conversing, the Bone Fairy took the lead and attacked.

With a cracking sound, two or three bones suddenly fell from their bodies.

Then they were thrown at them.

This should be the bone boomerang.

The Little Spirit Fox and the others quickly dodged.

Mcgee suddenly remembered something and immediately reminded them.

“Watch your back.”

At this time, the bone boomerang had just flown past them.

Because of Mcgee's reminder, the Little Spirit Fox and the others also immediately dodged it.

Only the Earth Mine Pangolin's reaction speed was relatively slow due to its relatively low strength.

The bone boomerang that pa.s.sed by the Earth Mine Pangolin had already begun to drift backward.

If it really hit the Earth Mine Pangolin, it would be seriously injured even if it did not die.

They definitely could not partic.i.p.ate in this battle.

Moreover, they had to stop exploring and go back for treatment immediately.

Hence, Mcgee did not hesitate and directly pounced over.

He helped the Earth Mine Pangolin lie down.

Fortunately, he reacted in time, and the Earth Mine Pangolin dodged the attack.

The moment he hugged the Earth Mine Pangolin, the Earth Mine Pangolin shed a tear.

“Ding, because you protected the Earth Mine Pangolin during the crisis, the Earth Mine Pangolin's loyalty towards you has increased by 10.”

The system's voice sounded, and Mcgee's face revealed a trace of joy.

He had not expected that his subconscious actions would actually increase his loyalty by 10 points.

He checked it.

The Pangolin's favorability towards him was now 69 points.

Even if it were not very high, it would not leave so easily.

The Pangolin was actually very touched at that time. When it was on the side of its previous owner, he would either beat or scold him. Occasionally, he would kick him. As for being able to eat his fill, that was definitely an extravagant hope.

Now, on Mcgee's side, not only would he not be abused, but he would also be able to eat his fill as long as he worked.

This was something that he had never dared to think about before.

And now, after encountering a crisis, his nominal master would still disregard danger to protect him.

Thus, the Pangolin finally acknowledged Mcgee.

“Master, are you okay?”

The Little Spirit Fox hopped over and asked anxiously.

“I'm fine. Seize the opportunity. Now, the Heavenly Eye Spider Queen can use her spider silk.”

“Pangolin, go to the front to attract attention. Then, use the hole to dig into the ground. Pay attention to the side when digging.”

“Be careful of his rock spikes.”

The Earth Mine Pangolin nodded. It might have been a little afraid just now, but now it was no longer afraid.

There was only one thought in its mind, and that was to help Mcgee deal with the Bone Fairy in front of it.

Therefore, it jumped to the front without hesitation, not only to attract attention.

It also directly smashed a stone on the Bone Fairy's head.

At this moment, the Bone Fairy was furious.

If they were a level six or seven, beating it up would not be a big deal.

All they had to do was fight back, but they said the Pangolin was a mere level three.

And he came over to provoke him. So the Pangolin was courting death.

So the Bone Fairy used the bone boomerang.

But this time, there were two more than before.

Furthermore, it was all aimed at the Earth Mine Pangolin.

The Earth Mine Pangolin did not hesitate this time and immediately drilled into the ground.

All of the bone boomerangs missed.

Moreover, they did not notice the spider web coming from the side because of their previous anger.

As a result, they were pounced onto the ground by the Spider Queen.

They were struggling intensely. Just as the spider web was about to snap…

The Little Spirit Fox and the Chameleon shot out flames.

The Bone Fairy in the spider web screamed in pain.

Speaking of which, he was almost as afraid of fire as the Heavenly Eye Spider Queen.

Under the burning of the flames, the Bone Fairy's resistance became weaker and weaker. In the end, he also turned into a pile of ashes and disappeared into the mine.

Because the Earth Mine Pangolin had dealt a little damage this time, he had gained a large amount of EXP.

The main reason was that his level was low, so the experience he had obtained was very large.

“Ding! Congratulations to the Earth Mine Pangolin, Little Spirit Fox, Heavenly Eye Spider Queen, and Chameleon for defeating the Bone Fairy.”

“The Earth Mine Pangolin's level has risen to level 4.”

The Earth Mine Pangolin had finally risen by one level in this battle.

“Finally got rid of this guy. Let's see what we can get.”

Mcgee came up to the pile of ashes, probably without any reward.

But he still has to try.


Just as he finished, the sound of the system prompt came.

“Ding! You have successfully decomposed the ashes left by the Bone Fairy. Congratulations! You have obtained the ashes * 30 (which can be used as fertilizer) and the bone core * 3.”

Although the reward was not very precious, it was still a pleasant surprise.

However, this was the only bone crystal core that Mcgee had never seen before.

After thinking for a moment, he suddenly remembered that this was one of the most important materials for the Earth Mine Pangolin to evolve.

Until now, he was only one gold crystal core away from evolving!

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