Childish Flower Chapter 30-35


Childish Flower

Childish Flower Chapter 30-35

Chapter 30

The fortable atplained about his erratic thoughts.

The Park enclosed a se to see Baby Gao at any tiplaint.

For a whole e panied by noisy cicadas outside the window.

It was in the afternoon when there were very few custoe and see Xiao Gao.

G.o.d knew how excited e. He should turn around and run away until he never sees Gao Tianchen again.

In fact, he did. He walked down the stairs with a vigorously he never had, regardless of the cries of the person behind hifortable froe to see our child.”

plete hoe back with panied by a strong chest tightness.

In his confusion, he felt a little cold touch blossoing outbreak of pheropanied by the shrill noise of cicadas.

It was very late. pletely ifortably and patted his back gently, with a tender and gentle expression.

In this way, he gradually calbined.

“Cobine with the alpha and let hie in. Hurry up…" pany and I'll be back in a pany for a week. He had piled up a lot of big and se so weak. So be it then, he persuaded his inner defense, let hipletely laid down his guard to Gao Tianchen, opened his body, accepted hiing through the crack of the door, and soing fropanied by the first ray of dawn rising out of the window, warm and gentle.


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