MMO: Isekai No RPG - Halloween Special - One-shot 1 Halloween Special - Witche Hunt - One-Sho


MMO: Isekai No RPG - Halloween Special - One-shot

MMO: Isekai No RPG - Halloween Special - One-shot 1 Halloween Special - Witche Hunt - One-Sho

The Exo guild after walking for a few days along the roads linking the kingdoms Liogres and Cevat through the Ecxonia region comes to a neutral city named Bel leot , unlike Elvrin one of the early cities here is much larger and with more places to explore, With its medieval and half-human structures on all sides, it was a city that lived on trade because there was only a much-demanded fruit called zamora, which was quite expensive, by the way, because of its production only in the winter of that region .Aysa : -Wow, she's so cute.Kamero : -50 .00 0 coins ..Hytori : -What fruity guy in. - Seeing her price.Trader: It's a bargain.Hytori : -Money doesn't tree my consecrated tree.Trader: -It is a special fruit that only in the fields of this city for it the value. - with tone of superiority.Hytori : It's just a fruit ...Trader: If you don't understand the value of a zamora, you're not welcome here.Hytori : What? Are you kicking me out?Trader: Good as you understand, I don't need to repeat. - shaving with my hands.Hytori : -Your ... - Clenching his fists.Yashina : -We are Hytori ... - pulling him by the arm. -Sorry my friend, he's kidding.Hytori : Let me go, Yashina . - being taken by her. " Lucky you, she's here."Merchant: Send yourself. - shrugging.They leave for the city center and stop in a square.Kamero : -I think that merchant liked you. - rubbing his head.Hytori : It doesn't fill. - sulky.Aysa : -I wish I had bought that zamora . - with a twinkle in the eye.Kamero : Don't even think about it. - looking at her.Aysa : -More Kamero . - making a pidona face.Yashina : -Have a pension where we can stay. - coming down a very busy street.Kamero : We were just before Aysa spent what we don't have.

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Aysa : -Wow, is that what you think of me?Kamero : What I think of you is a lot worse.Aysa : -How bad you are, Kamero .Hytori : -He's not the only one ... -pa.s.sing her with his hands in his pocket.Aysa : -More when we are in the open air at night you well that if touch me right. - closing his eyes in fragility.Hytori : - It was only once woman! And yet it was unintentionally.
Aysa : - Humrum I know.Hytori : -... - gets angry and embarra.s.sed at the same time.Kamero : We were logos you perverts.Hytori : Don't believe what this woman says.Kamero : I don't believe it, I saw it ...Hytori : -... - walking faster.Yashina smile seeing him like that .After a few minutes they arrive at a hostel in the city and stay, it was late and soon it would be dark, it would be safer to stay there today.Hytori : - I'm full. - releasing a burp.Kamero : What an education.Aysa : - I 'm married, I'll mimi r . - yawning. "Do either of you want to come with me ?" - winking at them.Hytori : -I step.Kamero : -No.Aysa : -Ours as you are in.Yashina : - lol .Aysa : -So I'm going alone, are you coming now Yashina ?Yashina : I'll be right back.Aysa : -Sure, good night everyone.Hytori : -Good ...Kamero : -The city is very quiet at night. -looking through the window of the room you are in.Yashina : -It doesn't even look the same from earlier with all that movement and noise. - see something that catches your eye. Did you see that?Hytori : -What ? - looking at her.Kamero : It looked like a distortion of the air.Yashina : Let's go see it. - coming out.Kamero : Right. - following her.Hytori : -You can't just ignore right. - following them.Outside it was dark, only a waning moon was seen far on the horizon, they approach a tree behind the boardinghouse to see it falling its leaves.Yashina : -the leaves ..Kamero : That's weird.Hytori : What's wrong with this tree? - approaching her. - haaaaaaaa !Suddenly the tree loses all its leaves and several pumpkins emerge from the ground around its trunk, their branches gain dry and frightening, crows begin to scramble on their dry branches out of nowhere and an air of terror engulfs the city.Uziha : -More MMO players: Isekai in the RPG is proud to kick off a new special Halloween event that will last this week, and to begin with we present " witch hunt ", a promotional quest that will be taking place early tomorrow, in brief more information per hour only halloween ambiance will be released , enjoy !Hytori : -that out of the club. - with his hand on his chest sitting on the floor.Kamero : -That was ... -With his grimoire in hand.Yashina : -Wow ... - panting.Aysa : -What's up there? - speaking from the window. -Is it just Halloween? - seeing the decoration and ambiance of the city.Yashina : It seems so.Kamero : At least that's what Uziha said.Hytori : -This woman almost kills me with fright.Kamero : - Wrong, n.o.body dies of fright, dies of fear.Hytori : Same thing.Kamero : It's not no , fear is anxiety and fright is fleeting.Hytori : Whatever. - shrugging.Aysa : -Our guys almost blurred in kkk . - laughing at them.Hytori : -That's why it wasn't you ... - wiping the dust off her clothes after getting up.Aysa : I see, this event ... what will it be? - after telling what happened.Yashina : She didn't say what it's all about, she just said we'll have information about it soon.Hytori : - We'll go knocking on doors saying trick or treat for sure.Kamero : Why would that be?Hytori : - huh ?Aysa : -This is what we do when we are kids eu .Kamero : I never did that.Yashina : -...Aysa : -...Hytori : -What world did you live in Kamero ...?Kamero : -As you, am I not required to do the same thing you are? - co ç walk forehead.Hytori : With this one I'm going to sleep. - Leaving Aysa's room .Yashina : -I'm also going.Aysa : -You really never did that on Halloween?Kamero : -I was raised in a different way okay? ... - Leaving her room.Aysa : -Alright ... -Lying down.So the night is gone and a new day comes, the city was completely set in the halloween theme, its streets and houses were decked and decorated with things of the day, the stalls sold materials for the day, things had changed very soon .Hytori : That lives up to that saying "overnight."Kamero : - halloween update.Yashina : That reminds me of my childhood.Aysa : That's cool, I'll dress up as a seductive vampire.Hytori : Isn't that a no?Aysa ; -what did you say?Hytori : Nothing.Aysa : Careful with that says you Hytori S enki .Hytori : -What a little fear.Aysa : -There is true, you are afraid of trees. - laughing out loud.Hytori : That caught me off guard. - lowering his head.Aysa : Now let's see a cool vampire costume. - joining hands with joy.Hytori : -Are you more for witch so yeah ... - grumbling.Aysa : - Come with me Yashina !Yashina : - I do n't think so ...A voice comes out.Uziha : -Marri warriors of MMO: Isekai in RPG, I come to tell you about the special halloween event that started yesterday, this event will be held only in the neutral and early cities . The sites have been taken by witches who want to dominate them, and it's up to the guilds present to capture as many witches as they can and rid their cities , each captured witch will yield the guild coins and special Exp's , you have 12 hours to start Hunt the witches!Thus the day grew dark with an orange tint, and throughout the city there were shouts and laughter, a sign that the event had indeed begun.Kamero : -So come on.Yashina : - Capture the witches.Aysa : -And get rich.Hytori : - What the h.e.l.l event is this ...Guma : Why this Hytori face ? Are you afraid of a witch?Hytori : - Guma ...Mimi: Hi people!Kamero : Look if it's not the feline guild that only has two felines.Nicelle : -As always pinning is not really.Aysa : I always wondered why that name is only two ...Nicelle : That's what lets you leave the name in Guma's hands .Guma : - More respect for your leader.Mimi: - lol .Yashina : -Then they will partic.i.p.ate too?Guma : -More of course , and we'll still beat you guys haha .Kamero : - Lost to us before.Hytori : -by the way, you have not paid the bet.Guma : I don't remember that.Hytori : -or you liar.Guild VI has captured a witch.Kamero : -More already. - Seeing the alert.Guma : -That's not, we're wasting time here. - walking.Nicelle : Bye-bye to you.Mimi: Bye guys!Hytori : - Yudi and Yuri speakers as usual.Aysa : - kkk .Yashina : We were going too.They follow to the out r the side of the city, everywhere see tombstones and parts of skeletons coming out of them.Hytori : What a disgusting thing.Aysa : -You really are afraid of these things on.Hytori : It doesn't fill.Kamero : Stay tuned.Yashina : -There's one. - Pointing upwards to see one of them flying over a field of pumpkins .They run to where it is and hide behind some trees there.Hytori : -what " thalamus " doing here?Kamero : -Strategy, be silent.Hytori : What kind of strategy is that????: -You guys suck at hiding in.A witch was hovering over them on a broom, wearing a witch's hat, her hair was orange, she wore a black-to-orange dress, and all over her body were ornamented with abobaras.Aysa : -It was already Kamero ...Yashina : -...Kamero : -...Hytori : -...???: -my name Estela, the pumpkin witch . - she clicks her fingers and the pumpkins in her clothes begin to fall on them.Yashina : -Light screen !The pumpkins explode when touch the light screen Yashina .Aysa : That's dangerous.Kamero : Stay tuned.Hytori : -I thought every witch was ugly and disgusting but this witch is pretty ...Estela: - ooo w n , how cute. - smiling.Kamero : Is this time for a break with her?Hytori : -only found her beautiful ue .Yashina : -beams of light! - attacking the dodging witch.Estela: - Well , well , we have a little hurry here. - Shouting at Yashina .Aysa : -She 's fast.Estela: - Since you think I'm beautiful, I'll save you ... a little. - snapping his fingers again. - killer pumpkins !Several pumpkins that were on the floor come to life and start to go ooze through their mouths .Hytori : What's beautiful about her is dangerous.Kamero : -Ice crystals!Estela: - hahaha ! - moving away from them.Throwing crystals in the direction of the diverting pumpkins entering the ground and reappearing elsewhere attacking with their roots.Yashina : - Not this one.Aysa : - paralyzing knives !Throwing against them their knives that reach their roots leaving them paralyzed.Kamero : - That.Estela: -No, no. - wagging his finger.The pumpkins jumping in the air and cast their acidic goo in them.Yashina : -Light screen !Using a light screen to protect however when the acid touches the screen it melts leaving gos m to pa.s.s.Yashina : It can't be ...Aysa : d.a.m.n ...Hytori : -Black brother!Going towards the oozes , protecting them while attacking them by destroying one with the impact.Estela: - what? - is surprised to see his attack does not melt with the acid .Kamero : His dark matter resists acid blows.Hytori : -Black Punch! - imbuing his hands in black matter.Estela: -How? - Watching him fight the pumpkins without being affected by their acidic goo.Yashina : "-This is my chance" light cube! - Pointing his hands at Estela.She creates a cube of light encased in Estela that soon stirs her fingers and several pumpkins come off the ground and use their roots to hold Yashina's feet and knock her to the ground. Estela on her broom moves away from the cube before it is completed.Estela: -I didn't forget about you. - standing on the broom.Yashina : d.a.m.n ... - using her light magic to cut the roots that held her.Kamero : - Yashina ! - creating several ice crystals and throwing at the pumpkins that clung to it.Estela: - Explosive Pumpkins ! - snapping the fingers.Hytori manages to defeat all the pumpkins and an explosion catches her eye and sees Yashina on the injured ground , beside her was Aysa holding the knives she used to cut the roots before they hit them in full.Estela: -Intromposed. - seeing them escape almost unharmed.Hytori : -Shoots of black thorns!Hytori takes advantage of the breach and attacks Estela with a blast of dark matter in the shape of sharp stakes towards Estela who senses her attack and creates a giant pumpkin in front of her to protect her but the thorns pa.s.s through. -not this one. - Stela tries to dodge but ends up being hit and falls from her broom with thorns crossing her.Estela: -d.a.m.n ... this magic can nullify my pumpkins ... - panting.Kamero : -It looks like you found your weakness, ice casket!Freezing it inside a rectangle of ice that forms around you.Hytori : - Yashina are you ok?Yashina : -Yes , thanks to Aysa .Aysa : -It was nothing ... - shaking hands. -and thanks Hytori for asking if I'm fine too.Hytori : - I don't care.Aysa : You ungrateful.Kamero : -Well , we have our first witch.Hytori : That was easy even.Yashina : We were lucky she had no influence on her shadow magic.Kamero : Exactly.Aysa : Whatever we