Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 47


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Entrustment

The old man looked at the bracelet with grief before handing the bracelet to Lin Feng.

“Sir, this……”

Lin Feng did not know the intention of the old man giving him the bracelet, thus he stayed his hand.

After listening to the old man, Lin Feng felt somewhat troubled. Based on this old man’s current state, he is doomed to die before his grandson. Right now, taking care of himself was dangerous, lest looking out for others.

“I know I don’t have much time left, this useless body has long wasted away. Though, the thing I’m afraid of the most is my grandson, little Tian’s, future.

The old man mournfully spoke as he saw Lin Feng did not accept the bracelet.

“Little Tian’s parents pa.s.sed away very early, since he was small I’ve been taking care of him. At first it was still manageable, but I did not give little Tian enough attention. Then when I retired and had time to look after him, the apocalypse suddenly dawned, Ah… such is life.”

Still glancing towards the night sky, the old man seemed to have a lot of things to say.

“The apocalypse was not easy, people’s mindset changed. During this time, strength was what mattered most. Little tian is still inexperienced and young, he could be easily taken advantage of.  There needs to be someone who will guide and protect him. Even if he had the potential to be a cultivator, he needs time to mature.”

Cultivator, his potential was confirmed by Lin Feng before.

At that time Lin Feng met the little boy, he felt some energy fluctuations. But he did not think such a small boy could be a cultivator.

“I want you to take care of little Tian, because you are a good person. That is a fact.”

“It is true that after the apocalypse, humans were more unsympathetic. But if little Tian could follow you, I can rest a.s.sured.”

The old man was sincere while he talked to Lin Feng. 1

Lin Feng hesitated, he is not afraid that having another person would increase the economic burden since he had the supermarket. He was only afraid for the safety of the little boy, even with cultivators it was impossible to guarantee his complete safety.

“If I’m not here, little Tian by himself would be in danger. Plus, there are those people……”

The old man was speaking halfway before he coughed a couple of times and looked at the ceiling.

“Alright, since you trust me. I will take care of him.”

Originally Lin Feng wanted to refuse, but he did not know how to convey it.

Lin Feng thought back to his past, about how his grandfather also resembled this old man and his kind smile. Lin Feng could not find the ruthlessness within him to refuse this old man.

In that case, let fate play run it’s course.

If the old man hadn’t met Lin Feng, perhaps the little boy would have to survive in the ruthless world. But since Lin Feng would take the boy under his wing, he could help the child out.

“Little Tian is a good kid, he’s very obedient……”

The old man happily introduced Lin Feng to his grandson.

“During the time I was working, Little Tian was 5 years old when he started cooking for himself……”

Listening to the old man’s narrative, Lin Feng could come to an understanding of the little boy.

The old man was called Ling Nan Shan2, his grandson was called Ling Tian. Ling Tian’s parents died because of a car crash, leaving only Ling Tian and his grandfather behind. The old man had to provide for Ling Tian thus being busy for most of the time. Ling Tian was unlike other children and was mature enough to care for himself at home.

Later after the apocalypse, the old man realised that Ling Tian had the potential to be a cultivator. The old man was elated, the survival rate of cultivators was much more than the average person.

Fate was cruel, soon after the apocalypse occurred the old man became terminally ill. Originally the old man was very rich, but due to the apocalypse the value of money sharply declined while white crystals increased. This made the old man’s wealth shrink.

The old man was too weak to hunt zombies for white crystals, thus he could only stay in the base and collect basic rations to live.

Ling Tian was twelve when he realised his grandpa was incredibly sickly and they could not live off the basic rations. The young Ling Tian went out to hunt zombies for white crystals and due to him being a cultivator, he was stronger than most normal adults. This enabled him to earn some white crystals.

However when Ling Nanshan learned of that matter, he told Ling Tian not to hunt. He did not want his grandson to come to any possible harm.

But Ling Tian was stubborn as he secretly went outside the base to hunt and brought back food which he pa.s.sed off as given by the base.

But Ling Tian was still too inexperienced and could not fool him. And finally Ling Tian promised his grandfather to not go out hunting.

This lasted before Ling Nanshan went into a coma, unable to see his grandfather pa.s.s, Ling Tian resorted to begging. He did not expect to into Lin Feng who would donate to him a large sum of white crystals.

He took the money which Lin Feng gave him to call an ambulance to bring Ling Nanshan to the hospital. After Ling Nanshan’s condition improved, he gained consciousness.

Ling Nanshan asked about the whole situation, and wanted to see Lin Feng.

Listening to the words of the old man, Lin Feng realised that there was much more to the story.

“Since you agree to take care of little Tian, please accept this.”

Ling Nanshan handed over a bracelet to Lin Feng.

Accepting the bracelet, Lin Feng was not too concerned. He a.s.sumed that this was the Old man’s sign of goodwill for taking care of Ling Tian.

The beaded bracelet was made of an unknown wood, when held in his hands it was somewhat dense. The deep black colour of the wood seemed to radiate a black sheen. It was sad that some jewellery was worth less than a pack of instant noodles.

Wearing the bracelet on his left wrist, the old man called for Ling Tian. The ward door opened as Lin Feng quietly came in watching Ling Nanshan and Lin Feng.

“Grandpa has entrusted you to big brother Lin Feng, remember, you must listen to the words of big bro Lin Feng. If you are disobedient, grandpa will turn in his grave.”

Ling Nanshan’s words were very heavy with concern for his grandson.

“Understood, grandpa.”

Ling Tian’s eyes were moist with tears, as he nodded his head.

Seeing Ling Tian’s head nod, Ling Nanshan finally took a deep breath as if a large burden in his heart was lifted.

“Ling Tian, remember that the coiling dragon bracelet must be kept. Only in death will you part with it.”

The bracelet was called the coiling dragon bracelet, he guessed that it was the old man’s family heirloom.

After Ling Nanshan said these words, his eyes met Lin Feng before they closed.

“PA!” 3

Seeing the old man’s state, Ling Tian shouted out in grief as tears seeped out of his eyes.

“I’m sorry for your loss.”

With how things were going, Lin Feng could only console Ling Tian. He did not expect to encounter such an experience when he came back.

In accordance with the rules of Zhan Lang base, whenever someone died they would be cremated immediately. n.o.body wanted to be killed by their loved ones as they became a zombie.

Behind Zhan Lang’s hospital was the crematorium. Calling a doctor over to determine the moment of death, the body was brought on a stroller.

Lin Feng and Ling Tian followed the stroller to the crematorium. In the base people die every day so Lin Feng saw the two front rows of bodies ready to be cremated

About an hour later, when Ling Nanshan’s ashes was taken out. Lin Feng spent ten white crystals to buy an adequate cremation urn. In the apocalypse, life was worthless. When you’re dead it’s over, having a urn to keep the ashes was an unneeded luxury.

Ling Tian stored Ling Nanshan’s urn within his apocalypse watch, after the apocalypse keeping a loved one’s urn within the apocalypse watch was the greatest 的思念.(I’m not too sure about this.)


As Lin Feng and Ling Tian walked out of the hospital, they went towards the Zhan Lang base gate before they heard the base siren sounded.

“Dong Shan base has invaded, quickly go to the base gate.”

Just like the time when Lin Feng encountered the ma.s.sive zombie tide, some guards with the Zhan Lang logo on the side of their uniforms were shouting and guiding people towards the main gate.


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