Nero, My Existence Is Perfect 28 Chapter 28: Shameless.


Nero, My Existence Is Perfect

Nero, My Existence Is Perfect 28 Chapter 28: Shameless.

Choko and the other three looked into the room, a.n.a.lyzing what happened. But the joy in her eyes when she noticed that Nero was awake could not be hidden.

Choko ran towards Nero, ignoring everything that was going on and hugged her: "I'm glad you're okay. I was very worried; did you know that?"

Surprise though. Nero had no significant reaction. She was no longer the same Nero they knew... something inside her changed after she went into a coma. But she recognized them, she also knew what had happened to them before. So, she didn't reject Choko's hug.

 "I'm fine now." Nero said, "Sorry to worry you."

"That's good." Choko smiled as she walked away.

"Nero, I'm glad you're okay," Jana said with a gentle smile.
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"Mm." Nero nodded. She also looked at Jair and Breno who had entered the room. And she bowed a little bit in their direction.

"That pair of father and son tried to arm themselves against me." Nero said bluntly, "This younger boy wanted to pretend to be my fiancé when I woke up. What do you think I should do with them?"

Hearing that. Marlon who was already trembling with fear before. He was even more horrified. And if the Qin family wants to take it further... but then he thought about why he encouraged his son to do it, he became more relaxed.

"Is that true?" Choko asked. Her eyes fixed on the father-son pair. Maicon had already dragged himself close to his father by then.

All he wanted right now was to get away from this crazy woman as soon as possible. He's never been so afraid of someone like that before. It was terrifying to look at that smile of hers. Even if she's devilishly beautiful.

"d.a.m.n hour she woke up." Maicon thought, "If she hadn't woken up at the time, he was talking about making her his fiancée, that would never have happened."

Marlon did his best to calm down and said with a humble smile, "Mrs. Choko, we didn't mean to." He paused on purpose and continued, "We were just throwing the conversation away. It was just about a play we saw in those days. But how was he to know that his friend was going to get confused and think that he was talking about her?"

Choko looked at him suspiciously, "Is that right?"

Maicon even though he was in a lot of pain, he confirmed: "That's exactly what happened. I didn't expect her to really confuse our words and think I was talking about her."

"I didn't even intend to pursue the matter." Nero coldly said, "But since you're trying to make me look like a fool... tell me, what's the name of the play you were talking about?"

"You..." The duo of father and son were speechless. They didn't expect her to ask that kind of question. Besides, they didn't really see a play. They've barely seen one in their lives...

Seeing as they've been mute. Choko and they were convinced they were just lying. In fact, they already imagined that it was all a story for an ox to sleep. That they were really lying when I said it was all about a theater story they saw.

Marlon, however, managed to think quickly and gave his son a knowledgeable look and said: "The name of the story was; The princess is gone. It's about a princess who got lost and ended up having an accident, which caused her to lose her memory and a young man pretended to be her fiancé."

He ended up saying it with confidence. Thinking about how smart he was to think of something like that in such a short time. "Shouldn't I start writing a script for a theater and get famous?" He thought.

His son Maicon was also impressed by his father's genius. He had to agree that he felt what his father said. Now all he has to do is keep quiet and leave everything with his father so they don't get suspicious. If anything, he just had to pretend that he was badly hurt and fake a fainting spell.

"As expected, I'm really my father's son, look how smart I am." He thought.

"Ohh, sounds interesting. I want to see that play too. Tell me where it's being made?" Nero asked.

"That..." Marlon was surprised again. He didn't expect her to keep talking about it. He thought with what he said before, they'd already be convinced. "This woman... she wants to complicate our lives. But don't think it's easy to intimidate me." He thought.

Sighing, he said, "It was a walking theater play, they've already left town. That's why we were talking about her. Yeah, we didn't know if we'd ever get a chance to see it again." He looked at Maicon, "Right, son?"

"Yes, my father is absolutely right. It was all a big misunderstanding." Maicon said with a benevolent expression: "Even so, I apologize to the young lady for that. I know it wasn't our intention, but it ended up letting the lady get the wrong impression of both of us and she got angry. I apologize."

"Got it!" He thought. Now he was sure he deserved a prize, so well that he thought of such things in such a short time. In addition, he suggested that even if they are not guilty... Still, they apologized.

Nero sighed to see these two making up so many lies. But do they think it's so easy to fool her? If lying and inventing things, they want...

Tears flow down Nero's cheeks: "Why are they lying so much? I... I heard them saying just like Mrs. Choko's friend. So that's a coincidence too?"

"You..." Maicon and his father Marlon looked at each other. They were speechless. They began to wonder if he really had spoken Choko's name. They couldn't remember since it was all too fast.

Choko and they looked at this angry father-son duo. How dare they make Nero cry? Even more, they wanted to make her a fool who doesn't listen to others properly and makes her own hasty conclusions.

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