do, we capture her.Kamero : -Ice powder!The air is full of cold air.Hytori : -What are you doing?Yashina : -he this trying to locate other witches by the movement in the air.Aysa : Since when do you have this?Kamero : It's always been, but I can only use it if the place is conducive to it , as here it is windless due to the dark and dark environment of the event.Hytori : -or be useless out of here.Kamero : - Useless here just you.Hytori : -And who defeated the witch?Kamero : -So lucky.Yashina : Stop them both.Kamero : -I said ... - Feeling a draft change.Aysa : -At last anyway.Yashina : -Which direction?Kamero : North .Hytori : Let's go for it.They leave an alley that 's on a narrow street and follow up the place Kamero felt the movement, to realize that there is not a large, dark, abandoned house.Hytori : That was just what was missing.Yashina : -A haunted house?Kamero : That's what it looks like.Aysa : -I liked hehe .Hytori : You're a very strange woman.Aysa : I'm not strange, I'm eccentric.Hytori : It's just a beautiful name for the stranger.Aysa : -Look here your ...Witch laughter echoes around the place leaving the house.Yashina : It's her.Kamero : -The house is too big, we better get separated.Hytori : What? Never watched s...o...b..-doo no boy?Kamero : -No.Yashina : -...Hytori : -You lived in a hole bet.Kamero : I'm not obliged to know about these things.Aysa : - Until I agree with him Kamero .Kamero : Let's focus on what matters. Yashina goes with Hytori ahead because they are both good at direct attacks, me and Aysa go behind to neutralize potential pitfalls.Yashina : Right!Aysa : - ta well.Hyrori : Whatever ...The Exo guild breaks up and each pair goes to their designated location , Yashina and Hytori enter the front of the house and start searching for the witch.Hytori : -I'm glad you have light power. - next to Yashina .Yashina : -Be careful not to into anything. - with a spotlight on his right hand illuminating the spot.A creaking floor noise echoes around the room they are in, then the sound of chains makes them stop for a moment.Hytori : What was that?Yashina : I don't know, stay alert.Hytori : -Right. - Looked sideways.A loud crash of something being thrown to the ground scares Hytori holding Yashina's hand .Yashina : - Hytori ... - surprised by that.Hytori : -It was bad ... - Releasing her hand.Yashina : If you want to be able to hold it. - getting flushed.Hytori : Really?Yashina : -clear only if you want to ... -ashamed .Hytori : -I want to. - holding her hand.The two continue to walk hand in hand down a corridor, meanwhile on the other side of the house Kamero and Aysa search a bas.e.m.e.nt through which they entered.Aysa : -What dirt, why are we messing with old books anyway?Kamero : There may be something here about the resident witch in the house that could help us.Aysa : If you say ne , how are those two going?Kamero : -should this well, Yashina is intelligent.Aysa : -I know, but she does stupid things when it comes to Hytori .Kamero : Why do you say that?Aysa : -It's good to say that you still haven't realized that ... - The same rumble that Yashina and Hytori heard interrupts Aysa's speech . That can't be good. -looking at Kamero .Kamero : Let's ...They see a staircase that gives access to the site through the house and rise from the bas.e.m.e.nt and into what appears to be a back room.Aysa : -What smell is that?Kamero : What are you talking about????: - Vanshi was waiting for you.A witch with a slurred voice was staring at them holding a staff, wearing a long-sleeved black with purple dress, tights, and a witch's hat, her hair dark with reddish spikes and amber eyes.Kamero : - ...Aysa : -...With a serene look she floated in the air, in her left hand she held the staff emanating a purple flame and in her other hand she held her own purple flame.Vanshi : - I'm Vanshi and you are intruders in my residence.Kamero : -it may even be freeze ray! His grimoire floats beside him.Witch Vanshi uses her purple flame to block the attack coming her way.Vanshi : -You attacked Vanshi , who disrespects with the nightmare witch.Kamero : - Nightmare? - when he looks to the side to see Aysa on the floor in a fetal position shaking. - Aysa ! What did you do to her? - with bluish eyes.Vanshi : - Vanshi put her friend