Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 44


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Return

“My grandfather wishes to see you. ”

This message was displayed on the apocalypse, with a signature that Lin Feng did not recognize.

“Who are you?”

Receiving such a mysterious message, Lin Feng couldn’t tell who it came from.

Since he entered the apocalypse, he had been following the style of staying low-key and kept his interactions with others to a minimum. And now upon receiving such a message, Lin Feng had to investigate carefully.

Upon questioning, Lin Feng found out that it was the beggar boy who he had met outside the pub in Zhan Lang base. At that time Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin were kidnapped, making it an urgent situation. Furthermore, Lin Feng a.s.sumed that the boy was someone Wolf sent, and as such gave him his contact information. He did not expect that the boy would run away after getting money from Lin Feng.

At this point, it was obvious that this boy had no relation to Wolf, and was just an ordinary beggar. Since he had nothing to do at the moment, Lin Feng questioned the boy about his circ.u.mstances.

Originally, after Lin Feng gave the boy money, he had taken his grandfather to the hospital in Zhan Lang base. Although he now had money, after the inspection at the hospital it was discovered that his grandfather was terminally ill and that no treatment could save him. However since Lin Feng treated them kindly, the boy’s grandfather wanted to meet Lin Feng once before his death.

Regarding this request, Lin Feng remained silent.

He had just killed three of Zhan Lang base’s cultivators, and also took 20 thousand white crystals away from Wolf. Lin Feng guessed that Wolf hated his guts at this point. If he went back to Zhan Lang base at this time, it would be no different from a wolf entering the lion’s den.

“I beg you big brother, this is my grandfather’s last wish. Furthermore, he said if you come there’ll be an unexpected advantage. ”

This sentence was displayed on Lin Feng’s apocalypse. Despite there being no sound, the sentences still gave off the boy’s anxiety.

Unexpected advantage?

At first, Lin Feng was intent on rejecting, however, upon hearing this sentence he hesitated. Although he didn’t know what this advantage was, since it came out from the mouth of someone who lived longer than it, it certainly wasn’t something common.

“All right, tell me your location. ”

In the end, after considering the matter in and out Lin Feng gave in to the boy’s request.

As for whether this is part of some scheme, Lin Feng ruled out that possibility. He based this on when he had left the pub, there was no one else except the boy. If at the time Wolf knew that Lin Feng was in the pub, he would not have kidnapped Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin, instead, he would have sent a force directly.

Only Lin Feng and the boy knew about him giving him money. Since no one else knew, he dispelled the possibility that it was a trap Wolf set.

Returning to Zhan Lang base now as dangerous. After he killed the three level 4 cultivators in the warehouse, it seemed that Wolf harbored much hatred for Lin Feng. Zhan Lang base also had over a hundred

cultivators. Their strength was immense, even now Lin Feng was insignificant in this aspect.

If based on normal logic, the apocalypse watch was like a cell phone, as it had a photograph function. If at that time the man had taken a picture of Lin Feng in the warehouse, it was likely that it would have spread throughout Zhan Lang base. In this case, if he returned to Zhan Lang he would just be walking into a trap.

However not everything was absolute. There was a popular item in the apocalypse, that is the transformation gel.

Ever since the apocalypse, this world had no rules and regulations. As such killing and fighting continuously persisted. And with the appearance of this transformation gel, it could even change the way a person looks. Unless you observe closely, you couldn’t tell the difference.

This thing had many good points, however, it was expensive to use. After Lin Feng discovered this, he had sold 10 boxes of canned food in Zhan Lang base. 10 boxes were worth 300 white crystals, as such he was able to accommodate the expensive cost of the gel.

“Coming to this apocalyptic world, even needing to fear this sort of danger, it’s hard to survive in this world. If there is no progress there is no gain, I only hope that the advantage the old man mentioned was good. ”

If one gave in to their fears in the face of adversity, they would only be trampled on.

Without bringing anyone, Lin Feng put on the transformation gel and left the house. Lin Feng walked to the front of Nanshan base. At present, they only had a pickup truck, as such he needed to find another vehicle instead of walking.

After half an hour, Lin Feng arrived at the entrance of Nanshan base. What set it apart from the other bases was that its early establishment was quite perfect. The open country of around 10 kilometers was cleared out, and idle vehicles were centralized in one location.

Arriving at the spot where unused vehicles were piled up, Lin Feng began his careful selection.

Lin Feng income was not that much in his previous world, as such, he had to buy a second-hand van in order to deliver his goods. Because the vehicle was obsolete, it broke down frequently. As such Lin Feng gradually gained some automobile knowledge from the time he spent in repair shops. Most cars in the apocalypse went three years without ignition, as such most of their batteries had died out.

There wasn’t only the issue of battery, but also fuel tank and electronic installations. If they had not been maintained for three years there would be problems. With regards to this, it was important in choosing a good vehicle out of all the others. No one wanted to drive a car which could break down, it would be a dangerous situation if it happened in front of a zombie group.

Through the previous experiment, Lin Feng knew that a good vehicle would have battery protection which were different from normal vehicles. Even after three years of the apocalypse, the battery would still function perfectly.

Lin Feng’s knowledge of vehicles was quite profound, and after half an hour he found a vehicle.

It was a fairly large black vehicle, although he didn’t know the brand, after looking at its appearance and parts, it was definitely not cheap.

After checking the electric circuits and other systems, he did not discover any problems. The only downside was that the rear b.u.mper was broken, however, it did not affect much.

As the matter stands, this luxurious car was somewhat awkward. It was most likely abandoned after some rich person b.u.mped it. Even in the apocalypse, people with status still wanted to maintain their pride, as such, they’d rather get a brand new vehicle. But someone who did not have money would not be able to afford this huge van. The oil consumption of this huge van was extreme, something an ordinary person could not afford.

This has helped Lin Feng, to him its appearance didn’t matter, only its usability. It was similar to Lin Feng’s crossbow, although its looks were average, it was actually secretly good.

A large vehicle with high fuel consumption still had its benefits. There was no need to mention comfort, in the apocalypse the advantage of such a vehicle was its speed. The luxury vehicle’s body was heavy, however, due to its frame which disturbed its weight perfectly, it was only slightly inferior compared to the sports car. As the matter stands, in this dangerous apocalyptic world security was the most important thing, just like how he had previously met with the cla.s.s four zombie. In the face of a strong zombie, the car’s acceleration was very important.

Also, since it was a luxury vehicle its parts were of the highest quality, as such, they did not age and wear out easily. Similarly, after three years in the apocalypse, the vehicle’s condition was up to par with any others.

Pouring the fuel into the tank and after igniting three times, this vehicle finally started moving. After filling up the black van at the gas station, Lin Feng drove towards the direction of Zhan Lang base.

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