I Am A Tree, A Carnivorous Tree! 1 I Am One With The Tree


I Am A Tree, A Carnivorous Tree!

I Am A Tree, A Carnivorous Tree! 1 I Am One With The Tree

h.e.l.lo my name's Smith and I just died a miserable death, I mean getting hit by a truck while I'm on a boat in the middle of the ocean? How does that even work? Anyways the G.o.d of wherever I am told me that I was going to be a tree with special powers when I go to the next world and since I died in a freak accident, I'm allowed to keep my memories which I highly doubt will be useful since I was a trucker. What's that? My memories are gonna be sealed now? Not like it's gonna make a big difference, I don't know nothing about trees.Oh look G.o.d appeared, oh look I'm a tree now, oh look I'm in the middle of a road. Wonderful.So like that the days pa.s.sed with miserable merchants going around me which give me an odd sense of joy, some of them even slept against me, I ate those ones. They tasted surprisingly good. Not that I'd ever eaten anything before that apart from the occasional critter and soon years had pa.s.sed and I only grew bigger and then one day, I changed I became a more metallic colour, like that of the armour of the knights and travelers that I ate. Next thing I knew people were trying to cut me down, going on about how "Ironwood" as I had apparently become was really useful for ships but all their axes just bounced off. Then after many more years I slowly became able to move my branches which I used to destroy entire caravans at once and eat everything there and every now and then I would eat these so-called magicians and they would give me certain abilities such as making my branches light on fire or be covered in lightning as I discovered the beams of light that fell from the sky were called. And then after even more years, people started a village nearby and one of them witnessed me eating some merchants. So then for some reason they started bringing me ten people every year and I decided to protect my human farm and soon they became elves as they called themselves due to being in contact with nature magic for so long but due to the corrupted nature of mine some of them became dark elves which was fine by me, they just had a different taste.Then more year pa.s.sed and the village became a town and increased the offerings to 50, and then they became a kingdom and the offering increased again and they started seeing me as some sort of G.o.d/Protector/Demon and the neighbouring country's started trying to kill me only for me to destroy them.I was now 200 meters tall and some sort of white ash tree and I became known as Yggdrasil and people would foolishly try to climb me as if I was some sort of attraction at a park, I killed them all and ate them. People stopped doing that.Many more years later a despot of a king appeared in the elf kingdom and the people prayed to me to save them and get rid of him, I was startled by the fact that I could feel myself get stronger if I concentrated on absorbing the prayers so as thanks for letting me discover this I extended one of my branches over to the ground and wrote "Create a knight tournament" and next to that I wrote "Create a magic tournament" and added " The winner will receive a prize from me"
So the tournament was done and the winners of each a Knight named Arthur Pendragon and a Mage named Merlin were each given a branch of myself that I had fashioned after their weapons of choice they seemed awed by the fact that the sword could cut through the hardest steel as if it were nothing and how the staff could make a normal fireball spell become so large and powerful.Then they went back to the kingdom and slew the king and pledged themselves to the protection of the kings to come as the power within the weapons I made had effectively made them immortal in regards to old age. And then they religion which I noticed was slowly spreading across the lands had become the most practised religion and I slowly gained power through that and one day I became able to project myself onto a humanoid form so I decided upon the elf form but everyone from the kingdom had witnessed my "Birth" as they started calling it in their religion, they decided to send me the most beautiful women in all the lands, her name was t.i.tania and my form had been named Oberon over hundreds of years we slowly fell in love and finally we tied our magic and our souls and became as the mortals would call it "married", then, we mated for the first time in either of our long, long lifetimes and soon a year pa.s.sed of mating and the result of this year was a child which after ten years of growing within my wife was finally born and thus the first dryad was born, my daughter, who I named Tetis, decided to pledge herself to the care of the tree from which she was born and she became known as the fairy of the woods due to her taking care of the magical creature who appeared on our land.Five hundred years later and large red dragon appeared, he called himself Drakul and proclaimed himself the king of dragons, he had apparently decided that my daughter would be the one to bare his children but my daughter refused and said she was still looking for that special someone that would be able to stay with her forever, filled with fury the dragon attempted to destroy my daughter only for her, as a G.o.ddess herself due to the prayers she received and the fact that she was the daughter of myself and my darling wife, to absolutely destroy him and turn him to dust.Soon one hundred years had pa.s.sed and the Elven kingdom had bared three heirs to the throne, Merlin and Arthur somehow still kicking around after all this time decided to come see me to ask if I could test them myself, so I descended from my living area where I resided with my wife and daughter and created a gem from my own magic which after telling them to ask the populace what they looked for in a ruler, inputted those qualities into the stone and told them that upon the adulthood ceremony of all three heirs they would go to the stone and get tested to see if they had the qualities of a king and the one who had the most, would be king and the others would become the leaders of the church and the army respectively.Slowly corruption started to become rampant within the church and they started giving out "Blessings of Yggdrasil" which were just them spelling them with a physical boost spell, selling "Tears of Oberon" which were supposedly able to heal any wound but they were actually just hallucinogens mixed into water to make them more p.r.o.ne to believing