in a nightmare the moment my perfume entered her nervous system .Kamero : - perfume? - Remember what Aysa said. - that smell ...Vanshi : -but for some reason you didn't fall asleep to smell Vanshi . - closing his eyes. -It's all right, I'll kill you anyway, nightmare realm: purple flames!Creating various flames around him begins to launch against Kamero who quickly casts his ice magic to create an ice shield around him thus protecting Aysa from the ground.Kamero : -This witch .. .On the other side of the house, Hytori and Yashina go up the stairs and go to the second floor, there are several Mac ã s in a bowl on a coffee table in a room that was open.Yashina : That's weird.Hytori : -Lucky , I'm starving. - see those MAC ã juicy s.Someone watches them .Hytori : -I'll get one. - taking a step to the front.Yashina : Wait! - holding your hand so as not to let it go.Hytori : -What is it?Yashina : That could be a witch trap that lives here.Hytori : -What can an apple do to me? - dropping her hand and taking one of Mac ã s.Yashina : - Hytori Senki , since this large Mac ã .Hytori : -Wow ... okay. -dropping the apple to the floor.???: -no, no, no!A girl of short stature dressed in a long black-to-red dress, wearing a witch's hat, and in her hand a grimoire emerges taking the apple Hytori threw.Hytori : What is that?Yashina : It looks like it's a witch.???: -You should have eaten the apple and been bewitched thus becoming my personal slave, your ordinary. - getting angry.Hytori : Very calm at this time.Yashina : So that was your plan.???: -all, it's all your fault, deplorable girl.Yashina : It's deplorable that your face will be when I finish you.???: what did you say? The door to the room closes by herself at her hand.Hytori : - Yashina don't p.i.s.s her off anymore. - Seeing the door close.Yashina : -We'll catch her.???: catch me? she lets out a Machiavellian laugh. Never able handle r witch apples, Minervina Salomes .Minervina conjures several men coming out of her book, all armed and zombie-faced.Minervina : -You will pay with your life, they attack my faithful of love.The zombies run towards them and start attacking them, Yashina fires several rays of light at them but it is no use as their bodies are being manipulated by Minervina and they feel no pain or are hurt by attacks like that.Hytori : -Black hands! - holding two that came against him.It crushes their bodies but soon the bodies begin to move again and look perfect as before.Yashina : That's a problem.Minervina : - hahaha , the love that rules your body s is wonderful.Meanwhile Kamero faces Vanshi who uses his purple flames to limit his scope of action.Kamero : " -she this leaving me no room to run. " - seeing several flames floating around and on the ground.Vanshi : Soon he had nowhere to go and Vanshi had used him as an ingredient for his perfume. - creating several flames and firing on him.Kamero : I have to think fast or it will be my end. - hidden behind an ice barricade. -Imagic of ice: Ice ball.Vanshi uses his staff to smash the ice ball that was coming toward him and shattering it into snow.Kamero : That's it. Watching her flames fade as the snow generated by the impact of the ice on her staff. -Icemagic: Blizzard !A snowstorm begins to fall where they are, leaving everything covered with snow, including Vanshi who uses his flames to melt the snow that falls on her but to no avail.Vanshi : -this snow ...Kamero : That's right, your flames don't affect my snow and are erased by it. - coming out of the right hand of the barricade. "I should have seen that when I wore my shield and its flames didn't melt it."Vanshi : That's not possible, Vanshi doesn't understand, you're not caught by my spell or my flames.Kamero : -For the misfortune to Vanshi I Kamero am your executioner.Vanshi : -No, Vanshi can't lose to someone like you ... - Twirling his d.i.c.k in the air to create several flames.Kamero : -Ice Magic : Total Freeze!The blizzard begins to cover Vanshi's body completely freezing her in the air completely.Kamero : I did it.Aysa : -What happened here?Aysa awake and see the place full of snow above them on the second floor Yashina and Hytori continue to fight against the zombies of Minervina not transfer the attacks.Hytori : If we keep this up we'll be cornered. "Seeing