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Reposted In Fanfiction 2 Picking Pokemon

•Tingling•Reminders10m 59s remaining•Bloop•Daniel regained consciousness when he heard the sound. Seeing the floating screen made him feel slightly bitter since he knew he wasn't dreaming. He found himself Laying naked at the bottom of the tube he was in. Although he still felt damp, he also felt very energetic at the moment, only the fact that he still couldn't move bothered him slightly. Checking his stats again he stared at the pokemon tickets for a moment before mentality tapping it.◇Would you like to use?◇Yes/NoDaniel paused for a second and mentally pushed yes. The number of tickets dropped to 2 and another screen showed up with a long list of pokemon. Honestly there were so many pokemon that he almost didn't know where to start, but being the pokemon fan he was he went for the obvious mainstream.◇Riolu Selected◇Are you sure?Yes/NoDaniel hit yes without any regret.◇Gender?◇Male/FemaleDaniel decided that his first three pokemon would be all female so he went ahead.◇Nature?◇Thinking for a few moments Daniel paused. Natures can really help a pokemon out. In game. He thought about what was said about the the 'High intimacy' that was said earlier and wondered if it could balance out some of the more troublesome natures. He though seriously, he figured that his first 3 should be an upfront attacker, a middle attacker/control, and a back support/control. Riolu is a very heavy damage dealer, so picking a nature that boast his attack would be very beneficial. But this is real life now so depending on what nature he picks it will definitely show down the line. Thinking about he figured that the best route for Riolu was either speed or power. He decided that his Riolu would go the speed route after careful consideration. Being a fighter/Steel type gave him very high natural attack. So he choose the 'Jolly' nature.◇Generating pokemon sheet◇RioluFemaleJollyLevel: 1Age: 0 days oldWeight: 40.9IbsHeight: 1'10"Ability: Inner focusHp: 40Atk: 70Def: 40Sp. Atk: 31Sp. Def: 40Spd: 66Moves: Quick Attack, endure, Bullet PunchSeeing the screen made him smile. Suddenly one of the pokeb.a.l.l.s in his inventory popped out and bounced against the gla.s.s of the tub before popping open. A flash of light and after a moment a bipedal dog stood in there facing the gla.s.s and looking out of it. For a moment it stared at the gla.s.s be for putting its paws on the gla.s.s and letting out a slight whimper and looking back and forth."Ri... olu"Seeing no one outside the gla.s.s the small dog grew sad and it arm fell to its side. Daniel could hear small whimpers coming from it as it slowly looked left and right looking for an exit. Then it slowly turned around. When it spotted Daniel it grew stiff. Blinking a few times it turned back to the gla.s.s then back to Daniel. Its eyes wide open tears started flowing from its eyes as it pounced towards Daniel with wide open arms. Just as it was mid pounce.
°Tingling°Integration completePod is now openingGood Luck°Bloop°Suddenly Daniel could move and on instinct his reached forward but being too slow the Riolu crashed right into his chest and started clinging to his neck. The impact knocked the fluids out of his lungs and Daniel gasped. After coughing a few times he pat worried Riolu on the head and spoke for the first time in his new life."Nice to met you, Riolu. Hmm, I should probably give you a name. I'm sure that the number of people picking a Riolu will be at least 30%/50%. After all not only is it a strong pokemon it's also the best aura teacher."Riolu just happily clung to his neck while he stumbled a bit trying to stand in this slippery pod. He hadn't even noticed the fact that the gla.s.s was gone till he tried to use it as a support to stand. He would have fallen a good 2 feet face first if not for Riolu coming to the rescue. She was still hanging onto his neck and happened to land feet first. After a bit of help from Riolu and a few bambi moments, Daniel was able to sit on the bed that was in the room. Having hugged enough Riolu was moving back and forth throughout the room give Daniel time to think and observe his room. It was only the size of the average to bed dorm room he had in college. With only a bed and a desk with a lamp on it. The pod that should have been on the room had dissapeared. If not for the wet foot prints and the pokeball on the ground he would have wondered if it was ever there in the first place. He could see 2 doors in the room one of which he figured lead to a bathroom and the other outside. He could hold his curiosity for a bit longer. Riolu practically skipped around with a lot of pep in her step. Waving her over he picked he up and plopped her onto his knee. At first he was gonna sit her on his lap but he realized he was still naked and didn't want to do anything weird."Hmm, I think I'll name you Grace. How does that sound?""Riolu!" Daniel could tell she was really happy with the name she was gripping onto his arm, tail wagging and bouncing slightly. He couldn't help but smile."Ok ok, hold on I still need to get your other two friends." Riolu calmed down a bit was was still a little fidgety. Daniel chuckled a little before opening his inventory again. He already knew who his support/controller would be. Flipping through the list he picked the one he wanted.◇Ralts selected◇Are you sure?Yes/NoDaniel just hit yes.

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◇Gender?◇Female◇Nature?◇Daniel wanted A Sp. Atk boost so he picked Quiet nature.◇Generating pokemon sheet◇RaltsFemaleQuietLevel: 1Age: 0 days oldWeight: 16IbsHeight: 1'07"Ability: TelepathyHp: 28Atk: 25Def: 25Sp. Atk: 50Sp. Def: 35Spd: 36Moves: Growl, disarming voice, Mean Look, confusion rayDaniel was was happy to see that his ralts had gotten 2 egg moves. Like last time one of the pokeb.a.l.l.s popped out of his inventory. Bouncing on the bed for a second, it finally popped open. When it finally revealed the ralts Daniel was shocked to see that she was blue."Shiny!" Daniel couldn't believe his luck. The ralts slowly moved to his side while he was thinking and put he hand on his side. Looking at the small pokemon Daniel picked up the shy looking pokemon and rub its head careful not to touch the horn. Daniel didn't know if it was sensitive or not."Hmm, how about I name you Claire?" Daniel asked. Ralts just made a barely audible sound and settled into his grasp. Grace bubbly as always started making noises and waving her paws towards Claire in greetings. Claire also made soft sounds in return. So he set Claire onto his knee with Grace and allowed then to get to know each other. Clicking the final pokemon ticket he started flipping through the list. He pretty much decided to pick one of his favorite starters from Black and white.◇Snivy selected◇Are you sure?Daniel just breezed through the choices and decided to pick the modest nature.◇Generating pokemon sheet◇SnivyFemaleModestLevel: 1Age: 0 days oldWeight: 16.3IbsHeight: 1'09"Ability: OvergrowHp: 45Atk: 39Def: 55Sp. Atk: 50Sp. Def: 55Spd: 63Moves: Tackle, captivateThe pokeball bounced off the bed and fell to the floor and the regal pokemon made her appearance. Like Riolu she was facing away from them at the moment. Moving her head left and right she didn't get the chance to turn around before Grace jumped from Daniel's knee right into it. With a surprised yelp Grace had her rolling around on ground, causing Daniel to start laughing. So focused on the two he didn't see the confusion ray Claire had fired. By the time Grace was finished with her, Daniel could see swirls in her eyes. Causing him to go into another fit of chuckles. Grace easily pick up Snivy over her head and tossed her up onto Daniel's lap. Landing between Daniel's legs Snivys' world was spinning. She saw an object in front of her and figured it was the enemy who attacked her, so she used tackle."Oof!?" Daniel's laughter came to a quick end as his eyes rolled back into his head and bubbles coming out of his mouth.

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