Reincarnation Of Master Su Chapter 3


Reincarnation Of Master Su

Reincarnation Of Master Su Chapter 3

Chapter 3, Tang Xiao… Tang Xiao had seen so e too fast and full of teing back to his senses, Tang Xiao's cigar had gone out.

When the cigar was thrown into the ashtray casually, Tang Xiao pushed the contract file in front of Chen Yuan, “A fake sh.e.l.l onto the pany will be called Universe Entertainpany Weiyu. You had a one-night stand with hipanies pany, the n.o.ble Tang Xiao seldofortable. There is no place for people who cannot identify the lines between e arrogant. Su Bai aling a pig would a thing against the heavens!

What's worse was that Master Su, who never eats pork, almost drooled at the white-flowered pork dish!

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T/N: Hehe Fish is on a roll now, translating two chapters in a row~ Each chapter still took Fish half a day though, and Fish still has to consistently reread everything to check for errors T_T Please if you find any mistakes let Fish know!!

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¹ – The three ideologies/outlook of life: World view, Values, Outlook on life.

² – A type of alcohol.

³ – Addressing someone of CEO position.

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