that they 're close to the wall behind them."Yashina : We have to attack the source of the zombies, so that we can get it over with.Hytori : Talking is easy, the witch is too far away.Yashina : I have a plan, magic of light : path of light! From his feet comes a glow that runs the length of the room toward the apple witch.Minervina : What do you want to do ? - seeing the brightness reaches r to it.Yashina : That's it!Yas h ina activates his coup and all that is on the path of light is achieved by a strong glow that melts everything it touches , the zombies that stood in the way are achieved and end up being destroyed, Minervina leaves the place that was and escapes the coup her.Minervina : -My loves ... you filthy! - gets annoyed to see what she did. -I will take everything you have!The book she carries begins to glow and several bewitched apples appear around the room turning dark as if they were rotten even the one Hytori had touched before.Yashina : -what she's doing. - wondering.Hytori : - Yashina ...Yashina : - Hytori ? Seeing his skin go dark like the zombies. -What is happening? runs to him.Hytori : - Yas ... - shaking all over.Yashina : -What did you do?Minervina : Nothing too much, I'm only taking revenge for destroying my love faithful. - smiling.Yashina : -Your ...Minervina : -So he'll be one of my love faithful and be with me forever ... han ? - Stopping talking when feeling a strong mana emanate from Yashina .Yashina : -You will pay for it! - Your body is taken by a strong glow of light.Minervina : What power is that? - Seeing her shine brightly. "It can't be, will it?"Yashina : light -magia: flowchart rays!Creating a kind of pentagram in front of her hand that shoots rays of light at Minervina that conjures more zombies that are soon destroyed by the rays that cross them toward her. -this power ... is the power of the ... - is. .h.i.t hard by the rays.Minervina : -the power of love ... - being consumed by her rays of light leaving her with her body totally burned .Yashina : Never mess with me ... piruá.Hytori : - Yashina ...Yashina : - Hytori ! - lifting him up. - Are you alright?Hytori : -I'm now ...The two stare at each other, their hearts beating faster, and unconsciously begin to approach each other until Aysa and Kamero enter the room, opening the door.Kamero : Are you alright? We saw a bright glow coming from here.The two move away when they see them enter at once.Yashina : -Yes , we managed to defeat the witch. - Pointing to the witch on the floor.Aysa : -What was going on here? - smiling to see them awkwardly.Hytori : Nothing .Aysa : I don't know, nothing. Lol .Hytori : -You said nothing woman! - crossing his arms.Kamero : So there was more than one witch here in this house.Yashina : More than one?Aysa : -Then , Kamero defeated a witch down there.Yashina : -I understand.Kamero : -We already have 3 with these, let's go before the event ends.???: -I will not let!A voice comes echoing through the house where they are and everything begins to distort as if something has been pulling reality and when they realize they have been taken elsewhere.Hytori ; What the f.u.c.k was that?Kamero : It looks like we were teleported .Aysa : -Oh my head is spinning.Yashina : -This is a ...Hytori : - ... cemetery ?They are in a place full of headstones and skeletons everywhere indicating a cemetery, in the middle of it is a mausoleum with halloween pumpkins on its door and around.Hytori : With so much place in the city, we came soon to a cemetery. - bending down with his hands on his head.Kamero : - Be warned, that voice must have sent us here for a reason.Yashina : Right! - with your hands bathed in light.Aysa : -Ok . - holding your knives.Hytori : - Old s.h.i.t ... - Fists covered by black mana.???: -You may have defeated my sisters but you never left my d.a.m.n graveyard.The voice echoes again from the side of the mausoleum, the surrounding tombstones begin to move and from below several skeletons start to rise carrying swords and axes in their hands, they are covered with a green aura, their eyes shine with the same color. .Yashina : Show yourself your d.a.m.n witch.Hytori : -Don't p.i.s.s her off not Yashina .Aysa : Yeah , come on, ugly thing to show up.Above the mausoleum someone appears floating in his hand