President, Our Egg Is Lost Chapter 5


President, Our Egg Is Lost

President, Our Egg Is Lost Chapter 5

Chapter Five: Light up the fire, fire, fire, fire, fire in my life~ Before entering human society, Ji XiaoYu basically ate wild fruit, bugs, and other things like an ordinary pheasant to fill his belly. It was a very quiet, absent-minded life. After entering the city and tasting the ever-changing variety of foods that humans made, he realized that “eating” was a profound and infinitely long-awaited concept.

Although Old Man Li was a little cheap, his cooking was really good. The "ordinary" home-cooked dishes weren't just ordinary. For this reason alone, Ji XiaoYu was willing to work here for a while. Another reason was that the environment of the small restaurant was simple and the staff was simple. It wasn't as glossy as the hotel in Xing Cheng, so there shouldn't be any dirty stuff beneath the surface.

Li DeFa was a little sad, this kid looked very thin but this guy was able to eat a huge rice bucket. The amount of rice he could eat could easily compare to Qiang Zi's meals. Originally, he was hoping to save a little money on food, but it seemed like that would be impossible.

After being sent away by Old Man Li, Ji XiaoYu went to the second floor of the restaurant. There was a small attic in there, with a small bathroom with a shower. It was equivalent to a staff dormitory and was where Qiang Zi used to live, as it was convenient to watch after the store. Zhang QiaoYan had rented a house with her boyfriend and so had no need for the restaurant to provide accommodation.

The s.p.a.ce in the small attic was a bit cramped and the roof was also low. Ji XiaoYu was nearly 1.8-meters tall and needed to duck his head to get in and out. The situation inside the room was even more unflattering. There were several empty beer cans on the table, and two stinky socks were thrown on the ground. The bedding wasn't folded, piled up in a mess. The air was filled with the peculiar scent of sweat and oil fumes from downstairs and it smelled sour.

Ji XiaoYu wrinkled his nose and pushed open the dusty window, so that fresh air could flow in. He picked up the stinky socks and threw them into the trash can and then pulled the sheets that had been wrinkled and shoved them under the bed. He opened the rickety wardrobe and looked; there was a messy pile of clothes inside, but there was at least a clean set of bedding, so he took it out and put it on.

Sweaty from work, Ji XiaoYu closed the window, turned on the air conditioner, and took a shower in the bathroom amid the rumbling sound of the cooling process.

After the cool shower, Ji XiaoYu felt very refreshed. With his naked b.u.t.t exposed, he went to the bed, took the little white egg out of his backpack and carefully placed it under his belly.

The old monkey had said that the strange egg was stronger than an ordinary egg. Although the incubation time was longer, it didn't need to be incubated without interruption. That year, Ji DaHua didn't cuddle his egg in the nest from morning 'til night. Just six hours of incubation a day would be about the same as what he did.

While incubating, feelings could sprout up. Now, Ji XiaoYu thought he could see how his little white egg was pleasing to the eye, oh, look how smooth and delicate! In the dim light, the eggsh.e.l.l emitted a gentle, warm, jade-like glow, a hundred times more beautiful than an ordinary egg!

After the chick hatches, surely it will be as handsome and beautiful as myself! 

Ji XiaoYu yawned in satisfaction, touched the bare little white egg, and re-tucked it under his belly, and soon fell asleep.

And so Ji XiaoYu became a waiter of “Old Li's Home-Cooked Dishes”.

He was called a waiter, but was in fact a miscellaneous handyman. There were just a few staff in the restaurant, so he had to do everything except cooking. The workload was much larger than that of the hotel in Xing Cheng in the past. There was basically no rest, a half-day of leave was only available on Sunday mornings, when there was the lowest customer traffic.

There were a lot of delivery jobs and Ji XiaoYu gradually became a little famous on Silk Street. It wasn't long before the white-collar workers in the shops and office buildings in this area often called for delivery knowing that Old Li's Home-Cooked Dishes had a very handsome, quick young man as their staff. As such, the business of small restaurant's kitchen suddenly increased by a step, whether it was coming to the shop to eat or calling for delivery, the orders were at least 30% more than ever.

Ji XiaoYu got up early and was busy every day. Even if he hadn't been so energetic, his physical condition was much better than that of ordinary human beings, who would normally collapse after a few days of this.

Li DeFa watched him with joy in his heart. This was equivalent to paying one salary and getting two workers! Originally, he had planned to expand the shop in a year, but now it looked like that plan could be started ahead of schedule. In a good mood, the rarely-generous Boss Li not only allowed Ji XiaoYu to order food every night, but also lent him an old mobile phone he had tossed away so that the young man would work in a more spirited mood.

Two months pa.s.sed before he noticed. Ji XiaoYu officially became a permanent employee at the beginning of September with no suspense. His salary rose to 2800 yuan. Including the first month's probationary salary of 1800 yuan, and deducting a little cost of living, he now had a total of 4000 yuan on hand. Although it wasn't very much, this finally let him feel a little emboldened.

At 6:30 this evening, Ji XiaoYu received a call from Miss Zhou, Room 1208, Block A, HongSheng Building, asking for four delivery servings.

Since that first successful order, Ji XiaoYu received a call with an order from HongSheng staff every so often. Sometimes it was Miss Zhou herself and sometimes her colleagues; they all had a very good outlook on the taste of Old Li's Home-Cooked Dishes and Ji XiaoYu's service.

Li DeFa fried up the dishes and Ji XiaoYu packed it as usual, then wearing the small yellow chicken ap.r.o.n, he rode his bicycle quickly to the HongSheng Building.