what they said and then they would use healing spells which they charged much less for and heal it.So I decided I would use a spell of my own creation call [Detect corruption] and killed every single upper clergy members and a third of the lower clergy one eighth of the ministers and the king himself. That renewed the fear they had of me but they were also happy that I had gotten rid of all the corrupt officials. My wife seems to have taken this as an opportunity to try for another child and after another mating year our efforts bore fruit as she was once again with my child. Ten years later and this one was born as well, her name was Aqua, she was a Naiad or a Water spirit and took up her home in the nearby Ocean, purifying it along with all the rivers and seas, making it a haven for aquatic creatures big and small and for most fishermen as well and the sisters worked hard to keep their domains clean. The church once again decided to add her to their book, which was fittingly called Yggdrasil, as a benevolent Deity of the Ocean's.Then one day, a newly arisen kingdom who worshipped some man called Jesus as the son of G.o.d summoned a man from another world and told him to get rid of the Heretics and asked him to start with me, soon the hero began his journey towards me and finally, one year later, he arrived and said "Oh false G.o.d, I, the slayer of thou, has arrived. Prepare for thy doom." Only to be mercilessly crushed by my wife and daughters and then I destroyed the entire kingdom that summoned him and made thousands of trees grow where the kingdom had been. After consuming the human "hero" I realized I could now summon people from other worlds. After a bit of thought I decided to summon someone from a world where there was only elves, the person had to be a master builder have no negative regard towards religions and be fine with the act of human sacrifice. And then I found one, he was a male in his mid-thirties who was renowned as the best builder of the realms but had become bored with his own after finding no more challenges within the architectural world. So I invited him to see if he would and he accepted. Once he arrived, I imparted the knowledge required to live in this world without seeming suspicious and sent him to the kingdom with a message in the form of a bird to Merlin and Arthur explaining why I sent him over. After that, he decided that he would help remodel the whole kingdom with the help of Merlin who used magic to do what he needed to build or upgrade the kingdom's infrastructures. After a hundred years he was in his old age at 134 and died with a smile on his face due to finally having finished remodelling the whole world to be structurally sound. After he died I traced his soul back to the place that I remember coming from and the G.o.d that was there reincarnated him into hiss original world this time as a genius politician. After watching this process I learned how to go between and to different worlds so he decided to look deep into his memories and found the magic that was blocking his human memories so he unsealed them but removed the emotions from them so he could watch them objectively without feeling as if he was in a different body. After watching them he decided to visit the worlds he saw in the memories. But before he left, he decided to create a clone that was controlled by him at all times unless it was in hibernation. When he was finally ready to leave, he decided to bring along t.i.tania as if it were a vacation so he asked her and she accepted to go with him. The first world he went to was called Naruto but when he arrived there seemed to be some sort of war going on around him so he activated a stealth spell so that he could watch only to see some people with white eyes looking around where he was as if sensing something so he backed off and reigned in his aura and now they couldn't see him anymore. One of the people he was interested in was the one who was zooming around the battlefield at much higher speeds then anyone else so he decided to stay here to watch what he would do after the war he stayed there for a few more years and saw ,Minato as he learned was the name of the man, get married to a woman who had a energy level far above the people of the realm did as well as another source of energy sealed within her that was at least the quintuple of hers. One day, while he was watching their village or Konoha as they called it he noticed that she was pregnant with a male child and that the seal holding the ent.i.ty was slowly weakening the more she approached the birthdate. On the day the birth happened he had gone back to check on his daughters for that month and when he noticed that the life alarm for the two interesting people had gone off he went back and saw them being stabbed through the chest by a giant nine-tailed fox who looked as if it was being controlled so he went closer and noticed a blond-haired baby and the fox was slowly being drained towards the child then he landed and the two looked at him and in a fit of desperation they decided to ask him to save their child as they had noticed him watching over them for the past view years. The man that became a tree accepted their request and brought the child to his own world where he grew up and married his Aqua and soon they had a child as well who they named Baraqiel due to his ma.s.sive affinity to lighting.Another thousand years pa.s.sed and soon, he started growing again due to his religion being practised by over 90% of the world. But this time, he didn't stop growing once he reached the atmosphere reaching the inter dimensional plane where he got noticed by some of the G.o.ds from other realms where they started worshipping him as well and then, before he noticed it, he was the most powerful being in existence and inexistence and started looking for his original world. Once he finally found it after a couple years of searching, he looked for his "Smith" form and found him on the boat. So he started looking for a way to send him over and finally decided on the Truck-style transmigration and looked for his truck, picked it up and threw it at the boat which caused him to appear before himself and then he sent him off to the dimension he was in originally and realized that he was the one who sent himself to this realm and that he was fated to become the strongest. So he went back to his home and let his wife and himself go into deep sleep that would last forevermore until he was truly needed.tttttttttttThe End.

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