Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 98


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 98

Chapter 98 - Intermediate Bloodline Lineage**t.i.tle has nothing to do with this chapter*

Hearing Lin Feng speak, everyone was surprised and realized what they had gone through today. Because of the apocalypse rain, the rushing about and the chaos, no one had eaten all day. They had forgotten their hunger, but drinking the tea made them remember the emptiness of their stomachs. 

When they heard about going out to eat, Ling Tian looked at Dou Yuxin. He was still pretty weak and wasn't suited to taking a walk around outside, but since Dou Yuxin had some food in her apocalypse watch, Lin Feng decided that the both of them would stay here for this trip. Dong Wu, Lin Feng, the Ma brothers and Qian Zongguan left the house together. 

Everyone on Bei Er road acted normal, as if there wasn't even an apocalypse rain just recently. It was evening but the streets were brightly lit, showing off the resources that this base had. Smaller bases couldn't waste energy on street lights at night time.

Lin Feng took a look at his apocalypse watch and saw that it was seven in the evening. It had become fall, so it had become a little colder, but there were still roadside stalls and the businesses hadn't closed because of the weather. 

Lin Feng was the sect master of the Qing sect, so how could he eat at a place like a roadside stall. Qian Zongguan kept urging Lin Feng not to eat at the stalls, but no matter what he did, he couldn't convince Lin Feng to eat at the hotels and fancy restaurants in the base.

Today was a day filled with many different new experiences, and Lin Feng was tired from having to go through all of them. More important than the convenience was that Lin Feng wanted to see what the snacks and simple food of the apocalypse were. It was the first time that Lin Feng had seen roadside stalls in the apocalypse, as none of them had anything to serve in the smaller bases. 

In the previous world, Lin Feng was a poor person, and was a supermarket reseller to make a little bit of money. He often ate regular food and seldom had the opportunity to try expensive cuisine. Lin Feng fondly recalled this kind of roadside stall. Like in college, Lin Feng and his roommates would go to these kind of stalls. He remembered fondly the times that they would drink and boast and laugh all day long without a care in the world. 

That had all pa.s.sed, though, and now in the apocalypse Lin Feng couldn't relive those days. Lin Feng could only recall his memories as he looked upon the stalls. 

They looked around for a place to eat and found a barbeque grill stall. The one who took care of the stall was an old lady, who had a few tables at her humble establishment. 

Tianlong base had quickly recovered from the dawning of the apocalypse and had started to focus on raising livestock, and after three years of development they had much cheaper meat than in other bases. But even though the meat was cheaper here, it still wasn't something that just anyone could eat, and besides their table, only a couple people were able to eat. 

Seeing people come over and sit down, the old lady came over quickly. She looked to be over seventy years old, but had very nimble feet. She took a towel and started to wipe their table and set down menus. 

Reading the menu, Lin Feng sucked his tongue when he saw the prices. Even if the base had focused on raising livestock, these prices were still too high for normal people to afford. 

A single skewer of meat cost a white crystal, causing Lin Feng to be shocked. To get a white crystal required killing a first cla.s.s zombie. Even if first cla.s.s zombies weren't that strong, humans couldn't easily kill them lest they risk incredible danger. And the culmination of this effort only could afford a single skewer of meat, showing just how hard it was to obtain food in this world. 

Although Qian Zongguan didn't make very much, he still made enough to eat as he liked. He s.n.a.t.c.hed the menu and glanced it over once and quickly ordered all the items he had chosen, handing the menu back to the old lady. He moved so smoothly and quickly that Lin Feng wondered if Qian Zongguan was secretly a cultivator, and was completely speechless seeing the display. 

Lin Feng thought that this was definitely someone worthy of managing the financial matters of the Qing sect, even his speed of ordering at a restaurant was definitely beyond human, an amazing display. 

The old lady was amazing too, and even though she looked very old, her movements were incredibly skilled. After Qian Zongguan had ordered, the old woman found everything that they had ordered from a refrigerator quickly and smoothly and placed it all onto the grill. 

Lin Feng himself took out a bottle of baijiu liquor from his watch. It was a medium grade bottle of liquor with the labels removed. 

(grain liquor)

Seeing the bottle, Qian Zongguan and the Ma brothers froze, figuring out if what they saw was the real thing.

Before, Lin Feng pulled out tea leaves, causing them to be surprised. But now Lin Feng had pulled out liquor, causing them to be stupefied. 

Fortunately, tea leaves were still available, since the leaves lasted for a long time, and since there were still tea trees that the leaves could be harvested from. Although it was expensive, it could be bought by the wealthy. 

But liquor was a different matter altogether, as after the dawning of the apocalypse, the world was thrown into chaos. Many of the supermarkets and stores were overrun by zombies, causing many shelves to be overturned. Liquor was often kept in gla.s.sware, which was brittle, which meant that after the dawning of the apocalypse, liquor was incredibly rare. 

Almost all the alcohol that was available was heavily diluted. This kind of unopened bottle of alcohol was something nigh unseen in the apocalypse. When he took it out, eyes started burning holes into Lin Feng, but no one dared to s.n.a.t.c.h the bottle with so many people around. 

Lin Feng didn't drink during the weekdays, but that wasn't an issue now. Now that they were safe, a few drinks were understandable. 

The items that Qian Zongguan had chosen reached the table one after another and Lin Feng started to give each person at the table a gla.s.s of liquor, quickly emptying the bottle. 

"Let us toast to celebrate finding the master of the sect!"

Qian Zongguan was a worldly man, and after the grilled food arrived he stood up with his gla.s.s in hand, looking towards Lin Feng with a smile. 

Seeing Qian Zongguan's actions, Lin Feng felt a sense of relief. He also raised his gla.s.s and toasted along with everyone else. 

Qian Zongguan and the Ma brothers were fortunate enough to be able to have drunk alcohol on occasion, but Dong Wu was different. If he hadn't met Lin Feng, he would still be struggling just to eat, let alone drinking anything. Even before the apocalypse, Dong Wu didn't drink except on special occations. And when things were rare, they became valuable, and in the apocalypse alcohol had become an absolutely precious and luxury good. Dong Wu held the gla.s.s up high and then took a big drink. 


Because he drank too quickly, Dong Wu started to choke on the thick vapors of the alcohol, and coughed. Seeing his appearance the others laughed. 


The old lady started to sigh as she sat next to the grill with a poor expression on her face. 

Seeing the appearance of the old lady, Lin Feng could tell that something was troubling her. But they were neither friends nor family, so Lin Feng didn't feel like it would be appropriate to ask her about her issue. 

"Grandma, what's going on with you, what is making you sigh like that?"

Lin Feng didn't say anything, but Qian Zongguan couldn't help his curiosity and asked the old lady. Lin Feng and the others around him heard the inquisition and put down their, interested in hearing her answer. 


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