Floating Color Chapter 2: A Tremendous Splash


Floating Color

Floating Color Chapter 2: A Tremendous Splash

When the resounding singing started to be revealed like a veil being lifted, the light finally cast at the protagonist, Bai Yihan. As he nodded smilingly appearing on the large screen, the audience burst into a thrill of gasp.

 There was no deliberately contrived affection, and there was no makeup that was so delicate that even the eyelashes were well-defined on him, but everyone's heart pounded fast at the first sight of him.

Some young girls holding their idols' name boards had forgot everything at that moment and their gaze were chasing every movement appearing on Bai Yihan's face on the big screen. The attraction Bai Yihan had to the public was totally different from that of the current young and handsome idols.

To be honest, being on the huge screen of the music festival had been the Achilles' heel of many stars. On this screen, even a small freckle on your face would be magnified infinitely which would make you become a talk of the town or even a most talked-about topic in some tabloids, but Bai Yihan was different. He was like a dream. When he looked up and his beautiful eyelashes slowly rose, the world seemed to flow to another s.p.a.ce.

At that moment, People saw the depth of Bai Yihan.

Bai Yihan was not known as a singer and he didn't attain perfection in his singing skill, nevertheless, with such a short time less than four minutes, everyone were indulging themselves in chasing his being.

Maybe it was like what an entertainment editor wrote afterwards: Features can be modified to stand comparison, but his demeanor is unparalleled.

Three seconds after Bai Yihan said goodbye to the audience with a free and easy wave, there was warm applause resonating in the conference hall.  

When Hong Yueying came to the stage again, it was hard for her to hide her surprise. She thought the five years for him working abroad would make Bai Yihan's face full of traces of vicissitudes, but she didn't expect him to be as elegant as ten years ago.

The video clips of Bai Yihan's part in the music festival had been wildly spread on the Internet. The growth of click rate was amazing, and it instantly became a hot topic on Weibo.

"Are everybody all charmed? I am not surprised by that because when Our Bai, The Best Actor, just debuted, he was highly praised by all the media for being a super hottie and looked Omni-bearing on camera from any shot from all angles, absolutely immaculate!"

"Seems that Uncle Best Actor Bai have already captured the hearts of numerous pretty girls within only four minutes! Just a kind reminder, don't forget to support your favorite singers just because you're deeply touched by Mr. Bai!" Taking the opportunity to say something, Lin Song forgot not to seek attention and impress the audience.

Hong Yueying was totally speechless. 'What "Uncle"? Bai Yihan is only thirty-two and he just made his debut quite early, okay?'

It was the golden age for actors and many actors were still struggling to transfer from an eye candy to a skilled performing artist while Bai Yihan had already walked afar in this journey.

Hong Yueying was in deep wonder how could Lin Song that dope became a host? Great Waves should take the responsibilities for pulling him out to be a host rather than letting him stick to his old career-singing! Such a mess!

Almost at the end of Lin Song's little speech, many netizens had come to comment beneath his Twitter logs to express their dissatisfaction.

The most cla.s.sic comment was from some Lolita: "Come on, you're an uncle okay! Best Actor Bai is only thirty-two and you called him "Uncle"? Are you still wrapped in a diaper?"

Bai Yihan went back to the backstage and the sponsor smiled to show him in. At that time, Bai Yihan didn't know that the average audience rating of the whole music festival was 4.3%, while that of the second-half program with his appearance was as high as 4.8%. When it was replayed the next day, it soared to 6.2%.

Bai Yihan and Fang Chengye went back to the original dressing room, but Mi Chen was gone.

"Well? Don't you wanna go back to have a rest? You've just finished your performance and I've already received several offers from many program groups for an interview with you! "

 "I promised to treat that little girl with supper." Bai Yihan said with a smile.

"Ah! Yes! You have just returned home, and you are short of hands! You can hire her as your makeup artist! I didn't expect that she was really good at such a young age. And it's photogenic, much better than Lin Ruyi's dramatic Baroque style! "

Bai Yihan sat back quietly and looked at himself in the mirror. It was a wonderful feeling, as if everything in his heart was sketched on his face by her brush.

But two hours had pa.s.sed since they sat down. The musical festival had come to its end, but Mi Chen hadn't come back yet.

Fang Chengye heaved a sigh, "Maybe that little girl didn't take what you said seriously so she has already been back."

Bai Yihan remained silent and sat against the mirror with his eyes closed: "Maybe another ten minutes."

The minutes had pa.s.sed and Mi Chen still didn't show up.

Bai Yihan stood up slowly and the glimmer of smile in his gaze had all gone, "What's her name?"

"…I didn't ask. It was in such a hurry. I saw her carrying a makeup case so I just took her in randomly. Shall I fetch a list of the makeup artists for you?"

 "No need. I'm tired. Let's go back and get some rest."

He wanted to leave everything in the hands of Fate.

Bai Yihan opened the door of the makeup room, and from the entrance specially arranged for stars he avoided paparazzi's monitoring and left the hall.

And Mi Chen didn't leave the hall until 2 am.

