Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 72


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 72

Chapter 72 – Fifth Cla.s.s Cultivator

As the two giants came crashing down Lin Feng came out from behind the tree.

Taking the crossbow from the apocalypse watch, Lin Feng shot two bolts towards the zombie. After all the time he spent fighting, Lin Feng's accuracy had visibly improved. The two bolts struck the zombie's head.

Not daring to act rashly, Lin Feng tested to make sure the zombie was dead before moving forward. When the zombie died its body lost its toughness, and the bolts easily penetrated its head.

Lin Feng repeated this with the snake, and after making sure both had truly died Lin Feng entered the battlefield.

All around the field fire still burned, from before the death of the zombie until now the fires still raged.

Lin Feng went to the zombie. It was so strong that it surely had something good in its head. Lin Feng prepared to open the heads of both monsters, but started with the zombie.

Their skin and flesh was tough, and although it wasn't strengthened by the their power, Lin Feng spent considerable effort to get the dark steel bayonet through their heads.

Fifteen minutes past and he looked at his hands. There sat two green colored pellets, one light and one dark. Lin Feng was shocked and grinning from ear to ear.

Fifth Cla.s.s Zombie!

No matter how he thought about it, Lin Feng never expected the zombie to be 5th cla.s.s. Earlier he saw its eight legs, but thought it was merely a 4th cla.s.s zombie. If he had known earlier that there was a fifth cla.s.s zombie, Lin Feng would have run away even if it killed him. Legends told that fifth cla.s.s zombies could destroy a base themselves, Lin Feng didn't expect to meet one here.

Let alone the zombie, the snake was a fourth level savage beast and just as formidable as a fifth cla.s.s zombie.

Seeing the two green pellets in his hands, Lin Feng couldn't recover for a long time.

He rejoiced that these monsters met each other, even though he didn't know why they fought. If they hadn't, he would have undoubtedly been killed by either of them. With the methods they held, Lin Feng couldn't even fight back.

And because they fought, Lin Feng's misfortune turned into a blessing, letting him gain two green pellets.

The dark green pellet was from the zombie, as a fourth cla.s.s zombie possesses a light green one. Only fifth cla.s.s zombies had dark green pellets.

The light green pellet couldn't actually be called a pellet, but should be called a fourth level beast soul. Beast souls were held by savage beasts and had the same color as zombie crystals of the same rank, but a savage beast was much stronger than a zombie of the same rank.

So a fourth level beast was as strong as a fifth cla.s.s zombie, but its fourth level beast soul was inferior in quality to a fifth cla.s.s zombie crystal.

(TL note: Savage beast is just as hard to kill for much less profit)

Lin Feng went to the devil's snare, carefully picked it and put it in the apocalypse watch. To get this flower Lin Feng faced innumerable dangers, but gained benefits beyond imagination as well.

The green pellet from the fifth level zombie was something that, let alone Lin Feng, very few base leaders had seen. Fourth cla.s.s zombies were possible to kill, some of the large scale bases that had many high cla.s.s cultivators could kill a few fourth cla.s.s zombies. However, fifth cla.s.s zombies couldn't even be compared to fourth cla.s.s zombies, and were only described as being stronger than ten fourth cla.s.s zombies. Cultivators that could kill a fifth cla.s.s zombie were unheard of.

Cultivators had gone through countless breakthroughs over the three years of the apocalypse, and gradually got to a high level. Regardless of their progress, every time a fifth cla.s.s zombie appeared it would cause an outcry, the news spreading between the major bases.

In the mountain valley there was no one left, not even a single zombie. After the giant snake and eight legged zombie died, the valley had become a safe zone.

In for a penny, in for a pound (*), Lin Feng intended to absorb both the pellets here.

(*) (一不做 二不休, idiom, don't start something or don't stop doing it)

First taking out the fifth cla.s.s zombie pellet, Lin Feng swallowed it without hesitation.

Different than when he took the fourth cla.s.s zombie pellet, Lin Feng didn't get any reaction from this one.

Was the difference in strength so large it didn't respond to being ingested?

Seeing nothing happening, Lin Feng got annoyed, thinking it shouldn't be that this pellet is a dud, right?

But in the moment Lin Feng let his thoughts wander, a monstrous energy struck his soul crystal. Lin Feng felt like his head was going to explode and couldn't help but groan.

The formidable force battered his soul crystal and made it start to swell. Lin Feng could hear his soul crystal rumble as it expanded. He felt his very bones shaking from the growth.

He felt his soul crystal be struck by the force, but Lin Feng couldn't see the situation in his head. If he could, he would discover that in his soul crystal a second thread of soul force was developing.

Absorbing the green pellet unexpectedly allowed for a second thread of soul force to form.

The function of soul force was to increase a cultivator's power, and the first thread increased it by about ten percent. The second thread gave a twenty percent increase. In other words, if a cultivator developed two threads of soul force they would be stronger than a regular cultivator by about twenty percent.

Don't look down on twenty percent, as in actual combat, survival may hinge on a single percent of strength. Under the same conditions, the cultivator with a thread of soul force would be vastly superior.

In addition to developing a second thread of soul force, the green pellet contained a great amount of energy, allowing Lin Feng to breakthrough and become a fifth cla.s.s cultivator. Since he came to the apocalypse, it had only been a month.

After his promotion, Lin Feng looked at the apocalypse watch and found that his combat ability had risen straight to 3500, almost doubling his previous strength. Just by swallowing such an insignificant pellet, Lin Feng had such an incredible increase in strength. It was clear just how formidable the power contained in a fifth level zombie crystal was.

Moreover, this was not his true strength, since he had developed soul force. With the addition of the soul force, his true combat ability could surpa.s.s 4000. In addition to his bloodline lineage and martial arts, Lin Feng was at the level of a half-step sixth cla.s.s cultivator. But since the apocalypse watch only measured combat ability using soul energy and physique, his abilities and techniques were not taken into consideration.

After his breakthrough to the fifth cla.s.s, Lin Feng didn't stop, but looked at the fourth level beast soul in his hand. If the first one could do so much, Lin Feng antic.i.p.ated what the next one would do for him.



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