Surviving The Apocalypse As A Werewolf! BL/Yaoi 33 Epilogue


Surviving The Apocalypse As A Werewolf! BL/Yaoi

Surviving The Apocalypse As A Werewolf! BL/Yaoi 33 Epilogue

Is easy to go back to our safe house now, our paws taking us far quickly, but not after Nolan takes a good swing with the ax down the rogue Lycan's neck, kicking the head far.Just to be safe, he said.Part of me was still unsure that this was all over, that we were finally free of those wolves and even got a pack of our own.Still haven't had time to digest that nor all the changes for that matter; from gaining a wolf form to not having misophobia anymore… Still not sure how that went away in the first place.Probably something to do with Luna… but I could only guess.The girls do not say anything along the journey, I think as surprised as I was with the turn of events, but once we arrive where Kira is they turn back to their human forms and go nuts."Oh my G.o.d a dog!""She is so cute!""Thought I would never see one again in my life! Come baby girl!"We were quickly forgotten. Oh well, is Kira after all, cannot blame them. Before I could even thank the special zombie for taking care of her she simply leaves so quickly that the others did not even notice her presence, only turning around in the shadows and giving me one last stare before moving away.I guess that is for better… but still somewhat sad, and lonely.Dead tired as I was I do not find in me to worry about others anymore, not today at least, and finally free from all the worries; even more for Kira since the girls said that they had a truck and a base hidden not far full of supplies that we could take for ourselves; that all that worry, all that weight seemed to finally have caught up with me as I go up and find a place to rest.There were no beds, of course, but many couches, and they were as good as it could get, so I fell down face first, unmoving, and finally rest.Or, well, at least is what I try to do, because after 10 minutes or so my body starts to feel restless, uncomfortably hot and even painful, and for a second I have to bend down and rest my hand on my belly to ease the pain a little, already antic.i.p.ating the same pain that I had back when I first started to change to 'female'.Between jolts of pain, however, I barely manage to ask Luna: "W-what the f-uck is happening?"'Uhm… how should I … uhm…' She starts, fl.u.s.tering over her words, but feeling my impatience grow together with my pain as she says: 'Is our… heat. Makes hard for me to-to speak, to think.' She ends it with a very wild grow, and that reminds me that we are, after all, one, and anything that is affecting me will affect her too.And heat?!Are you f.u.c.king kidding me?!Though I wouldn't deny that I had some sort of… curiosity as to how much I have improved from my phobia, how far this new body could take me, just how dirty could I get...f.u.c.k what the h.e.l.l am I even thinking anymore? Ugh…I stand, too restless to stay still, my mind foggy, as if looking for something, my wobbly legs taking me forward.
And yet, suddenly, the pain diminishes once my eyes encounter a figure standing tall at the entrance of the room, his black fur shinning like ravens feathers and his yellow eyes blazing like two suns, burning fiercely, staring me down as he takes a deep breath, eyes narrowing further with a low growl on his throat.I gulp down, the pain now being subst.i.tute by a deep need, a fierce sensation that makes me want to cry while a hug myself in hopes that it would easy the sad lowliness that grows in my heart.I don't even realize that I'm shaking when Nolan approaches me, his heartbeat loud in my ears as he brushes my arm with the back of his hand, making the hair on my arm stand and a shivering current rush up and down my body, earning a gasp from me as I look up and meet his intense gaze.A pair of orbs burning with l.u.s.t.'Is it… ok?' He asks in my mind and by the tone in his hoa.r.s.e voice I can tell just how hard it is for him to say just those three words, and even if he was as needy as I'm he was willing to give it up if I say it no, against all his need and instinct.And that consideration, that kind gesture, is what throws me over the edge, the final push.I take his big pawed hand and rest my cheek on it, feeling his warm wash over me and easy all the odd bad sensations away, spreading his warmth over this cold night and making my body catch on fire."I don't… I don't mind." I say, surprising myself and him by the look on his face.But instead of launching at me, he seems suddenly sad for some reason, looking down as he brings my hand up to his face and snout and asks:'Even if I'm like this?'So that is what was bothering him? I let a deep breath out as I smile, tracing his face with the tip of my fingers, pa.s.sing them over his soft dark fur that I wanted to touch for so long, tracing his snout and black lips, finishing with a surprise peck on his wet nose."Don't be silly." I say, guiding his hands to my body, feeling really embarra.s.sed but unable to stop as the fire keeps burning inside of me, resting on my lower abdomen and making me tense up in expectation.I make his hands trace me down, feeling my ears burn as I bit my lips with the sensation of his fingers over my skin, even though there were still clothes in the way.Those have to go.Finally reaching his limit he lets out a grow and puts pressure on his touch, his snout approaching only to give a long wet lick on my neck, making me shiver.Oh boy where did I get myself into?He