I Am With You Forever 6 Chapter 4


I Am With You Forever

I Am With You Forever 6 Chapter 4

"Hey""Arghh""I said hey are you never gonna listen?"A girl in the summer dress talking to his sleep poking his forehead"huh?"drooled saliva out of his mouth."Look there's your face is dirty""Who are you?"he asks."Silly you don't remember me?"the girl's sweet and gentle voice reminded him of Serah."Serah!"he got opening his eyes,him wearing only boxers,sweat running down his cheeks "Tch""Oh today is Sat.u.r.day better get some steam out a bit"Stretching his body,as he decided to do home exercises ,he strips his shirt out of the sweat,the muscles bulges as the abs of show."A shower would suffice"The shower is done,his clothes for a date?oh well a hang out without n.o.body?he is lifeless and is bored."Serah I'm going out"he looks at the picture of Serah.He drove his car right at the front of the arcade,sounds of pop songs inside, people echoing their voices in enjoyment,players tapping whatever they could and Zane smiled."I'm back f.u.c.kers"he grinned.Coins piled up in his own little bucket,he plays the Tekken first , opponents on the other side beaten to the core,he grew tired of them."Next Zomble Kill time!"he shouts.Bang!bang!He cleared the game without a hitch,like a pro gamer does. Going to a corner he sees a guy having trouble on the game Catcher.Struggling all he did for the bunny plushie."You need Help for that?"he points his finger to the b.u.t.tons of the machine."Oh-uhmmm sorry please no I can do it myself"the person said shyly, wearing a hoodie to be not seen on the side of his face when Zane looked."I insist"touching his hand.A grip of this person's hand made him the chills also some comfort feeling,he was staring blankly at him,he held hand longer for this.Bdumps.h.i.t!what was I doing"S-sorry that was a long hand touch""I-i'm fine don't worry"turning his head down blushing."Okay you just gotta do this"click-click and he moved,the plushie finnaly was caught at last."Here you go"getting the plushie and giving to the guy working hard for it."T-thank you sir"The hood falls down,Zane widened his eyes to the beauty of this person's charm,bright green eyes,his golden like hair ,the fairness of his skin , white, smooth as if transparent yet glowing. He gulped to see such a sight,frail and pretty comparing to a doll would be blasphemy."I-uh Sir please unhold me"he speaks softly."Who are you?"he asks ,his tone being husky as his pheromones go wild inside this arcade."I... you're an alpha?"he trembles at his hold."Such sweet scent you have"kissing the cheek of the frail boy."N-no! please let me go!"struggling yet his force was not enough.Zane let go of the hand he almost go,his mind and body lost it,he was dumbfounded to his move.
"I-i'm sorry i didn't do it on purpose!"he bows,his heart beating from being nervous."I must go now"running in his own two feet."Wait!"reaching his hand to him,the boy going to the right direction which his body blocked by machines from being seen."d.a.m.n it that wasn't supposed to happen,I completely lost it"he gritted his teeth.He drives to go back irritated to his actions,the spleen emotions he has for doing so wrongly on the person he helped made him unhappy and uncomfortable,banging his head steering wheel before going out."s.h.i.t,s.h.i.t,s.h.i.t why am I feeling like this, this is isn't me at all"f.u.c.k it,his face is so similar to her,I just moved on my own ,f.u.c.king body you are. I wanna see him again if I got the chance."Whew I'm sleeping for now"he jumps on the bed watching the ceiling , imagining the face he saw earlier.Those lips are G.o.d d.a.m.n reddish and his cheeks that blush are similar to a girl,one more time please,I wanna get friends with him please Lord G.o.d! he prays to the Lord.

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