Sinful Temptations 32 Lies


Sinful Temptations

Sinful Temptations 32 Lies

Mina sat at her vanity brushing her hair, when her father burst in her room. "Mina!! Is there something you should be telling me?" He said crossing his arms over his chest. She knew her father wasn't one to beat around the bush. So, she decided to just out right tell him about Naraka. "Daddy, I am engaged to prince Naraka"." That spoiled brat, how dare he take my daughters hand in marriage before getting my blessing" He fumed.Even though it was all a lie, I had already signed my life over for it. I couldn't have my father looking into it too much or it may ruin my plans to give my child a better life. " Father, I have been Naraka's mistress for the past two years. We didn't want our relationship to be public, but we love each other very much. He is showing it with our engagement!".Her father just huffed, " That brat is incapable of love, all he knows is war""Daddy, please just come to the engagement party! I know you have seen in on the battle field, but I'm sure you will gain a different perspective of him", ' Well at least I hope so' she thought."I have respect for the brat because he is d.a.m.n good at his job, but that doesn't mean I think he's right for my daughter" He replied, his face softening. " However, I will play nice and try to get to know him as a son-in-law if it makes you happy"" Thank you daddy" Keeping her distance, she gave him a loud peck on the cheek, hoping his demon hearing wouldn't pick up the slight fluttering in her stomach.---Naraka sat in his office, looking over the daily reports his a.s.sistant sent over. Although, it's been several hours since he had his driver take Lily home, he couldn't stop thinking about her connection to him.Or just her period, how do he plan on being celebrate knowing he could have desires taken taken care, of he just gave in. But he wasn't like other demons or men, he valued loyalty and couldn't step out on new wife.What was more interesting was the scroll given to him by Master Zoo. He pulled out the scroll again, laying it across his desk. He read it over and over. Processing the words, but not wanting to believe them. The scroll reads:The prince of will be born of war, but not far from love. A desire of l.u.s.t cages all s.e.xual desires. A early encounter goes unnoticed. Sparks an ember to a road of d.a.m.nation at an attempt to outrun fate. A fated one, born of sin will carry the seed of flames. A key to tranquility between the worlds.Naraka looked up as Tzoker walked in his office."What's with that face? Could probably scared your dad's dog with that mug of yours" commented Tzoker.Tzoker sat in one of the chairs in front of his desk. " What are you reading?""A prophecy scroll"

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" Did you get to the scroll before Liliy could?"" Yes, but Master Zoo had a scroll for me too" Replied Naraka.

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