Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 36


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 36

Chapter 36: New journey

Facing the opposing five men, Lin Feng quickly calculated in his head the corresponding course of action.

If he had to deal with only that level 5 cultivator, he would be able to deal with him by relying on his martial arts style and skill.  However now that there were five people, Lin Feng was in greater danger.

Just when the five of them were several meters away, it was at this crucial when something sparked in Lin Feng’s head, as he found out the next course of action.

Lin Feng took out the recurve bow he bought at the black market from his apocalypse watch as fast as he could. After he had bought the recurve bow, he had loaded the arrow and integrated a white crystal to provide kinetic energy to the bow.  At this time he couldn’t give a d.a.m.n about accurate aim, as he fired off five arrows continuously.  The formidable kinetic energy pa.s.sed through the recurve bow. Even though white crystals were used to supply it with energy, there was not much recoil.


Several pain-stricken groans echoed out from the people in front of him. Although Lin Feng’s marksmanship was only sub par, he was still fairly lethal.

The power of the recurve bow combined with the energy from the white crystal was quite formidable. It was no lie when the person said that the bow was similar to that of a heavy sniper rifle.

Ordinary weapons did not have much effort on cultivators, however those heavy sniper rifles were a different story.  The reason why Wolf restricts the usage of the heavy sniper rifles was because they could cause serious damage to cultivators.

Because of the short distance, the two level 4 cultivators had their heads blown up by the arrows. A person was. .h.i.t in the chest and fell down, despite him not dying it was evident that there was a fatal wound.  The other level 4 cultivator managed to dodge it, and was safe and sound.

The middle-aged man was injured in his knife wielding arm by the arrow. Were it not for him having an increased skeletal strength from being a level 5 cultivator, it was likely that there would have been a greater impact on his arm.

Seeing the lethality of the five arrows he fired, Lin Feng’s jaw dropped.  It seems like he had found a treasure. He didn’t expect that he would be able to buy such a powerful weapon with just a measly sum of 500 white crystals. Furthermore the people in the black market thought the bow was expensive. If they knew the true power of this recurve bow, they would dreadfully regret it.

The man pulled a high explosive grenade from his pocket in distress. He pulled the pin, and threw it at Lin Feng.

Seeing the grenade, Lin Feng immediately retreated back. Although he didn’t know whether or not the fragments could hurt the body of a level 4 cultivator, he did not want to risk putting his body in danger.


Apparently the grenade that the man threw was not a high explosive grenade, but rather a smoke bomb.  The smoke bomb burst open, generating a large amount of smoke and obscuring Lin Feng’s sight.

During this time, Lin Feng reloaded the bow with arrows and a white crystal as fast as he could for the following fight.  After seeing the strength of the bow, Lin Feng’s confidence rose sharply.

However, several minutes pa.s.sed by with no movement.  When the smoke had dissipated, Lin Feng realised that the man had ran away.

Not only that man, but also the uninjured level 4 cultivator. They had both escaped under the cover of the smoke bomb.  The only ones left in the workshop were the two who had their heads blown up, and the cultivator who had gotten shot in the chest for acting recklessly and blindly.

Having unexpectedly defeated a level 5 cultivator and four level 4 cultivators, this was the biggest battle Lin Feng had fought ever since he entered the apocalypse.  Although this time he had mainly depended on the recurve bow, however it was not to say that Lin Feng’s strength was not good.  At least Lin Feng’s style had an excellent advantage in the apocalyptic world. For a level 4 cultivator to wound a level 5 cultivator, it was extremely rare in the entirety of the apocalyptic world.

After a while, the roaring sound of an engine came in from a faraway place. A blue race car sped to the front door of the workshop.

“Did you kill them?”

Dong Wu came down from the car. Upon looking at the three cultivators on the ground, he couldn’t help but open his mouth.

Lin Feng was silent. He simply nodded, and got on the car.  Fortunately this race car was a four-seater, otherwise the several of them would not be able to sit down.

Dong Wu looked at the cultivators on the ground, and still couldn’t close his mouth for a period of time. Being able to kill three cultivators, Dong Wu dare not imagine what kind of fearsome monster Lin Feng was.

“Do we still return to Zhan Lang base?”

Sitting in the car, Dong Wu said this to Lin Feng.

After this kidnapping, even fools could see that this was orchestrated by Wolf.  Being able to just send a level 5 cultivator out like this, there no one else in the base who had this kind of power.

“Going back to Zhan Lang base is no longer an option. Those people already know my face, going back there would simply become a death trap for us.  Are there any bases near Zhan Lang base that is slightly safer?”

If he returned to Zhan Lang base he would be considered an idiot. After that man escaped, he definitely returned to Wolf to tell him this news.  Perhaps now he would be ambushed by higher-leveled cultivators. Lin Feng did not want to repeat the same mistakes.

Under Dong Wu’s guidance, Lin Feng knew that the closest base to Zhan Lang base was Dongshan base. Lin Feng had heard that name before, it was the base that preparing to attack Zhan Lang base.

Furthermore behind Dongshan base was a mountain range. The mountains varied in size, and covered a span of 300 kilometers.  With regards to the bases built on the mountains, excluding Dongshan base, there was still Xishan base, Nanshan base and Beishan Mountains base.  The names of these bases came from which part of the mountains they were closest, making it easy to remember.

Dongshan base was more than 50 kilometers away from Zhan Lang base. Although it was quite near, in the near future there was the possibility of war as such it was not a suitable time to enter.

But nearby Dongshan base,Nanshan base, is said to be the biggest base in Tianqi city with a population of 300,000.  It is said that the living conditions there are quite good. There was no division for the slums, moreover there was plant-able food. It was not that much different from normal urban city.

What was most important, was that the cultivators were quite free. Not like Zhan Lang base which controlled all the cultivators in the base.

“Let’s go to Nanshan base!”

Although the journey was farther, the main road between bases had been cleaned up, and there were few zombies.  With the speed of the race car, they would reach Nanshan base in no time.  Nanshan base treated the cultivators quite well there, as they were able to be free. Lin Feng favored this kind of living environment.

The race car bellowed as it drove towards Nanshan base. Its position was marked on the map of the apocalypse watch, as such there was no need to be worried about getting lost.

After driving for 10 minutes, a pickup truck appeared on the road.  There were all kinds of people in the apocalypse. Upon meeting a stranger, one should not stop the car so easily. This was a basic principle in the apocalypse.

Lin feng prepared to accelerate past the pickup truck. However just as they were about to drive past, Lin Feng slowed down.  Afterwards he accelerated to the front of the truck, and stopped.

This was because there was man standing on the truck bed, and it was someone who Lin Feng recognized.

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