Outside the hall, a scooter flashed to her and Mi Chen ran towards it joyfully.

"Miao, how come you are here?"

Miao threw the helmet to Mi Chen coolly, "So late already and how can I let you go home alone? If there's any "wolf" doing something to you, my conscience won't forgive me!"

"It's late midnight! Aren't you afraid those wolves stalk you?"

"I've reached the third dan of Taekwondo and I'll kick all the wolves' a.s.s if any!"

Mi Chen laughed aloud, threw the makeup case on her back and got on the scooter. The two laughed their way home happily in the midnight wind.

The next day was Sunday but in the entertainment industry, there were always sleepless nights and no weekends.

Inside an office of Starry Cosmo, a man in a tailored suit leaned on a sofa and stared at that heaven-chiseled face on TV.

A graceful female in a fashionable outfit poured a cup of Whiskey and gave it to him, "Why? Staring at Bai Yihan for so long without even a blinking? Presidnet Li, Someone who don't know it better would think you've become gay!"

Li Rui took the cup, gave it a slight swirl and listened to the tinkering sound of the ice knocking the gla.s.s.

"I thought that even if Bai Yihan came back, he wouldn't pick up any steam. Good-looking actors are numerous; in addition, he had been out of the sight of the domestic industry for so long; thus, I doubted that there would be many people who still buy it. Who knows that he really makes a tremendous splash?

Li Rui flicked the report in his hand and leaned back. As a senior director of Starry Cosmo, he had developed a lot of potential new talents, made numerous stars famous and even signed a lot of heavyweights. He was never wrong about telling who had the potential and who had the market. But this time, for Bai Yihan, he really made a mistake.

The woman next to Li Rui was Ann Yan, the director of Public Relations Department of Starry Cosmo. She glanced at the report and became slightly stunned.

The major media were competing to report the news about Bai Yihan, whether it was about the scandals domestically in the past or the achievements in Hollywood in recent years. The movie channel began to rebroadcast his works. As long as the news was about Bai Yihan, the click-through rate was crazily high and made people feel that it wasn't normal. His name was still hanging on the hot topic ranking list of Weibo; what's more, many domestic high-end fashion magazines had planned to create theme columns for him, and the forum which had been silent for many years had become active again.

Bai Yihan had not signed a contract with any company in China, so it was not possible for him to do such full coverage publicity.

Only when Ann Yan's eyes turned to the man on TV, she suddenly understood.

Bai Yihan's appearance was outstanding by itself. Even in the current situation where good-looking guys were flooding, it was still difficult to find a single one to compete with him. And everyone sensible knew that what those "pretty boys" who were packaged by entertainment companies lacked substance. Bai Yihan didn't return home till years later. His appearance was very fresh for the young generation, and he had one thing that the current pop-idols did not have, that was, experience and temperament—which required time to polish; and Bai Yihan had been polished to his perfection.

Ann Yan stared at Bai Yihan for a long time and then squinted, "Do you think, Bai Yihan has worn any makeup? I couldn't find much traces…but without any makeups, a human's features couldn't look so p.r.o.nounced!"

"You're right." Li Rui didn't really care what Ann Yan said, "But when Bai left home, I saw him once. He is rather good-looking. I think except Li Junmo, no other male star is his match so far."

"The…the sponsor of the musical festival couldn't spend that much inviting Lin Runan, could they?"

"Lin Runan?" This name sounded kind of familiar to Li Rui but it took him a long while to recall, "Lin Ruian, "the Sculptor" in the fashion circle?"

 "Yea, such a style without obvious makeup traces but adding brilliance to cleat-cut features are nothing less than Lin Runan's skill of shadow-stain! I remember that he should now be supporting fashion master Bruin for taking a curtain call in Paris!"

"Shadow-stain? How does it work?" Li Rui frowned. Although he heard of the name Lin Runan because he must be somebody to get his name known in this circle. But as a man, Li Rui had no interest in makeups or cosmetics at all.

"Lin Runan's make-up skills are very special. Instead of using particularly obvious lines, he applies light and shadow. He will make complements according to facial features and skeleton. He once said that a makeup artist is not a plastic surgeon. He can't paint Quasimodo into Mona Lisa, but he can help show the most beautiful part of a person's facial features in the most prominent way." Ann Yan got up and came to the TV set, looking at Bai Yihan's face carefully. "You see, because the lights in the music festival are casted from top to bottom, which will light up a person's face and make his facial features more flat than usual. For example, the singer after Bai Yihan, Shen Liuyu, almost relies all on the eyeliner to highlight the outline of her eyes, and the shadow on the nose bridge looks too heavy under the light. But look at Bai's eye sockets and nasal bone, they are still quite p.r.o.nounced.

Li Rui nodded, "But You also said it was impossible that Lin Runan came to support it."

Ann Yan folded her arms, "So I want to know badly that who did the makeup for Bai Yihan. Anyone who can benefit our Starry Cosmo, we may not leave them to others."

Li Rui clapped his hands, "You've actually noticed such details and that's why you can succeed while any other women couldn't."

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