As his number of visits grew, Ji XiaoYu had figured out that there were three rotating security guards on the ground floor of Block A. Today, it was just Liang ShaoGang on duty. Although Liang ShaoGang always seemed to suffer from facial paralysis, as long as he spoke clearly, he would never make things difficult for Ji XiaoYu. He wasn't like the guy called Liu WeiRen, who was always bothering Ji XiaoYu, dilly-dallying when registering his visit. Twice, Ji XiaoYu had almost missed the delivery time because of it, which made him angry just thinking about it.

When he got to the desk, Ji XiaoYu called out “Liang Ge” as usual. After Liang ShaoGang registered him, he handed him a small bag of salted cashew nuts, which he had taken from the kitchen when he left. Fragrant and crisp, they were one of his favorite snacks.

Liang ShaoGang glanced at it, not reaching out, and his tone, as always, was bland, “We have regulations, we cannot accept something from a visitor.”

Ji XiaoYu glanced around and found no one was paying attention and then threw the bag of cashews straight into the desk drawer Liang ShaoGang had just opened a bit. He grinned and said, “I have a toothache today, I can't eat them. If Liang Ge won't accept it, just throw it away for me.”

As he spoke, he rushed over and entered the elevator lobby.

Liang ShaoGang stiffened, then also glanced around. Then he closed the drawer and the corner of his mouth moved, faintly exposing a little smile.

It was almost 7pm, the staff of HongSheng Building got off work at 6pm, so most of the people were already gone. In the bright and s.p.a.cious elevator lobby, Ji XiaoYu was the only one at the moment and he was leisurely dancing to the song that the aunties in the square danced to almost every day: “You are my little, oh, little apple, my love for you will never be enough….." (t/n: Little Apple by Chopstick Brothers)

Footsteps sounded out and several people came in the elevator lobby. They went right back Ji XiaoYu in a straight line, going to the special elevator past him.

As Ji XiaoYu came more often, he learned that elevator could reach the top floor of the building directly. It was a special elevator for the HongSheng management personnel; an average person wasn't qualified to use it. He had come to delivery at least dozens of orders and had never the chance to take it. It was impossible for those who were qualified to take the elevator to order delivery from such a small restaurant.

So he took a slight glance in curiosity at the special elevator. Hmm, a group of four or five people, each well-dressed in a suit and leather shoes; this was the look of the elite.

One of them was particularly striking, in his early thirty years old and wearing a pair of frameless His face was warm, elegant, and handsome, and a high-grade and the crisp fabric wrapped perfectly around his broad shoulders, narrow waist, and slender, straight body. He had the charm unique to a successful, mature person, the kind that could draw people into his grasp.

He was also a male, though the species are different; Ji XiaoYu, who was in human form at this time, also felt that this man was very eye-catching.

The employee elevator he was waiting for was about to arrive, so Ji XiaoYu took another glance, then turned to face forward.

From over there, a gaze followed, like a shadow, sharp and deep, carrying some sort of inexplicable meaning.

The elevator door opened, and Ji XiaoYu walked in, pressing the 12th floor b.u.t.ton and then the b.u.t.ton to close the door.

Just as the elevator door was about to close, someone rushed in and didn't press any of the b.u.t.tons. Just standing there by Ji XiaoYu's side was the elegant man in the iron-gray suit.

Ji XiaoYu who was halfway through singing the line “Light up the fire, fire, fire, fire, fire in my life~~~~~” almost bit his tongue.

Then the elevator door closed and the two people were carried slowly upward.

The narrow rectangular s.p.a.ce was very quiet, only Ji XiaoYu's out-of-tune song rang out suddenly.

"I'm never fed up with you, I like everything about you, every day is fresh because of you…….”

No, why are the lyrics so embarra.s.sing? Don't sing!

Ji XiaoYu immediately shut his mouth.

The man was more than half a head than Ji XiaoYu, covering part of the light from the top of the elevator, so that most of Ji XiaoYu was put in the shadow, making him feel an invisible pressure.

It was so inexplicable, that this man had a special elevator and didn't use it. Did this mean he often rushed into the elevator with his staff?

Ji XiaoYu glanced up and squinted, only to find that the man was also looking down at him with his head slightly bent.

The long, narrow eyes were hidden behind the lenses, which were reflecting the glare of the light in a halo. The pupils were like two pools of still water, bottomless.

Ji XiaoYu's heart suffered a sudden blow and, for a moment, there was an illusion of being stared at by a wolf.

Hey, this isn't right, this little master hasn't done anything wrong, feeling like a bird with a guilty conscience.

Besides, although this guy had a strong aura, he didn't have any spiritual energy. He was 100% an ordinary human and this little master was a great spiritual beast with huge strength, so just who was afraid of who?!

So he gave his chin a lift and stared back without hesitation.

The man's gaze condensed slightly; it seemed like he was a little surprised at Ji XiaoYu's reaction.

During the strange and dull confrontation, a “ding” sounded. They had arrived at the 12th floor. Ji XiaoYu tugged on the brim of his little yellow hat and, with the delivery bag, took initiative to head out.

The man didn't follow, so the elevator door closed behind him and continued to move up.

Ji XiaoYu breathed a sigh of relief, then walked briskly to Room 1208.

The author has something to say:

Cheng Zong: I accept your confession.
Xiao Ji (Little Bird, Chick): When did I confess?!
Cheng Zong: "You're my little, oh, little apple, my love for you will never be enough….…." Although the song is pretty common and you were singing out of tune, I don't mind.
Xiao Ji: …….

they interacted ? that's right, JXY, stand up for yourself and don't back down!

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