Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 33


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Kidnapping


Looking at the message on the apocalypse watch, Lin Feng frowned.  The news was sent from Dong Wu’s apocalypse watch. Obviously it was impossible for Dong Wu to play such a joke on Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had not offended anyone in the apocalypse, apart from Xie Qiang from the black market and Huang Mao from the slums.

Could it be them?

That was unlikely. Seeing how Xie Qiang acted in the black market, almost kneeling down upon realising that Lin Feng was a cultivator.  To say that Xie Qiang would kidnap Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin, Lin Feng couldn’t believe it.

And not to mention that Huang Mao from the slums, a man who can’t even understand the slums, a man who dare not provoke those in the living area. Daring to even kidnap a cultivator and the armed Dong Wu, he would simply be reckless.

As for other people, Lin Feng confessed that he had no enemies whatsoever in the base. Furthermore Dou Yuxin herself was a cultivator, although she had just achieved cultivator level 1, an ordinary person still could not deal with her.  Even Dong Wu was no match for Dou Yuxin.

Putting away the curiosity in his heart, Lin Feng said farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Shao Wenjun and the tavern boss, and quickly left the tavern.

“Big brother, you are very kind-hearted, can you help my grandfather?”

Lin Feng had just left the tavern. The young beggar at the gate saw that Lin Feng had just left, he immediately grabbed onto his leg and said this in a timid voice.

Before he entered the tavern he pitied the beggar, so he gave him a piece of rock sugar.  Now that the beggar had grabbed him, Lin Feng carefully examined him. After looking at him, Lin Feng couldn’t help but be surprised. This young beggar was actually a cultivator.

Although he couldn’t see the young beggar’s level, he could still feel his energy fluctuations.

“Could he have something to do with the kidnapping?”

According to common, it was impossible for a beggar to appear here. Now that he had encountered this young beggar, the cautious Lin Feng felt that something was fishy.  A cultivator, although he is still a kid, how could he be a beggar.  Could he have been sent by the people who kidnapped Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin? Lin Feng mumbled to himself.

The younger beggar was about 10 years old. His appearance seemed very lovable, with big eyes full of compa.s.sion. However he had not washed his face for a long time, causing it to be very dirty. This however could not cover up his loveable face.

“Do you know me?”

After putting one white crystal in the young beggar’s hand, Lin Feng stared steadily at this young beggar whilst asking this.

“My grandfather has a serious illness, I do not even know what it is. He can’t use his eyes to see anymore, bringing him to hospital would cost a lot of money. Big brother, you’re a good person, can you help me?”

The younger beggar said this somewhat timidly, however after receiving a white crystal from Lin Feng, he did not retract the hand he extended.

“Is one not enough?”

Lin Feng didn’t know whether this young beggar was with a mercenary group, or knows about Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin’s kidnapping.  Lin Feng once again took out another white crystal from his apocalypse watch, and placed it in the young beggar’s hand.

“Big brother please give me your apocalypse watch’s contact number. ”

The young beggar finally retracted his hand, and said this towards Lin Feng.

It seems like he was related, Lin Feng thought to himself. Lin Feng then told the young beggar his apocalypse watch’s contact number.

However what Lin Feng didn’t think of was, upon taking the white crystal and saying thank you, the young beggar ran away quickly.

“s.h.i.t! He isn’t really a beggar right?”

Lin Feng did not react for a while. Only when the young beggar had ran away, did he curse out loud.

Time was of the essence, at the moment Lin Feng couldn’t afford to chase the beggar, and had to quickly leave.

When Dong Wu left he took the car with him. At present Lin Feng didn’t have a car.

Despite there being many cars in the apocalypse, most of the people could not afford to refuel the car. Furthermore, most of the cars in the open country were abandoned after the start of the apocalypse, with the keys still in them.

Arriving at the base entrance, he looked around for a jar to store fuel, and then went out to look for a car.  The location on the apocalypse’ watch’s map was 20 kilometers away. Lin Feng feared that he wouldn’t arrive that by tomorrow without a car.

After Lin Feng entered the apocalypse, the first friend he ever made was Dong Wu. Even if Dong Wu’s fighting strength wasn’t that high, he still had his morals.  Now that his friend was in danger, Lin Feng couldn’t just stand by and watch.  Lin Feng could just ignore everything in order to protect his own safety. However, if there was no friendships in the apocalypse, then what was the difference between human and zombie? There would no significance in living in this world.

In the open country, one kilometer away from the base on the main road, Lin Feng remembered that there were many idle vehicles.

Sure enough, on the main road after eliminating a few ordinary zombies, Lin Feng began looking for a car. It has been years since the apocalypse, cars which could start were few in number. After searching for a long time, Lin Feng finally found a blue race car.  The race car should not be cheap, since it relied on the most recent science and technology in this world. The luxury car had a unique electrical protection system, should the car catch fire by chance.

Adding the fuel into the fuel tank, Lin Feng drove the car towards the gas station. After topping up the fuel, Lin Feng drove towards the destination.

The one who gave Lin Feng the information did it from Dong Wu’s apocalypse watch. The distance from the base was 20 kilometers.  That place was not far, Lin Feng had not seen the warehouse mentioned before during his antibiotics delivery missions.

There were two automatic rifles in Lin Feng’s apocalypse, plus hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Lin Feng bought them previously to use, he still had the high explosive grenades in his apocalypse watch that were used to threaten people during his antibiotics delivery missions too.

Excluding these weapons, he still had a dark steel bayonet, and a recurve bow.  There may be many weapons, however in actual fact only a few of them would be of use.

After achieving cultivator level four, with coordination with soul sense, Lin Feng could completely dodge any bullet.  Even if he did not move out of the way in time, his strengthened muscles made it very difficult for him to be injured by the bullet. This was generally why cultivators were so reluctant to use firearms, as cold weapons were more practical.

Taking Lin Feng dark bayonet, he would prefer to use it to deal with enemies and zombies instead.  The only superiority guns had was distance.  Just like the time during the zombie horde, firearms could save strength, by picking off the ordinary zombies from a long distance without the need of using a weapon to kill them in close quarters.  However it was no use against a high cla.s.sed zombie, and close quarters combat was still needed.

The speed of the race war was undeniable, it covered 20 kilometers in less than ten minutes.  Going down the highway, Lin Feng slowed down. Looking for the destination on the apocalypse watch.

After several minutes, the car stopped in front of a large warehouse.  There was clearly someone here. It was obvious that the ordinary zombies around the warehouse were dealt with.

The warehouse entrance was 4 or 5 meters high, and was opened wide.  It was relatively dark inside, and Lin Feng could not see anything clearly from outside.

Getting down the car, Lin Feng took out the dark steel bayonet from his apocalypse watch.  The enemy had kidnapped Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin, they obviously had a goal.  Lin Feng didn’t want to go in unprepared. It would be extremely disadvantageous for him.

He carefully sneaked into the warehouse. After entering the warehouse, Lin Feng saw the situation inside clearly.

This was a component a.s.sembly workshop. There were a lot of stamping and machining equipment in the workshop. It had been a long time since they were used, as they were covered thick in dust.  Obviously they had not been used since the start of the apocalypse.

Lin Feng looked around carefully. At present Lin Feng was in the light, while his enemy was in the dark. He had to be extremely careful.

“Are you Lin Feng?”

At this time, a man dressed in black appeared on the staircase to the second floor. Wearing his, he said this to Lin Feng.

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