Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 7


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Large Harvest


“12 boxes!”

Hearing the words that came out of Lin Feng’s mouth, the middle-aged man at the opposite side of the tea table had an expression of shock.

At first, he thought that if this young man, Lin Feng, had three boxes of cans that it was considerably good, however, he didn’t think that there was such a large amount.

Cans in this apocalyptic world were extremely precious. If he were to take out 12 boxes to sell, even an idiot would notice that Lin Feng wasn’t just an ordinary person.

“I dare ask, young master, what are the origins of your cans…”

The way the middle-aged man addressed Lin Feng changed from little brother to Mister. Now, upon hearing the amount of cans he had, the middle-aged man once again changed his form of address to that of a ‘young master’, since he knew the influence of canned goods. Small cans could actually change a person’s status, and it was clear that there were a lack of goods in this apocalyptic world.

The middle-aged man squinted his eyes at Lin Feng, circled his finger on the tea table, and carefully asked Lin Feng.

Being able to possess this many cans, it was obviously clear that he was not a normal person. It has already been three years since the start of the apocalypse, but all the supermarkets near the base were practically barren. It was practically impossible to dig out new food, unless one went far from the base to scavenge.

However, it becomes more dangerous the further it is from the base. Numerous amounts of zombies exist outside of the base, who knows what kind of high cla.s.s zombie would appear. No need to mention normal people, even cultivators in the base dare not take such risks to search in places far away from the base. The more unknown a place was, the more dangerous it was.

In these days, where there was a shortage of goods, being able to bring out cans to sell means that one definitely was not a normal person. Even more so if it was a cultivator that brought out the cans.

Without saying a word, Lin Feng took out a packet of cigarettes from his pocket, and lit one up. The smoke from the tobacco immediately floated out.

Lin Feng brought the cigarettes along with him, as they had been in his shirt pocket the whole time. He didn’t take it out from the supermarket.

Smelling the tobacco, the middle-aged man sitting on the opposite of the tea table stopped drinking his tea. His face became slightly flushed for a few seconds. Afterwards, he confirmed his previous idea.

Cigarettes were luxury goods in this apocalyptic world, so only those bigshots in the center of the base would be able to smoke them. The middle-aged man couldn’t remembered the last time he smoked a cigarette.

Seeing the middle-aged man’s look, Lin Feng simply took out another cigarette from the cigarette box, and pa.s.sed it to him.

Fearing that the cigarette might drop onto the tea table, he promptly took it. Even after taking the cigarette, his hand still slightly trembled. After lighting it, he fiercely sucked in a mouthful. He then closed his eyes, and let out an expression of extreme pleasure.

“I’m not gonna lie to the boss, I’m not a person from this base.” He started to hand Dong Wu a cigarette, but Dong Wu shook his head, signalling that he didn’t want to smoke. Afterwards, Lin Feng once again opened his mouth and said this.

“Once during a large scale zombie hunt, my family and I were separated. Now they are heading this way, and are in a hurry. They want to move here, but didn’t bring much white crystals. They need white crystals to survive.”

Exhaling a mouthful of smoke, Lin Feng lazily leaned on the chair and said this as he squinted his eyes at the middle aged man.

Smoke spread out in the air, before diffusing into the surroundings.

Just as expected, after hearing Lin Feng’s words, the middle aged man secretly mumbled to himself.

So this amount of cans would not be in the hands of ordinary people. Lin Feng’s simple lines not only covered up the origin of the cans, but also warned the middle aged man that Lin Feng had a family.

Walking out of the store, the storage s.p.a.ce in Lin Feng’s watch contained 360 white crystals. Looking at these white crystals, Lin Feng laughed.

12 boxes of cans, and he managed to exchange for the full price of 30 white crystals for each box. Despite the high price, the middle-aged man escorted both Lin Feng and Dong Wu to the store entrance with a face full of smiles.

Despite promising the middle-aged man that if they had cans they would come back here to sell them, Lin Feng felt that it was unlikely. (If you aren’t reading this on then this has likely been stolen!)

Lin Feng gave Dong Wu 5 white crystals, which was five times the amount he previously promised. Dong Wu was still computing whether this was real. He refused to accept it at first, before finally accepting it in the end.

“Brother Lin, next time I’ll hang out with you!”

On the road back, Dong Wu suddenly said this to Lin Feng, which was honest and sincere.

Despite only knowing Lin Feng for a little more than a day, Dong Wu saw Lin Feng’s generous actions, which allowed for him to receive the full value of the can. 30 white crystals was enough for a normal person to not worry about food for three months. And yet for Lin Feng, he merely gave it to someone he didn’t know like Dong Wu.

Dong Wu was originally promised one white crystal, however, he was given way more than that. Furthermore it was only because of a superfluous action of Dong Wu guiding him, which was something anyone could have done.

In this apocalyptic world, although it is said that human life is worthless. The most important things were trust and loyalty. If there weren’t these two things, it was very hard to survive in this apocalyptic world.

A person may be powerful, however they cannot face with danger alone. If one had a trusted friend, it goes without saying what the benefits would be.

Dong Wu didn’t consider whether Lin Feng had a family problem or not, and merely saw only how generous Lin Feng was treating him. Then, he sincerely said.

“Let’s go back and pack, before finding a place to stay.”

Lin Feng looked at Dong Wu, and didn’t immediately reply.

The living arrangement problem before him was a big one, the environment in the slums were horrible. Every few days, there was some sickly and weak person starving to death or dying of illness. Lin Feng did not think he would die by the hands of zombie but instead by infection or dying of illness.

On the way Lin Feng asked Dong Wu and learned that some people in the base had occupations. For example, the doctors that tend to the sick. Every month the base would send out the army and cultivators to search for supplies. There are times when they would discover medicine and medical instruments from before the apocalypse.

Afterwards, these things are then brought back to the small scale hospital set up in the base. Since the hospital is controlled by the leaders, normal people have to pay a specific fee. The medical goods were all discovered by the base during expeditions, so the charges are understandable. However, those with no money could not receive treatment. The base wasn’t a charity organisation, therefore it was not possible to give out free medical treatment.

If there was a hospital, then doctors are needed. Those who were doctors before the apocalypse were recruited into the hospital, and receive payment every month.

It wasn’t only the hospital. There were some other services in the base. All of these services needed professionals, and the base had many people who were similar to white collar workers. They received a salary in return for serving the base.

This way, the gap between the rich and the poor was made. Those who possessed jobs, and those who were capable naturally had their standard of living to raised. There was no need to say anything about cultivators as they were at the top in the base. Those without fighting strength and those who didn’t have any technological skills made up the bottom of the base, and could only stay in the slums.

The two arrived at the outer areas of the slums. As they wanted to stay in the living areas naturally they needed to pack some things.Even though Dong Wu had nothing to pack.

Lin Feng now needed help. He knew he had entered the apocalyptic world on his own, and that he did not completely understand this world. Dong Wu looked somewhat honest. At least, from when he just got the money for the cans, Lin Feng didn’t notice any greed in his eyes. Even though Lin Feng gave him more than the promised amount of white crystals, Dong Wu still tried to decline it. Lin Feng could see that Dong Wu was not acting.

“I beg you, please release my child.”

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