Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 5


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Cultivator
Lin Feng’s vision became blurry, and, at the same time, he felt a great attractive force from within his head. That force was directed at the white crystal in his hand.

All of a sudden, Lin Feng realised that there was an empty s.p.a.ce in his head, and unexpectedly he was able to observe something around the size of a white crystal growing within his head. It was a circular, white sphere.

The small white orb in his head continuously absorbed the energy from the white crystal in Lin Feng’s hand. Lin Feng, being a martial artist, could feel his speed increasing.

Lin Feng looked at the white crystal in his hand, and realised that the white mist in the crystal decreased as his strength increased. After a while, the white mist had completely vanished, and Lin Feng’s increase in strength also stopped. Also, because the white mist in the crystal was spent, the crystal now looked like a piece worn out gla.s.s. At this moment, there wasn’t even a dim glow.

Lin Feng felt it clearly, his own strength actually increased by five times.

“Is this a cultivator?”

After feeling his strength increase so much, a wave of information ran through his head. Lin Feng finally knew what being a cultivator meant.

As high cla.s.sed zombie heads will produce crystals, the heads of humanity’s cultivators will also produce a type of crystal, known as the soul crystal. After coming into contact with the energy in a zombie’s crystal, some people’s soul crystal will be stimulated. At present, the soul crystal in Lin Feng’s head had already been stimulated by the energy in the white crystal, and he had officially become a cultivator.

However, it’s not like everyone had soul crystals in their heads; there was only a small number that did. In any case, normal people won’t be able to absorb the energy from the crystals, and are unable to become cultivators. Even if the laws of Heaven and Earth change, this will not.

The way to upgrade the soul crystal was mostly the same: absorbing the energy of crystals it comes into contact with. Of course, there wasn’t an unlimited amount you could absorb. Along with the soul crystal having a different rank, there was a limit to the amount of energy you could absorb every time. There were also other materials that could upgrade the soul crystal. For example, the legendary magic potion of the immortals and other things. At the moment, these were not things that Lin Feng could obtain.

The different soul crystals had nothing in common. There were some, which specialised in speed, called the wind soul crystals, and some, which specialised in defense, called the earth soul crystals. These were the names people gave to the different soul crystals.

Lin Feng didn’t know what type his soul crystal was. The soul crystal in his head emitted a pale white color. Apart from that, Lin Feng only felt his strength had grown, and didn’t feel anything else.

Lin Feng examined the apocalypse watch, and realised his fighting strength had increased to 315. It increased by quite a bit when compared to his previous fighting strength. His original rank in Tianqi city, which was in the 50,000s, had increased by more than 20,000. On the ranking list, the hundreds of people Lin Feng could see had also changed.

Looking at the last white crystal left on him, Lin Feng made a decision and used the method from before, wanting to absorb the energy that was inside that white crystal.


After the energy of the second white crystal had been completely absorbed, and the white crystal had not even a faint dim of light, Lin Feng felt a sudden shock in his head. He felt that the white sphere in his head was shining a little.

Lin Feng felt his strength increased yet again. Lin Feng quickly brought up his left hand, and checked the apocalypse watch.

Lin Feng, Male, 23 years old.

Physical condition: 280

Fighting strength: 400

Body type: Level 2 cultivator.

Soul crystal type: Chaos soul crystal.

Fighting strength rank: Tianqi city rank 8125.

The apocalypse watch not only showed that Lin Feng’s cultivator level had increased by one, but also showed the name of his soul crystal.

What did it mean by chaos soul crystal? Lin Feng didn’t really understand. Specifically, what effects did it have. There were no signs.

Upon reaching level 2, Lin Feng clearly felt that attaining level 1 before wasn’t just a t.i.tle. Now Lin Feng felt that his strength had increased from before. In addition to this, Lin Feng also felt that his movements were much more agile than before.

From Lin Feng’s previous martial arts background, taking on four or five adults at once was not a problem for him. The number that the apocalypse watch a.s.signed to his fighting strength was over 200. Now after going through a rank up, Lin Feng felt that even taking on a dozen ordinary people was not a problem. Even it they were on the same level as the unleveled Lin Feng, he could still take on 3 to 4 of them.

This was the difference from level 1 and level 2. It definitely wasn’t just a simple increase.

Entering this apocalyptic world was a huge change for Lin Feng. Although he lost the world he came from, Lin Feng was just an orphan, and apart from his girlfriend, who he had just recently met, Lin Feng didn’t have anyone to worry about in his original world.

At the moment Lin Feng not only possessed a supermarket with countless resources, his cultivation had also improved greatly within one day.

“Being in this world, there’s still more meaning than being in the original one.”

Thinking till here, Lin Feng let out an expression of fascination.

In his original world, Lin Feng’s status was that of an ordinary person who relied on delivering items to the supermarket every month. He barely earned a few thousand dollars. Even if he continued for eight to ten years, there wouldn’t be much improvement.

However, now it was not the same. Lin Feng’s hand contained a supermarket with a large amount of resources. In this apocalyptic world, having resources was equivalent to having everything. Even if there was a restriction now, Lin Feng believed that this will definitely change in the future.

However, despite Lin Feng levelling up, he still felt that he should be cautious. This world entered the apocalypse three years ago. Those who were cultivators from the start were three years worth of levels ahead. Although cultivators like him were few in number, there was still a considerably fair amount. Now Lin Feng’s fighting strength was raised to 400, which ranked him around the 8,000s in Tianqi city. In total, Tianqi city had more than a hundred bases of various sizes. Averaging this, each town had more than a dozen cultivators that were more powerful than Lin Feng. Lin Feng must always be cautious. This world and the world before were not the same. All the laws and order were incomparable. Until he became powerful enough, Lin Feng must be very careful.

After the upgrade, it was already late at night. Lin Feng brought up the apocalypse watch to check the time. At the moment, it had just pa.s.sed 12am, and the three item limit on the supermarket had just reset.

Lin Feng once again entered the supermarket. Sure enough, Lin Feng’s guess was correct.

Lin Feng was still wondering if the daily three item limit on this supermarket and the restriction of being able to take out only one pound of goods every time would change. That’s why, now that Lin Feng had become a level 2 cultivator, he wanted to see if the limitation had been upgraded or not.

Lin Feng first tried to take out a box of luncheon meat cans. As he thought to leave, he failed, and couldn’t leave the supermarket.

Hence, Lin Feng gradually decreased the weight of the luncheon meat. The weight of every can of luncheon meat was half a pound.

He decreased the weight by four cans of luncheon meat, and when the total weight was two pounds, Lin Feng successfully managed to bring the cans out from the supermarket.

In this way, he attained the ultimate verification. The limitation on the weight of goods that can be taken out increases as his strength did with each upgrade.

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