keeps licking until he finds a good spot between my shoulder and neck while his clawed paws have trouble getting the b.u.t.tons open, resenting into slashing it out of my body, ripping the cloth viciously. The cold air suddenly hits my skin, making me gasp, but the freezing sensation is quickly switched by his hot wet tongue that starts to trace my body down, coming closer and closer to my chest, making me hold my breath as his hands go up and down my belly very slowly…I arch my back once his long tongue gives a quick lick on my nipple, and having never done anything similar I'm caught by surprise by the sensations brought wit his caresses.He licks again, first in circles around the nipple, teasing it with small quick touches, until I was uncomfortable and restless with the absence of touch down there, making me glue my body more on his."Come on now, don't leave me hanging like this…" I say somewhere in between without even realizing, the words coming out without my consent.As well as the moan that escapes my lips once he gives a small pull on my nipple while licking it like a lollipop.Feeling weak on the legs I'm about to cave in when he his strong arm over my waist, bringing my closer and lifting me off the ground as he starts walking forward slowly without forgetting to keep his attention on me and on my chest, leaving my nipples red and swollen, only to reach with the other one and tease it on the same way, carefully because of his claws.I close my eyes, focusing on the sensations, on his touch, and gasps and grunts escape my lips as suddenly my world flips sideways, making me open my eyes and see that he had taken us back to the couch on the side, laying me over it.My body is covered in fur from all sides with his embrace, the crescent warmth from my body pa.s.sing to the leather of the couch. Nolan only stops licking to look me in the eyes, his gaze intense and eyes shining as he s.e.xily licks his black lips, as if savoring a tasty treat.And I was up to be dinner.He comes closer and licks the side of my face, kissing it softly and tenderly as his hand goes down to my pants, making me hold my breath and suddenly fear what is about to come.He feels my tension so he starts to work on my neck and ear to distract me, giving small licks and letting out a hot breath that raises gooseb.u.mps all over me.His tongue invades my mouth at the same moment that he pulls my pants down, the cold air reaching my skin once more, but this time it is mostly covered by his big furry body.I already experience what that snout was capable of, so once my member comes to view once more I'm already clenching down there, a fire burning behind my b.a.l.l.s and all over my lower abdomen.His tongue leaves my mouth only to descent to my neck, sucking and biting softly at the crock of my neck and shoulder, a ticklish place, especially for a werewolf since it was a weak vulnerable spot only showed for the trusted ones.And you can imagine the level of trust you need to have to let one nimble at it.But it wasn't enough, he was only provoking and teasing me, giving me no real release, so eager I arch my body to fit in the curve of his furry form to provoke him too.But he proved to have a stronger resistance to my heat than I had antic.i.p.ated, taking his time to tease me, descending to my nipples once more and playing with the tip, this big tongue managing to twist and turn, embracing my chest fully and making me grab at his furry shoulder."Hm…nn…"I feel ticklish when he licks my belly, the warm tongue making me shiver and giggle, and as he looks up with a silly satisfied smirk on his face I hit him in the shoulder."Can you stop staring and do something about it…" I say, words mixing up in my wobbled mind, hoping that by moving my hips and showing just how hard I was already was enough to make him understand what I wanted him to do.But I was unaware that he had other plans for me… that included a very long night.So I'm surprised when he turns me over, pulling some pillows under my belly so I would stay more comfortable in that position, but I cannot stop the blush from surging over my white cheeks and ears for how exposed I'm in this position, with my a.s.s up like this."H-hey, what are you-ah!"A shudder prevents me from inquiring further as h-he licks me there! H-how, w-why?'I have to prepare you, but I have big claws.' He says in my mind, the fact that he doesn't need to use his mouth to do so working at his favor as he keeps licking the curve in between my a.s.s cheeks, moistening it bit by bit until he feels confident enough and with a little help of his pawed hands pulling my cheeks to the side manages to brush my insides with the tip of his tongue."Ah!"I have to bite my lip to stop a moan from leaving my mouth by merely having him brushing my entrance with his tongue. If I'm already melting under his preparation, I can only burn up with the idea of having him inside me.He doesn't stop his movements and with expertise and speed keeps tasting my insides, his big tongue going deeper and deeper, brushing my walls and making lewd sounds in my empty cave.To fit entirely in he had to twist his tongue in a petal shape, but even though he licked his skill, and even though he could fit in quite nicely, the deepest parts of me were still twisting, eager, and left unsatisfied.And he notices that too when I start to move my hips with his moves, not carrying about moaning as much as frustrating grunts leave my mouth without my authorization, my mind overcome by a strong need