Heavenly Castle Volume 1 Chapter 26


Heavenly Castle

Heavenly Castle Volume 1 Chapter 26

Translator: Drey       Editor: Shere than worry over that.」

When Zann answered that, Reizent blinked his eyes with a stunned expression.

「…… It would have been easier if I could also find a clear solution for that flying object, though.」

When Reizent said that, he sighed and raised his face.

「For the ties smaller and smaller, and he put his hand on his knees which gradually shakes and put strength into it.

【Heavenly Castle】

Seeing the scenery on the ground that showed on the huge screen, I breathed out greatly.

「How amazing. It's like a movie.」

Wide plains, gentle hill and long streamlet are being shown on the ground. There was a big square-shaped city at the top of the hill and I also saw a building like a castle in the middle.

And, in the place away from the square city, I can see the figures of the Imperial army that moves like an organism.

It's a number of soldiers that looks troublesome to count. There are many carriages in the back. The soldiers mounted on their horses, soldiers with a bow in the front of it and soldiers with a long spear are lined up in order.

「…… No, the front row is not a human」

When I muttered that, Ayla, who joined her hands together as if praying next to me, opened her mouth.

「…… Those are the greatest and strongest golems that the Imperial Army is proud of. Their shapes are different from Taiki-sama's golems and they are made thicker, but it is said that they moves at speeds that are not very different from humans. In addition, their strength is overwhelming because they are big and bulky.」

Hearing the information which she said with a serious expression, I observed the Imperial Army's golems once again.

I operated the camera and zoom-in, and the golems are showen one by one.

Although all of them are giving off a metallic l.u.s.ter of dark shade, they have difference in shapes. There are some golems like square blocks piled up and others have rounded shapes.

「Ah, now that I look at it, they also have different weapons.」

When I said that I noticed something while looking at the screen, Ayla nodded deeply and said.

「Ah, yes…… Each golem have different makers, so there are also differences in how they fight. Some people make use of the golem's size and weight by making it charge while holding a spear, others make sure that it can fight anywhere while making it hold a sword and a shield. It seems that they have a great variety of weapons and how they fight.」

「Heh. Maybe it's like a brand so that people will know that they are the one who made it. I think it's more attractive if all of the golems have matching shapes and weapons like an army.」

While I was expressing such an easygoing impression, Ayla looked at me while feeling restless.

「…… Um, umm, Taiki-sama…… Can you really stop this big war……?」

I nodded slightly to Ayla who asked me anxiously.

「I think it's okay…… I will see what I can do, so pray to Angel-sama.」

「A, Angel-sama……?」

I smiled to Ayla who became puzzled and put my hand on the operation screen.

「Let's see, should I give it a try?」

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