Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 49


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Injury

Looking at that person, Lin Feng was shocked. He didn’t think that in this place, he’d see the man who hit his car in Nanshan base.

“He’s from Dongshan base!”

There’s not much thinking required, jumping over the base wall at this time, he was definitely someone from Dongshan base.

However, Feng Wu who saw Lin Feng from the top of the wall, he opened his mouth and asked this.

“Are you a cultivator?”

The moment Lin Feng knew that Zhan Lang base was being attacked by Dongshan base, he no longer concealed his energy fluctuations, if he did encounter any danger, he would not be able to draw out his soul energy quick enough if he had concealed his fluctuations. As such, it was normal for Feng Wu to see that Lin Feng was a cultivator.

Lin Feng did not speak, and simply nodded his head. The other party was a high-leveled cultivator, at the moment lying would be meaningless.

“Are you one of Zhan Lang base’s people?”

Seeing Lin Feng nod to his first question, Feng Wu continued questioning him.

“Originally, however now I’m not. Wolf tried to harm me, so I left Zhan Lang base. ”

Lin Feng tore off the silicone disguising him, revealing his original appearance. Despite meeting before in Nanshan base, Lin Feng didn’t know whether Feng Wu still recognized him.

Furthermore what Lin Feng said was not false, he is already regarded as part of Nanshan base.

When Feng Wu saw Lin Feng’s appearance, he realised that he had seen him earlier in the day in Nanshan base. Feng Wu stared into Lin Feng’s eyes, seemingly to tell if he was lying or not.

For Feng Wu, he could kill a level 4 cultivator easily. Although a level 4 cultivator could not be considered high-leveled, they still made up the backbone of most bases. The entirety of Zhan Lang base had not more than 30 level 4 cultivators, if even one was missing, their fighting strength would decrease.

“All right, then you can leave. The enemy of Zhan Lang base is our friend, we welcome you to visit Dongshan base in the future, at that time this Fifth Mistress will send people to entertain you.”

After Feng Wu said this in a feminine manner, he then threw Lin Feng a flirtatious look, causing Lin Feng’s stomach to churn.

Lin Feng really didn’t want to stay in the presence of a high-leveled cultivator. Since the other party did not hinder him, Lin Feng hurriedly prepared to leave.

This self-proclaimed male Fifth Mistress’ energy fluctuations are too strong, the highest fluctuations he had seen was that of a level 5 cultivator, now that he’s seeing such a high-leveled cultivator, Lin Feng didn’t want to and dare not provoke him.

Zhan Lang base was fighting, however, Lin Feng’s car so happened to be in the car park the base’s entrance. If he tried to fetch the car now, it would be equivalent to exposing himself to the love from both sides.

Dongshan base and Zhan Lang base had been fighting for a prolonged period with the use of firearms, right now both sides had about 300 casualties each. This number consisted completely of base guards, ordinary people that is, as for the cultivators, they have not partic.i.p.ated in the battle yet.

Lin Feng stopped 50 meters away from Zhan Lang base’s wall, the two sides were fighting intensely, and the advancing team was only 500 meters from Zhan Lang base’s wall.

Standing in the distance, Lin Feng gradually got closer to Zhan Lang base’s parking lot and watched the situation from a distance. Nanshan base was more than 100 kilometers away from Zhan Lang base, furthermore, it’s already night time, and one may not reach Nanshan base by walking by even tomorrow evening.

Gradually, Dongshan base had already hit 300 meters of area in Zhan Lang base, causing many casualties. At this time, cultivators from both sides moved.

The nearly two hundred cultivators from Dongshan base dispersed and attacked towards the walls of Zhan Lang base. In order to prevent them from getting into the base, cultivators from Zhan Lang base ran out from the base’s entrance.

The two sides had their own signs and were very easy to recognize, this prevented accidental injuries. 300 meters of distance was just a matter of ten seconds to cultivators, and both sides clashed in a matter of seconds.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lin Feng took Ling Tian to the parking lot outside Zhan Lang base. He quickly went to his car, opened the door, turned on the ignition, and immediately accelerated in the direction of Nanshan base.


The level 6 cultivator on the wall saw the car leaving from the base, without thinking much, he a.s.sumed that it was a guard who took this moment to defect.

Ordinary people are hiding in their houses at this time, for someone to drive their car out like this, they’re likely a defected guard.

Without saying, the level 6 cultivator took a heavy sniper from the guard beside him, aimed at Lin Feng’s car and fired, a fiery blast came out from the heavy sniper’s muzzle.

However at this time, Lin Feng coincidentally met a turn, as he turned right, the heavy sniper’s bullet went through the car’s window and hit Ling Tian who was sitting beside him.

Lin Feng only heard the sound of the car’s gla.s.s breaking, and the m.u.f.fled cry of Ling Tian, when he turned his head to look at Ling Tian, he saw a patch of blood on his gray jacket at his chest area.


At this point Lin Feng was 500 meters away from Zhan Lang base, if at this moment Ling Tian was to be injured, it couldn’t be an accident, which meant that someone was deliberately aiming at them.

Furthermore Ling Tian was also a cultivator, a normal bullet from that distance would not cause much damage, which meant that it was a heavy sniper that caused this injury to him.

And needlessly to say who fired the shot, it was definitely people from Zhan Lang base. From the direction Lin Feng drove in, Dongshan base could not see them.

“Wolf, you and I cannot co-exist!”

Lin Feng stepped on the accelerator, the car drove like an arrow towards Nanshan base, Ling Tian was injured, as such Lin Feng was anxious to delay his treatment. Zhan Lang base, and Wolf, Lin Feng would never let them off. He swore in his mind, the next time he came back to Zhan Lang base, it will be when it falls. Of course, this is under the premise that Zhan Lang won’t captured.

While driving, Lin Feng took out a vial of antibiotics from his apocalypse watch and told Ling Tian to use it. Although antibiotics couldn’t replenish lost blood, however, they can prevent wound inflammation. From Ling Tian’s injuries, it seemed as though the bullet entered from his back, and exited from his right chest.

Ling Tian was very strong, the child had suffered such a heavy injury yet did not call out. Lin Feng turned to look at Ling Tian, who was pale, silent and gritting his teeth.

“Really a strong child. ”

Seeing Ling Tian, Lin Feng praised him in his heart.

The car sped up quickly, and due to the emergency, Lin Feng used the quickest speed to rush towards Nanshan base.

An hour later, Lin Feng’s car finally reached Nanshan base’s entrance. After giving Ling Tian a white crystal for the base entry formalities, half an hour had already pa.s.sed.

Lin Feng used his apocalypse watch to notify Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin to come out, then he drove to the rental house. Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin who got the news were already waiting at the door and got on the car after Lin Feng stopped.

Lin Feng had never experienced this kind of situation before, as such he called Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin. Dong Wu had already experienced the apocalypse for 3 years, as such he should be somewhat experienced with injuries. Dou Yuxin was also a girl, so she was much more careful than Lin Feng.

“Who is this? Why is the injury so serious?”

The wound caused by the heavy sniper was not small, and after more than an hour of delay, Ling Tian’s entire chest was b.l.o.o.d.y. Furthermore, due to the excessive loss of blood, Ling Tian fell into a coma.

“He gonna follow me in the future, don’t ask too much, we need to hurry to the hospital. ”

Lin Feng was pressed for time, as such, he didn’t want to talk about useless topics. He checked the location of the hospital on his apocalypse watch and drove at full throttle towards it.

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