of having him fill me up.He growls right beside my ear in response to my teasing, the sound making me shiver once more as my heart beats fast and my breathing gets uneven.He moves behind me, changing positions, and one of his pawed hand hugs my hand that was gripping the leather under us, intertwining our fingers, the warm gesture making my heart melt.But it soon caught on fire as his big furry body embraces me from behind while his other hand helps him keep a steady grip of his member as he aimed for my hole. I bit my lip down, swallowing dry as our skin touches and he starts to force his way in, the small hole being stretched little by little with the mushroom head of his d.i.c.k.He stops when he manages to settle the tip in, growls and groans mixed with his heavy breathing vibating over my head, as if he is trying to control himself so that he wouldn't ruthlessly start f.u.c.king me on the spot, trying to give me enough time to adjust.But this time I had other plans for him, so with my free hand I reach back and grab his furry neck, keeping him in place as his snout rested over my shoulder, and push my a.s.s up, bringing his d.i.c.k deeper, rasping roughly against my insides.He growls and licks my ear, stubborn in dragging this teasing as my moves did not make him go all in as I intended, but instead made him go even slower."Y-you mutt-nn…!"I could feel every centimeter being slowly swallowed by his big d.i.c.k inside me, every move reverberating in my mind and in my entire body, all my attention being held in that spot.He chuckles when he reaches deep in, only to start bringing it out ever so slowly, making me whimper under the weight of his body and the constant teasing of his moves.But even him had his limits, and when I start trying to get as much friction as I can by clenching my muscles and closing my hole on his pulsating member, he grunts and hammers in ad out once with speed.And that seems to throw him over the edge as he starts thrusting over, and over, and over again, his knees bending further up to give him a better way to reach deeper and harder inside me.And I did not know what I was asking for until now.I roll my head and eyes back, clenching his fur harder and feeling his hand clench mine from above, all thoughts lost to the increasing pressure in my underbelly and a tickling pleasure clouding my mind.My already hard d.i.c.k was pulsating, and with my back being hammered down by the strength of his movements my member keeps getting rubbed against the pillow underneath us, creating even more friction and increasing the overbearing sensations, my body going limp as I could only ride the emotions with each thrust.My moans grow louder and louder as the numb pleasure reaches until the tip of my fingers, making me clench my toes as Nolan, feeling that I was reaching my climax, puts more strength in his. .h.i.ts and speeds up even more, grunting over my head and making me even hornier for knowing that he was acting like a beast in heat because of me. "Nn~~Ah!" With a final scream my member starts trembling, but since I did not have more s.e.m.e.n after the transformation nothing came out of it, instead all my body reacted and my muscles tensed up, clenching on Nolan's d.i.c.k and making him come inside me, the hot liquid filling me up. With his member still deep inside me and the gushing s.e.m.e.n reaching even deeper I could only uncomfortably move under the weight of his body, feeling my insides stretch even more as, in contrary to my expectations, Nolan did not give any s.p.a.ce for his s.e.m.e.n to settle in, instead went as far as he could, the already deep pressure growing even further within… And for the first time I realize that having my way with a half-wolf half-human had some intriguing differences… that included the swallowing of the tip of the member when he climaxes. Which got his member stuck inside me.So every time I attempt to move his d.i.c.k would rasp deep inside me, but would barely move up and down, only growling harder inside, my moves stimulating it into staying up full ledge again.But he could not move either, making us both stuck together, unable to release this growing tension even though we had just gone round already.Yet I did not mind it in a bit… I could have us stuck like this forever, so warm, so comfortable…In the end, so much friction and touching lend us with a few more rounds, my belly filling up with the growing amount of s.e.m.e.n inside of me without a route of escape, the liquid acc.u.mulating on top of each other inside of me, filling me up to the brim.And yet it left me oddly… satisfied.Really dead tired now we both cuddle to sleep, his furry body working as a blanked in this cold night as his long strong arms embrace my form. In the bliss of the moment, however, when sleep finally came to take me away into a peaceful slumber, I hear Luna's voice in my mind, mildly worried. 'What is it?' I ask, almost falling asleep, very tempted to ignore her. 'Uhm��� I think we might have a problem…' She says, rubbing her paw over her snout. 'What? Speak already…' And let me sleep for G.o.d's sake. 'You, ahm… cough, did not use protection, did you?' 'Uhm? Yeah? So… why are you so…' I was going to continue asking why was she worried until it downs on me, making my breathing stop and my pale face look even more ashen; that now, I wasn't human, that now, I was a werewolf, a female Luna werewolf, and that…I could get pregnant now. … ...…. "What?!"

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