Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 58


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Instakill

The cla.s.s 3 zombie's speed was close to an average human's running speed. In around 10 seconds, the zombie managed to get within 50 meters of Lin Feng.

Although the zombie was small in stature, its forearms were as a thick as its thighs. This mutation could have been the result of constantly moving on all fours. However, the zombie still held some semblance to humans, just that its proportions looked awkward.

This was Lin Feng's first time facing a cla.s.s three zombie alone. During the time he was in Zhan Lang base, Lin Feng had seen the cla.s.s three zombie within the middle of the zombie tide while he was above the base wall.

During that zombie tide, Zhan Lang base sent out four level 4 cultivators to subjugate the cla.s.s three zombie. It was a low risk move but still took some time to kill the cla.s.s three zombie. If it was a single level 4 cultivator, he was not sure they would be able to match up to a cla.s.s three zombie.

Meeting the cla.s.s three zombies attack, Lin Feng hold onto the minigun as he pulled the trigger. A burst of fire came out as countless bullets flew towards the cla.s.s three zombie.

The fire rate of the minigun was much faster than the average a.s.sault rifle. Ordinary bullets do not affect cla.s.s two zombies much, while cla.s.s three zombies are completely unaffected by bullets.

However, the damage did by the bullets of the minigun to a cla.s.s three zombie was like regular bullets to a cla.s.s two zombie; negligible. The cla.s.s three zombie seemed like it wasn't fazed by the bullets raining down on him, and continued to charge forward.

Lin Feng was thinking of bringing out the recurve bow from his apocalypse watch but he hesitated. The ammunition he had for his recurve bow was limited, and should be saved for a critical moment.

As he took out his bayonet, Lin Feng calmly stood his ground. He wanted to gauge the cla.s.s three zombie's strength.

Seeing that Lin Feng had stopped shooting, the zombie hesitated for a second, then continued to charge towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng's minigun did not damage the zombie, but it did slow it down.

The cla.s.s three zombie was very fast, and in a blink of an eye it had left the entire pack behind. Just like that, Lin Feng and the zombie was in a one on one face-off. The other zombies did not pose any threat to Lin Feng.

As the zombie closed up to Lin Feng, it leapt into the air. Unlike other cla.s.s three zombies, this one didn't attack by biting their victim. This zombie stretched out its arms in mid air and started scratching at Lin Feng.

Just as the cla.s.s three zombie leapt into the air, Lin Feng acted. He thrust the bayonet towards the cla.s.s three zombie, his speed was far from the average person.


Lin Feng's bayonet made contact with the cla.s.s three zombie's claws. Surprisingly, when the bayonet had hit the claws, a large metallic sound rang out.

Lin Feng felt a powerful vibration coming from the bayonet, though this bayonet was not as powerful as the injured cla.s.s four zombie previously, it should not be underestimated.

Not expecting the cla.s.s three zombie's claws to be so durable, it was no wonder ordinary heated weapons could not injure it. The strength of it's physical body was completely beyond that of flesh, to the level where ordinary weapons would be destroyed.

Seeing that the human was still standing, the cla.s.s three zombie went berserk. Once again it started clawing towards Lin Feng's abdomen.

Despite the zombie possessing considerable speed, it was a shame it wasn't as quick as Lin Feng. With Lin Feng's awakening combined with his original strength and skill, the zombie was no match for him.

Lin Feng quickly dodged and instantly flanked the cla.s.s three zombie. All of a sudden, while grasping onto his mysterious bayonet, Lin Feng's soul sense suddenly transferred onto his bayonet as it trembled slightly.

The bayonet cut across the cla.s.s three zombie's back, and with the addition of his soul sense, a large gaping hole was cut across the tough skin of the zombie.

The gash on the zombie was so deep it revealed the bone. Black blood oozed out of the wound and down the zombie's back.

Never expecting the human in front of him to posses such might, there was a certain degree of intelligence in it as it froze.

During the time which the cla.s.s three zombie was stationary, Lin Feng took advantage of this opportunity and with his left hand went to uppercut the zombie's head.

If an ordinary person did this, they would get infected once their wound came in contact with the zombies skin. Thus, becoming a zombie.

This did not apply to Lin Feng since he was a cultivator. Cultivators had soul crystals, which were actually the mutation of the zombie gene. Thus, cultivators would not be afraid of getting infected.

Lin Feng's punch possessed so much strength and speed, the zombie couldn't even react to it. His fist struck the temple of the zombie, causing it to stagger back.

Seizing this chance, Lin Feng's bayonet quickly pierced through the cla.s.s three zombie's chest, piercing it's heart.

If you were to ask Lin Feng to show off marksmanship, it could be considered mediocre. However, if Lin Feng were to show his martial arts skill, the years of countless practice helped him refine his skills and could easily determine a practical move to finish off the enemy.

Zombies have two weaknesses, one was the brain while the other was the heart. The zombie brain contained their crystals, which provide energy to the zombie.

As the heart of a zombie controls the energy transfer, once the the heart has been destroyed, the zombie will be unable to release any energy. Even with the strongest crystal, it is useless without the heart

After destroying the zombie's heart, its energy fizzled out to the level of an ordinary zombie.

Pulling out the bayonet, he finished it off by piercing it's head. The cla.s.s three zombie was dead.

After fighting this cla.s.s three zombie, Lin Feng could determine that the spike in speed and strength of cla.s.s two and cla.s.s three zombies were large. Thus, a level four cultivator was the minimum to subjugate cla.s.s three zombies. If the level cultivator did not know martial arts then several of them would be needed to kill a single cla.s.s three zombie.

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