a staff with a circular globe, carrying two black books and a sword, wearing a witch's hat and wearing a short white dress with black and a purple cape, long boots , her hair was purple and long, his left eye glowed the same color as skulls.???: - I'm Kaguya Asako the soul-devouring witch .Kamero : -Then you brought us here.Kaguya : -Exactly, now my dears finish them off! Pointing his staff forward.The skulls start to run at them a little awkwardly.Hytori : That can only be a joke. - Remember the cave you lost to the skulls on your first day.Yashina : It's just skeletons, let's go! - firing several beams of light at them .Beams of light pa.s.s through the dismounting skeletons when attacked and rea.s.semble after the attack.Aysa : -I'm not worth it. - throwing their knives at them but so does it.Kamero : That's not good. - taking your grimoire . -surface freezing!Kamero casts his magic on the coming skeletons, freezing them superficially.Kamero : -Now Hytori !Hytori : -t will well, black punches! - attacked the skeletons that were frozen.The skeletons are hit are destroyed in pieces thanks to the black punches.Aysa : -It worked!Yashina : That.Hytori : -Is there just that little witch?Kaguya : -Tolinho, witchcraft: terror of the night!Several bats start coming out of the mausoleum going against them using their sonar to create a sonic wave that shakes them all.Aysa : That sounds awful. - putting his hands on his ears.Kamero : Very well, Hytori . - on your knees.Hytori : Is this mine now?Yashina : It's not time for fights, we have to scare them away fast.Kaguya : Attack my skeletons! - Another horde of skulls come off the ground and go after them.Kamero : - I know, Yashina creates a very strong spotlight as he did with us when we met in the guild in Elvrin .Yashina : Close your eyes! - all close. - blinding light!Creating a very intense focus of light the bats start to become bewildered and into each other stopping to launch their sonic attack against them , the still enjoying skeletons attacking them with their weapons.Hytori : -Black barriers! - protecting everyone from attacks.Aysa : That was close.Kamero : We have to end Kaguya or we will be annihilated here.Yashina : -How ?Kaguya : Witchcraft: Lost Souls!The souls of the skeletons come out of their bones and cross Hytori's defense .Hytori : What?Aysa : That was all that was missing.Yashina : -Light screen !A screen of light is created plus the spirits cross as they did with Hytori's barrier .Kaguya : That's useless, my souls can absorb mana from their barriers and cross them - laughing. Now it's my turn to attack. It disappears and appears again over them throwing black b.a.l.l.s of its crystal ball stuck in the staff.Aysa : That's bad.Kamero : -Ice crystals!Throwing against the b.a.l.l.s but the spirits come in front being hit by his blow and begin to consume the ice mana that next spun.Yashina : - Light screen! - protecting from the blows that came. - they even suck those who are thrown at them ...Kaguya : -Black b.a.l.l.s! - throwing more black b.a.l.l.s.Hytori : -Black thorns!Several thorns come out of the ground surrounding the witch thus preventing the b.a.l.l.s from crossing , so the spirits begin to absorb their mana.Yashina : -cannons of light!Yashina shoots the witch who soon sends two spirits in front of her where they are hit and begin to suck the blow's mana.Kamero : -These ghosts are being used to a.s.sist her.Yashina : How to get around this?Aysa : - paralyzing knives ! - throwing against the spirits that have are crossed by the knives.Kamero : -They suck only mana ... -Seeing what happened. - Aysa , When I send shoot as many knives as possible in the direction of the witch!Aysa : -Ok .Hytori : What does he mean? - looking at Yashina .Yashina : He must have thought of something.Kamero : -You two attacks with everything that has the witch now!