Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 96


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 96

Chapter 96 - Tianlong BaseLin Feng had the idea of opening a supermarket in the apocalypse when he encountered the supermarket's exchange system. When he saw that he could pay for items in the store with crystals, he knew that he didn't have enough. 

There was nothing wrong with selling some of the items in the supermarket for money. But this required Lin Feng to go back and forth and collect the items, which was a waste of time and energy. From the time he entered the apocalypse until now, Lin Feng had exchanged some of the goods inside the apocalypse for crystals because of his lack of funds. But in the end, getting rid of the supplies was too much trouble.  

Every time that Lin Feng sold the goods from the supermarket he would draw undue attention to himself from dangerous people. Like at Zhanlang base, Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin were kidnapped because Lin Feng had brought out a few antibiotics from the supermarket. 

As for the matter of opening a store, it was still just a simple idea. Right now Lin Feng was a fifth cla.s.s cultivator and could only take out five jin (1 jin is about 1.32 pounds or 0.6 kilograms) of goods out of the supermarket at a time, limiting him to fifteen jin of goods a day. If he opened a market he would need much more supplies in order to keep the market stocked, and even if he loaded the apocalypse watch to the brim and took as many supplies as he could, it still wouldn't be enough to run a market. Even though it was the apocalypse, Lin Feng didn't require all the supplies and the supermarket held more than enough to give away. 

If the store was to be opened and filled with all the supplies, let alone humans, even cultivators would be jealous. But in order to maintain this kind of store, one needed to have enough strength to protect it and the goods. Although Lin Feng was a fifth cla.s.s cultivator, there were many people who were stronger than him. By himself, Lin Feng couldn't a.s.sure the security of the store. 

Although he was the sect master of the Qing sect, Lin Feng didn't know the exact extent of the power of the Qing sect in the apocalypse, he didn't even know if Qian Zongguan was really earnest in his intentions to make him sect master. If Qian Zongguan was plotting something, Lin Feng needed to think about a way to protect himself. 

This wasn't to say that Lin Feng was distrustful of everyone, it was only that he needed to be careful and have a plan in case of any situation. 

After entering Tianlong base, Shao Wenjun and his wife said their goodbyes to Lin Feng. They had relatives in Tianlong base and had the opportunity to join them during this time. 

Regarding being given shelter by Lin Feng, Shao Wenjun and his wife were grateful, but in the end they were only humans. If they stayed by Lin Feng's side, when something important occured, they might only be a burden to him. So the couple thought about it and decided to go their separate way and stay with their family. 

Shao Wenjun and his wife's decision was understandable. The couple had received Lin Feng's kindness and were very grateful. Afterwards, Lin Feng also took them along to Nanshan base, and it wasn't that they weren't grateful, but that they wanted a safe place for themselves to live. In the end they were only human, and it took everything they had in order to survive, they couldn't depend on Lin Feng forever. 

Regarding the two of them leaving, Lin Feng didn't say anything. Before when he gave them the antibiotics, to Lin Feng it was but a small effort. Meeting up in Nanshan base was also a coincidence, and after the second dawning of the apocalypse Lin Feng chose to go to the rented house first. Although he wasn't especially close, Lin Feng treated the couple as his friends, and he would respect their choices. 

As the financial manager of the Qing sect, it went without saying that Qian Zongguan had a lot of money. The house that he owned was only two streets north of Zheng Da road, on Bei Er road (north two road). Even though it was only two streets away, Lin Feng and the convoy took twenty minutes to reach Qian Zongguan's house from the main road, showing just how large Tianlong base was. 

(Side note: if tianlong base has five roads in each direction and it takes ten minutes a road of travel at 60-100 kph, than tianlong base would be about the size of isreal or haiti, and if larger it would be the size of switzerland, roughly twenty to forty thousand square kilometers. This would be pretty big for a base inside an even larger city)

Since the base had the dimensional shield and spent a day clearing out the zombies, Tianlong base hadn't been that impacted by the apocalypse rain, making it so that Lin Feng couldn't even find a trace of zombies in the base. 

Qian Zongguan arranged a place for the cultivators to live on Bei Er road and took Lin Feng, Dong Wu, Dou Yuxin, the slightly weak Ling Tian and the Ma brothers to his house. The reason that Qian Zongguan took along the Ma twins was because of their strength. As sixth cla.s.s cultivators, the Ma brothers were able to protect Lin Feng more easily than the other cultivators could. With them by his side, Lin Feng didn't need a larger number of people protecting him. 

The house that Qian Zongguan owned was large, more than a hundred square meters. Moreover this wasn't a simple house, but one that had more than one floor, and to buy a house like this this close to the main road was very expensive, requiring many white crystals. But in order to have a base of operations and to find the sect master, Qian Zongguan bought the house without hesitation. 

The house had four bedrooms, allowing everyone to sleep comfortably. And since they all had apocalypse watches, they didn't need to carry or store luggage in the house. After they choose the rooms they would sleep in, Lin Feng closed the door to the room that he had to himself. 

Since he had to deal with the urgency of retrieving the Devil's snare flower for Ling Tian and the matter of the apocalypse rain, Lin Feng hadn't spent much time in the supermarket. Now that everything had calmed down, Lin Feng directly entered the supermarket from his room. Lin Feng entered the supermarket and came before the exchange system and accessed it. 

Lin Feng entered the exchange system because he saw that last time he was here, he saw that there was an option to strengthen his bloodline lineage. He could increase the strength of his simple bloodline lineage to an intermediate lineage, and increase his strength. The only problem that Lin Feng had at the time was that the upgrade cost a hundred thousand white crystals to buy. 

When he came here before, Lin Feng didn't have enough crystals to buy the intermediate lineage, but after selling the diamond ring and adding on his ten thousand white crystal, Lin Feng had enough crystals to purchase the bloodline lineage. 

The exchange system also could buy items from Lin Feng, and was connected to his apocalypse watch account, allowing him to easily get money. Without everything being taken care of for him, Lin Feng didn't know how to utilize the bloodline lineage. 

Right now, besides having rented the house in Nanshan base, Lin Feng hadn't really spent any white crystals. Thinking about the different options he had, Lin Feng decided to choose the exchange system and used one hundred thousand white crystals and bought the intermediate bloodline lineage, making sure that he had received it when he saw the numbers in his account drop significantly. 

As he checked to make sure, Lin Feng saw a golden light shoot out from the exchange area and envelop him completely. 


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