Can You Love Me? Chapter 11


Can You Love Me?

Can You Love Me? Chapter 11

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Chen Ming shook so violently. He could feel the sharpness of the porcelain flakes that penetrated his flesh. He was afraid that the next second it would pierce his throat, “Big Miss, I was then … just talking carelessly. You are so wise, please don't mind that …. again, after all … everything I said earlier was a reality. I … wanted Xin Huan to accompany Director Zhao from Qiming, but she didn't, then her cellphone rang, once she saw it … her facial expression changed, then … then she accidentally dropped a gla.s.s of wine on her clothes, take her cellphone and go to the bathroom, after that she never returned …”

Xin Ai narrowed her eyes, “The calling… from who?”

“I don't know about this. I didn't install a surveillance app on her cellphone. I … didn't lie to you. After I returned I would … give you the key to Xin Huan's dormitory cabinet … You want to look for things-the goods, look for yourself … Then, then … all the money she gave me … I will return it to you. Big Lady, forgive … forgive my life …”

Xin Ai did not speak, looked straight into Chen Ming's eyes for five minutes. She couldn't see that this person was telling the truth or was just lying. The person who had been in the entertainment circle for so long, in front of him, Xin Ai was too inexperienced.

However, she didn't have much time to spend in this place. She had to go look for Jian Zechuan. Xin Ai saw the time; it was time for her to get out of there.

She said in a cold threatening tone, “You'd better tell the truth. If not … sooner or later, I'll kill you.”

Chen Ming shook his head repeatedly, “Really, this is all a reality … not a single word is a lie.”

Xin Ai threw away the porcelain pieces, took Chen Ming's socks and put them in his mouth. Chen Ming tried hard and hoped that Xin Ai would let him go.

“Don't expect too much! I won't let you go. Tonight, you stay overnight here.”

She washed her hands with hand washing soap, water from Xin Ai's hands dripped. She walked in front of Chen Ming and intended to step on his face, “Of course, you better not have to think of a way to get revenge on me either!”

She put her long hair down and bent down to look at Chen Ming. She said literally, “Because this Big Lady has already been sold, my Gold Master, you will be no match at any time.”

She left Chen Ming like leaving a dead dog. Xin Ai let out a breath that made her tight. She couldn't delay it too long. The longer Xin Huan disappears, the greater the danger. There is no more time.

She might still be able to wait, but Xin Huan couldn't.

Jian Zechuan, somehow, today she had to start approaching him from the beginning again.

As soon as she came out of the bathroom, Xin Ai was surprised and realized that there was someone in front of the door. Xin Ai's heart was beating fast, her footsteps stopped and she hugged her arm which was holding a handbag.

The man was wearing a dark blue Armani suit, lazily leaning against the wall. Slender fingers holding a lit cigarette. His face smiling through the smoke.

But Xin Ai could see his charming eyes; she was looking at him. In his eyes as if radiating deep affection.

He raised his eyebrows and glanced at Xin Ai. His finger flicking the cigarette and making the cigarette ash fall to the floor. Xin Ai looked at that face, involuntarily her body trembled, but quickly she mastered her emotions and saw the smile given by that person, “You are … Lu Yingdi*?”

Lu Jincheng, the hottest male star in the entertainment industry at the moment, is the youngest of the three most influential stars in the Chinese film industry, Qihua. The film has also been influential internationally. Ten years since his debut, his popularity has never declined.

*TL-Note: Lu Jingcheng is one of the 3 famous artists, he was called by the t.i.tle Yingdi which means he is the king in the cinema scene.

Xin Ai used to be a fan of Lu Jincheng, but now she has been battered by people's idols. Now she has no other desires, only hopes, she can immediately get through the problem in front of her.

Lu Jingcheng was around 180 in height. His body was very thin. The suit was specially chosen for him as if she saw the wind blowing at Yunshu.

His face is feminine, but not the slightest femininity in his body. He walked in front of Xin Ai without throwing away his cigarette, his lips grinning with a sly smile, “Sorry, miss, are you done with the bustle inside?”

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