-right! Said the two.Hytori : If she can do it too, black b.a.l.l.s!Yashina : -Discount of light!Kamero : -Freezing ray!Kaguya : What fools, souls!Souls come in front of Kaguya protecting her from attacks fired on her.Kamero : - Aysa !Aysa : Multiple strikes of paralyzing knives!She throws at the witch a knife that splits into 10 others.Kaguya : - It's no use - seeing that she threw something at her. -no ... - the knives pa.s.s through the bodies of the spirits and hit the witch completely causing her body to lock as soon as it is struck by the knives.The spirits try to help their master who was falling to the ground.Hytori : -Black hands!Hytori uses her black hands to stop them from catching her so Kaguya's body crashes into the cemetery floor causing her to bleed from her mouth.Kaguya : My body ... no magic should pa.s.s through my souls.Aysa : -That 's right, but my knives aren't made of mana.Kaguya : What? - look n of her.Kamero : That's right, with no mana to be absorbed outside of them , they pa.s.sed their spirits.Yashina : -Now , prison of light!Thus they captured the fourth witch and all spirits were released from their spell.Kamero : We have one more.Yashina : We still have some more time to capture others.Hytori : We have a problem.Kamero : What was it this time?Hytori : we're far to Carai city.Yashina : -Wow, she brought us really far.Aysa : My eternal father. - seeing that they will have to walk a lot to get to the city.Hytori : -f.u.c.ker Witch. - kicking the floor.Kamero : Stop complaining and let's go.They start walking into town and after a while they arrive but the wind is over.Kamero : -...Yashina : -Oh ...Aysa : What a waste.Hytori : -I hate witches ...Guma : - Hey guys, we seem to have more witches than you guys, haha .Exo Guild : 4Feline Guild: 6Hytori : It doesn't fill Guma ...Aysa : -Lucky for you we went to a distant place.Nicelle : -I'm sorry about Miga .Yashina : It's true.Mimi: That's a pity.Kamero : Do what, right, go or get our reward.Aysa : -I'm with you.They go to the guild department of the city.Hi, I'm Cilleny , what's the guild name? - at the place of exchange of prizes.Kamero : -guilda Exo .Cilleny : Guild Exo , let's look at four witches 's get then are 200,000 coins of gold to the guild and 500 exp's for each member , thank you for partic.i.p.ating.The two descend the garrison stairs.Aysa : - I thought it would be more - walked next to KameroKamero : -It wasn't much but it serves. - Leaving the site next to Aysa .Aysa : -Then it is. - Aysa trips. -there!Kamero : Get more attention. - holding her.Aysa : That was close, how good you held me with those strong arms of yours. - smiling at him.Kamero : - aaaar . - letting her go.Aysa : -What a beautiful way to treat a lady.Kamero : -You are not an adama. -moving on.Aysa : -Ox. She looks to the side. -I'm tight I will go to the bathroom soon I get there.Kamero : Don't be late. - looking at her entering a establishment.Kamero goes to the square and sees his friends there.Yashina : - Kamero ! - Waving at him on a bench in the town square.Hytori : So much work and we just got it ...Yashina : -better than nothing.Kamero : - We did what we could.Yashina : At least we have enough to buy supplements.Hytori : - Speaking of shopping , where's Aysa ?Kamero : -She said it was tight and went to the bathroom, but it's been a while.Aysa : -Hi guys! - waving to them.Yashina : She rt been al. - Watching her appear in the crowd on the street.Aysa : -Look just what I bought!It shows a zamora , the fruit they saw when they arrived in town.Hytori : I don't believe that.Kamero : -What money did you buy this Aysa from ?Aysa : With the money I made on the hunt.Kamero : It can't be ... at that time you. - he realizes something.Aysa : - Exactly , I took it from you, silly. - smiling.Yashina : - Aysa ...Kamero : That money was for buying supplements.Aysa : - I deserve it not for me no one had defeated the Kaguya then gave me a present inho , that's all.Hytori : Did you spend 50,000 on that?Aysa : -That 's delicious.Kamero : She spent 50,000 coins on one fruit.Aysa : -I actually bought it for everyone. - showing 4 zamoras .1 = 50,000 ---> 4 = 200,000Yashina : -and that's all the money from the event.Kamero placed a hand on his face.Hytori : -Don't let her eat the others , they can still sell.Aysa : Don't even think about it , Hytori .So the day was drawing to a close, with Hytori trying to get Amasa 's zamoras to sell and make a profit while people dressed in costumes on the city streets.Kamero : -Sure H ytori !Aysa : -This way I like it! - being grabbed by them.Hytori : -What a way woman!Yashina : -Happy Halloween! - smiling.

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