Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 93


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 93

Chapter 93 - OrderQian Zongguan learned through the reports of the disciples stationed throughout Tianqi city that only two base were relatively unaffected by the apocalypse rain, as they used a dimensional shield to minimize the impact of the rain. One of the bases that could use this technology was the second largest base, Tianlong base. 

Technology had advanced much further in this world, and had greatly developed spatial technology. Even before the dawn of the apocalypse the world had developed dimensional shielding. Using ma.s.sive amounts of energy, the technology could be used to shield an entire city from natural disasters. The only issue was the amount of energy needed to power the shield, making it limited in its capabilities. 

During the dawn of the apocalypse, because the humans were not prepared for it, only a few cities even attempted to use the dimensional shields, but even then they could only shield specific areas. If they tried to shield too large of an area, the shield would be too weak to block anything. If they produced an absolute shield, the area would be too small. Therefore, when the apocalypse dawned, although some few cities were able to use the shields, the world was still engulfed by the rain. 

The equipment necessary to utilize the dimensional shield fully was extremely costly, making few cities able to purchase the technology. In the entire Tianqi city, only Tianqi base possessed a fully functional dimensional shield. Tianlong base had obtained a partial shield from the military over time, and although it was an incomplete system, the base was still able to use the shield. But none of the other bases in Tianqi city possessed one of these shields. 

During the second dawning of the apocalypse, as if an ill omen, the sky turned crimson for a few seconds. But these few seconds were enough to let Tianqi and Tianlong bases activate their dimensional shields. 

The apocalypse rain lasted for around ten seconds, and with their complete shield, Tianqi base went relatively unaffected by the rain. Tianlong base only had a partial shield and still had uncovered areas, but compared to the other bases the base had a huge advantage. 

Going through this second rain, the world entered a second apocalypse. It was possible for entire bases to be wiped out, according to Qian Zongguan some bases only had around a hundred people and simple defenses. For them survival was difficult enough with only a single apocalypse, let alone a second. 

It wasn't always that the people didn't want to live in a larger base, but for various reasons, these people found themselves stuck in small bases. 

Usually the issue was transport, as the distance from small bases to larger ones was usually quite large, and unless they had a car, they wouldn't be able to safely travel from one base to another. 

Although there were many cars still on the roads, the majority of the vehicles had been abandoned for three years, and it was questionable as to whether or not they could still start up. And even if they did start up, fuel was extremely rare in the apocalypse. 

Technology had advanced quite far, allowing for the development of electric vehicles and even magnetically powered vehicles, but these were rare, with few people using them even before the apocalypse. Most people drove gas powered cars, and only knew how to drive that kind. 

But in the small bases, they didn't even have fuel reserves or gas stations, making it so that even if someone had a car, they wouldn't have enough fuel to travel to another base. 

There was a large difference in the distances between different bases, with some bases a few kilometers away, and others dozens or even hundreds of kilometers away. Although many of the stronger zombies along the roads had been hunted over the past three years, there was always a chance that you could encounter a high cla.s.s zombie. 

In the apocalypse, people always valued their lives first. People were incredibly selfish, and tried to make the best of their current situations, and even if their lives were more bitter, tiring and hard, they would try to see their conditions as better than going and risking their lives.
(* the opposite of the gra.s.s is greener on the other side)

Even in Lin Feng's old world, even though some people lived poor lives in the hills and valleys, only a few of them actually sought out new lives in big cities. Most just stayed content with what they had because it was what they were used to. In the end, it could also be because they knew how few actually enjoyed living in the cities that they stayed in the hills for so many generations. 

Of course, there were a few people that did decide to head toward larger bases. But these were few and far between, with most staying in their original bases. This was why there were so many small bases even after three years of the apocalypse. 

But now that a second apocalypse rain had fallen, the natural order of the world had been shifted. Most of the small bases had probably been destroyed, with only the larger bases being able to survive. 

Although the distance was three hundred kilometers with a road covered in first cla.s.s zombies, Lin Feng and the convoy rushed to reach Tianlong base before nightfall. Because of their rush, they didn't even harvest the crystals from the zombies that they killed along the way. Although it was a huge waste, they didn't have the time to care about such matters. 

Tianlong base was definitely one of Tianqi city's four biggest bases, and the convoy came upon a wall that was over twenty meters tall. The wall in the distance had a wide and imposing appearance, like that of a castle wall. The wall stretched as far as the eye could see, so large that it was hard to tell how it was even built. Just how much effort and materials were needed to build such a wall, Lin Feng didn't know, but he did know that it would be an incredible amount. 

Lin Feng couldn't tell if there were security measures placed on the top of the wall. Outside the wall was an expanse of water thirty meters wide like a moat and wooden stakes placed all around it to ward off the zombies. The gate to the base was over thirty meters in height, a few meters higher than the surrounding walls. If the gate was open it could be seen that the gate was like a drawbridge, and would be placed over the moat in order to allow pa.s.sage. Countless chains held the gate up by its sides and kept the gate closed, blocking pa.s.sage to people and zombies alike. 

But as they approached, Lin Feng saw a see of people waiting in front of the gate. He was shocked seeing the amount of people waiting to get inside the gate. 


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