Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 54


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Mithril Poison


After he heard what the director said, Lin Feng had a bad premonition.

“Is it a special problem?”

Lin Feng was not proficient in medicine, he was more skilled in martial arts and only know basic first aid.

“The bullet in the child contained mithril.”

The director muttered, with a heavy expression.


Lin Feng had not heard of this word before, mithril only was typically used in fantasy and online games. He did not expect it to exist.

“The bullet should have came from a heavy sniper rifle, it is usually more than enough to deal with cla.s.s 2 and above zombies. Mithril is also commonly added to the bullets to make it more lethal.”

The director was not speaking to himself, he explained to him the effects of mithril.

“Mithril is harmful to the body, after the bullet enters the body and comes into contact with the bloodstream. It works its way towards the heart, it is not immediately lethal but will cause heart failure in a bit more than a week.

While using a thermometer to measure Ling Tian’s body temperature, the director explained to Lin Feng.

“This hospital doesn’t have a haemodialysis machine?”

Although he had not seen what mithril was, from what the director was saying Lin Feng could somewhat understand Ling Tian’s condition.

He did not think this world will contain mithril, but thinking about it made Lin Feng feel relieved. Diamond did not exist here since it was not from the same world, different materials like mithril might also exist.

Since according to the director’s words, since the mithril is within the bloodstream and can cause heart failure. A treatment similar to haemodialysis might be able to treat him and filter the mithril out.

“We do have one, except that after three years there is no more filter and we only have that sc.r.a.p of metal left.”

After listening to Lin Feng’s words, the director had a bitter smile.

The haemodialysis machine was very expensive and the filter was limited. People who have leukemia need haemodialysis a lot 1, even if the use is expensive but there will be people who need it and can afford thus the remaining filter was also used up.

“Then is there another solution to treat this?”

Most diseases can be treated with multiple methods, Lin Feng believes that there could be another way to remove the mithril form Ling Tian.

“We are currently using various drugs to slow the flow of mithril in the bloodstream, if you want to completely cure it then there might be a way.”

The director of the emergency department over the years had met a lot of patients and their families, from Lin Feng’s current behaviour he concluded that a person who could spend so much money a day to treat someone, was not a person without any backing.

Most people would just give up when there is such a serious injury, even with the most basic treatment costs 500 white crystals a day.

When ordinary people went to hunt, getting two or three white crystals could be considered good. Not taking into consideration expenses, thirty white crystals a month was not a small sum. After three years of not buying anything, they would be able to save up to more than a thousand white crystals. This also needs the person to hunt 2 to 3 zombies every single day while not getting injured.

Of course this was impossible, however with all that amount they would allow be able to maintain two days of the medical fees.

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