Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 51


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Saved


This middle-aged doctor was the director of the emergency section and originally tending to a patient in the other room. After hearing the ruckus outside which was followed by shouting, he went out to check out the situation.

The doctor which was lying down as he saw the director walk out, his expression changed as though he had seen his saviour. The young doctor quickly tried get up despite the pain in his body. He was about to open his mouth to say something when he saw Lin Feng glaring at him, the doctor instinctively felt fear and couldn’t utter a word.

Lin Feng did not wish to further complicate things, time was running out for Ling Tian. So he decided he would be straightforward this time.

“First save him.”

Listening to Lin Feng’s recollection, the director did not say much except those three words.

Instructing the nurse to bring the bed over, Lin Feng and Dong Wu pushed Ling Tian into the emergency room where they would begin inspecting the bullet wound.

After the end of the world, with the invention of a new power generator which would improve upon nuclear technology;uses white crystals as energy to convert to electricity. The original world’s power generation device is the perfect small-scale reactor for an urban location. This enables most bases to not lack in electricity.

Thanks to this, the hospital can use medical equipment which would consume a lot of electricity otherwise. 1

After a couple of scans, Ling Tian’s injury was more serious than previously thought. The bullet penetrated through his body and broke two ribs, while a corner of his lungs was bleeding.

If Ling Tian was replaced by an ordinary person, they would have long succ.u.mbed to the injuries. Thanks to Ling Tian being a cultivator, his body’s toughness was much higher compared to a normal person. Enabling him to still be alive.

“If we were to use existing medical procedures as well as supplies, the chance of treating this injury is very low.”

During Ling Tian’s inspection, the director informed Lin Feng.

Upon visibly seeing the wound, the director could a.s.sess that Lin Tian was not an ordinary person, but a cultivator. An ordinary person would have been killed long ago but only a cultivator could last two hours without dying. However whether Ling Tian is a cultivator or not did not matter since the hospital’s main priority was to save lives.

“Money isn’t an issue, as long as you can do your best.”

Lin Feng felt relief when he heard the director say that it was not hopeless but just extremely difficult. More money was needed to treat him.

“Since that is the case then roughly we need to use a variety of drugs and blood transfusions. Around 500 white crystals a day, the cost of surgery is secondary but the bulk of it is in medicine.”

When Lin Feng asked about the treatment, the director slightly forgot about what Lin Feng’s status might be and made quotes of the pricing.

In fact the price the director quoted was not very expensive, even the ordinary hospital antibiotics would be valued around 50 white crystals. 500 white crystals a day to treat Ling Tian was still quite fair. The price could have been several times higher in other areas.

“You should continue treating him, I will bring the money soon.”

Lin Feng wanted to uphold his promises, thus he couldn’t bear to see Ling Tian die.

Lin Feng’s consciousness entered the supermarket2He then went to access the exchange system.

After he purchased the bloodline, Lin Feng was left with less than 2000 white crystals in his apocalypse watch storage. Within the exchange system Lin Feng bought a ‘life-saving medicine’ for 800 white crystals. It would be able to treat wounds stronger than normal drugs by several folds.

After taking out the amount of money for Ling Tian’s treatment, he has left around a little less than a thousand white crystals.

The current quote for Ling Tian’s treatment was 500 white crystals, however if more was needed and the price raises to 2000 white crystals a day; Lin Feng would be scratching his head on how to earn that much money a day.

After depositing 1000 white crystals to the hospital, Ling Tian was then moved to a intensive care ward.

Lin Feng originally felt that since he had the supermarket, he did not expect that during this trip to the hospital he felt that he had insufficient money.

Lin Feng suddenly recalled a funny story, a tyc.o.o.n once went to an unknown city. He hailed a cab and told the driver to bring him to the place where he could spend the most money. The cab driver drove him to the hospital saying that there he could spend the most money.

Although this was more of a story poking fun at the prices of medication, but regardless medical resources seemed indispensable whether in the previous world or his current.

Right now the main concern was not where to get enough money, but rather finding what to sell in the supermarket. The importance was what item should he sell?

As for things such as cans, he could withdraw them three times a day and he could only take out three pounds each time at most. If it was only cans, then he could only take out 18 cans a day. While each can was equivalent to around 30 white crystals, it would still barely amount to a bit more than 500 white crystals a day. In this case, he would be able to maintain the basic treatment and not using supplements from the supermarket exchange system.

If it was medicine or drugs, then he would be able to take out more individually. It should also be worth more than the cans in total.

It was also important that taking out so much valuable resources at once could really draw unwanted attention. The kidnapping in Zhanlang base happened because of Lin Feng procuring too much antibiotics which managed to get to the ears of Wolf. Thus they kidnapped Dou Yuxin and Dong Wu to lure Lin Feng and take his resources.

Lin Feng could not guarantee that this would not happen again like it did in Zhanlang base. Nanshan base does have even more cultivators than Zhanlang, finely pinpointing the source of goods would not be as easy but Lin Feng did not want to commit the same mistakes.

Taking something out that will not draw too much attention, but also worth more white crystals.

Found it!

Lin Feng was tossing around on his bed when he finally solved this predicament.

After he finished pondering, he laid down flat on one of the beds in the ward. Even for cultivators, under a hectic day also can feel mentally exhausted.

In the early morning of the second day, Lin Feng left Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin to take care of Ling Tian and also explain his situation. He then proceeded to exit the hospital in his car.

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