Reborn As The Spirit King Prologue


Reborn As The Spirit King

Reborn As The Spirit King Prologue



As dim light slowly grew from the horizon, the shadow of a person quickly raised itself up from the bed.

It looked at its surroundings with a look of shock in its eyes.

"Wh, what's this? What is this place?"

The face of a man could be seen with perplexity engraved in his face. He was completely unfamiliar with his current surrounding.

Then, he recalled his last memory.

He remembered the pain and death that had crept up on him, yet, his body was strangely in good shape.

If anything, his mind and body felt much more refreshed than he had ever felt before.

"I'm pretty sure I died. Ah, was it all just a dream?"


Thinking this was all a lucid dream, the man used his own hands to slap himself in the face.

It was all for the sake of figuring out if he was currently dreaming.

However, the distinct pain that he felt on his cheeks showed that this was reality and not a dream.

"What is this…"

The man stared with a blank expression as the burning sensation continued to mask his cheeks.

He couldn't believe what was happening. However, the pain coming from his cheeks and the distinct sound of birds coming from outside showed that this was reality.

At that moment, the man's head began to throb.


As p.r.i.c.kly pain ran through the man's head, a numerous amount of memories rushed inside like a bolt out of the blue.

From the clothes he wore, to the memories of being on the bed, everything rushed in at once.

"No way.."

It wasn't often but this was something that occurred even on Earth, so it wasn't too surprising.

However, there was something else the man was even more surprised with.

He was able to firmly confirm he wasn't on Earth, and the owner of the body he was currently in was very similar to him.

The man slowly got up from the bed and walked towards the mirror that was placed against the wall.

"How did this happen? Even if dimensional shifts are possible, why me?"

The man continued to stare at himself with a blank face.

No matter how he thought, this was way too shocking.

He was born with absolutely nothing and never even thought of wanting to go through a dimensional shift.

He was just a simple man who loved reading web novels.

"So why did this happen to me. I just wanted to die in peace." Mumbled the man, as he stared at the body that was 90% similar to his own from when he was on Earth.

The more he thought about it, the more absurd everything seemed.

And, this was something he wanted to ask someone.

Ask them why they're doing something like this to him.

However, no matter how much the man spoke to himself and laughed in remorse, nothing changed.

The only difference was that the sky got brighter.

"This is crazy. There's supposed to be a cause and effect for everything."

Unable to contain it any further, the man scratched his head.

As he did, an innocent strand of hair fell to the ground.

And, at the same time, he recalled a few memories.

Memories of the original owner of the body.

"Name is Jade, age is 21, and occupation is Hunter."

As the man recalled more of these memories, his head began to hurt again. However, the pain he was feeling was tolerable, so he (aka Jade) continued to remember.

"And, he is the b.a.s.t.a.r.d child of Baron Leon."

Remembering one of the worst memories out of all the memories in his head, Jade's face became stiff.

He was able to figure out that his current situation wasn't too great.

"I need to leave."

He had lived his life to be as silent as death, but there was no chance that he would be able to continue living like that.

If the baron's heir found out of his existence, Jade was sure he would try and kill him with any means necessary.

He wouldn't want to leave even a little bit of their royal genes with anyone outside of their family.

The situation would've been a little better if he had another sibling, but that wasn't the case as he was an only child.

"Why was I given such a s.h.i.tty body. There must have been plenty of other options out there for me." Mumbled Jade.

He was already annoyed for being placed in this new world, but he was even more annoyed that he had to live like a fly – unaware of when he was going to die.

But, this wasn't the time to be annoyed.

There was a backpack packed and ready to go on one side of the room - as if the original owner of the body was ready to leave at any time.

"Should I be relieved that I have a place to run away to? Of course, even if I do, it doesn't mean I'll be able to live comfortably without worry."

Looking through the room, Jade quickly found food to take with him.

He also found more items that he thought necessary and packed them into his pockets and backpack.

Everything around him was still unfamiliar, even with the memories from the original owner, so he only packed the items he knew of.


His body was very fit because of his job as a Hunter, but the backpack was still too heavy.

It was to the point that Jade stumbled as he lifted up the backpack.

Finding the balance within his body, Jade slowly walked towards the door.

Swish, swish.

Jade stopped walking towards the door and scratched his face. His face became itchy as a gentle wind caressed his cheek.

However, his hand was now itchy.

It felt as if a piece of gra.s.s was rubbing up against it. With a frown on his face, Jade turned his head and was shocked to see what it really was.

"What the?"

Swish! Swish!

He had turned his head thinking he would find a gnat, but instead found a translucent fairy smiling at him.

However, the green colored fairy seemed to be excited at the fact that Jade could see her. She circled around and flew near Jade in a merry way.

"Fairy? No, is it a spirit? This is a fantasy like world so it's not that surprising, but why so suddenly?"

Jade blinked his eyes as he continued to stare at the spirit that was restlessly flying around him.

He was really confused with the current situation.

Prologue - End.

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