Supreme Soaring Immortal Chapter 38


Supreme Soaring Immortal

Supreme Soaring Immortal Chapter 38

Supreme Soaring Immortal

Chapter 38 Gains

“Well, thank you!” Qin Shuang took the bottle.

"Don’t dare!” The doctor hurriedly gave a bow, and then turned to Qinbo with a smile on his face: “Qinbo, this lowly one will give you medicine.”

Seeing Qinbo look over, Qin Ying said: “Qinbo, go.”

The doctor went out, Qin Shuang stood up from the chair and said: “Nai niang, Yunxia, Xiu niang, we go to the room.”


Qin Ying took off her clothes and lay on the bed. Qin shuang carefully applied the medicine for her, enjoying the princess applying medicine for her, and then thinking of the previous Qin Shuang, Qin Ying couldn’t help but choke up.

“Shuang’er thank you, thank you…”

Qin Shuang softly said: “Nai niang, this is what Shuang’er should do.”

“You’ve changed…” said Qin Ying, choking: “If… You can change for the better, we do not have to leave w.a.n.gdu….”

Speaking of this, Qin Ying suddenly thought that this was hurting the heart of Qin Shuang. She didn’t know what to say for a while, she closed her mouth and leaned towards Qin Yunxia, who stood on the side, and let Qin Yunxia say something. Qin Yunxia asked:

"Princess, how can you be so strong now? What is your current repair?”

Lying on the bed, Qin Ying heard, also payed attention, twisting her head towards Qin Shuang looking. But forgot her body has injuries, twisting too fast, her wounds hurt, she grimaced in pain.

"I had some adventures in Tianqin Mountain, and now my repair is the peak of the late refining body.”

Qin Ying’s eyes are bright: "Shuang’er, your meridians…….”

Qin Shuang shook her head: "My meridian is still blocked.”

Qin Ying and Qin Yunxia’s face is bleak, Qin Shuang smiled: “There will always be a way.”

“Yes!” Qin Yunxia clenched two small fists: "Princess since you had an adventure, there will be a second adventure, then you will be able to solve the problem of blockage.”

Xiu niang standing on the side was shocked. On the other hand, she also knows now why Qin Shuang was repaired so low. It turned out that the meridians had a cartilage blockage.

Qin Shuang applied the medicine to the three’s wounds. Qin Ying and Qin Yunxia both wisely did not ask Qin Shuang about her adventure in Tianqin Mountain. Xiu niang is even more unlikely to ask. Qin Shuang washed her hands, back to the princess palace, quietly sat there waiting.

After waiting for another hour, she saw Qinbo come in and say:

“Princess, Fu Zhen Sheng requests to see!”

Qin Shuang sat up straight, showing the princess’s manners, and faintly said: “Bring him in.”

“Yes, princess!”

Qinbo hurriedly bowed his head, he found that now Qin Shuang’s appearance is not only more beautiful, the temperament has also undergone a great change. He has a kind of in w.a.n.gdu to see the princess and her highness feeling. He no longer dares to see the seventh princess as before.

Not long, the sound of footsteps came from outside, listening to the sound, Qin Shuang saw through the door Qinbo walking in front, and Fu Zhen Sheng humbly walking in the back. Later, Fu Xiao and Fu Jia Yue also carried in a dozen boxes with a group of people.

Fu Zhen Sheng walked into the hall, first bent over to greet the princess and then respectfully said:

“Back to the seventh princess, the w.a.n.g family has been completely destroyed. Only w.a.n.g Youcai and w.a.n.g Youwei’s whereabouts are unknown.

Qin Shuang slightly frowned. She didn’t want to destroy the w.a.n.g family. Later, the incident was sudden, but it was not her choice. Only since the beginning of extermination, two of the w.a.n.g family disciples ran away, w.a.n.g Youcai and w.a.n.g Youwei, this may be troublesome later.

"Do you have their news?”

Fu Zhen Sheng hesitated and said: "It is said that they went to Tianqin City to join the town side army.”

“Join the townside army?” The frown of Qin Shuang was locked again, and then slowly unfolded: “What is that?”

Fu Zhen Sheng’s heart is loose, he feels that Qin Shuang has become completely different, although only a few words, but that look, that majestic presence, gave him endless pressure.

“Back to the seventh princess, these are taken from the w.a.n.g family, some of it is here.”

Turn his head to the house disciples and yelled: “Open.”

The Fu disciple immediately opened the 18 boxes, and the sunlight from the door was reflected in the box, showing its radiance.

Qin Shuang glanced at those boxes, three of which are filled with gold treasures, five boxes containing silver treasure, five boxes containing some armor and weapons and other things, and two boxes containing some antique paintings, a box containing a variety of gemstones, a box containing some dan medicine, one box contained good jade.

Qin Shuang just took a glance to know that Fu Zhen Sheng should not be embezzling.

"Princess, tomorrow this humble one will pay the taxes due this year.”

“How much are you going to pay?”

This time Qin Ying came in from the outside, and asked, Qin Yunxia followed. Qin Ying is afraid that Qin Shuang does not understand these matters, was deceived by Fu Zhen Sheng. And in her heart Qin Shuang really does not understand anything. But at this time Qin Shuang is not the previous Qin Shuang. Although the former life of Qin shuang is not of n.o.ble origin, but became a Martial G.o.d, she also had a transcendental status. She naturally knew that all the land in the town was hers. The tax is also set by her. How much she wants to collect. The taxes usually imposed by the aristocrats in the kingdom are very heavy, and 60% of the gains will be used for their own purposes.

“60%!” Fu Zhen Sheng answered hurriedly and nervously.

Qin Ying’s face relaxed, toward Qin Shuang slightly nodded. Qin shuang also does not want to change the rules of the n.o.bles. If she reduces the taxes on the land, she will offend a gang of n.o.bles, but also will be ridiculed as a fool by them. So she nodded gently. Fu Zhen Sheng in the heart then secretly wiped a handful of sweat, and then again to Qin Shuang bowed.

"Seventh princess, this humble one selected from the Fu family, ten male disciples and ten females for the seventh princess to command.”

When the words fell, Fu Xiao came up with nine people, while ten women also came forward to bow:

"Meeting the Seventh Princess.”

Qin Ying’s face is joyful. This princess manor is not small, now only the four of them, do not say that the manpower is not enough, it also seems too cold. But Qin Shuang slightly frowned, if after receiving these people, then wouldn’t their surroundings be full of the Fu family?

Do not say her own safety, say the problem of eyes and ears. I am afraid that for a long time, Fu family will conceal matters, then she will become blind. And it’s very easy for the Fu family to commit evil, their egos expanding themselves.

Cannot hear the sound of Qin Shuang, the hall will be silent, a tense atmosphere gradually floating in the hall. Qin Ying at this time is afraid to gasp loudly. Just for a short time, then Qin Shuang said lightly.

"No need!”

It didnt mention in this chapter, but the Law cultivators refer to the sorcerer/demon cultivators. I’ve decided to change the sorcerer term to demon, since they’re referring to the term as derogatory, with repulsion and fear, it makes more sense, so henceforth it will be demon or Law cultivator depending on scene. I’ve changed the terms accordingly in the past chapters. Sorry for the confusion folks!

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