Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 3


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Exchange

The apocalypse watch was completely unknown to Lin Feng. He was not from this world, and didn’t know this thing was very ordinary. However, now that Dong Wu said that it was a super-intelligent smart watch with a super-brain, it should roughly be the same type as a super computer. It was unthinkable that this world’s technology was ahead of the world that Lin Feng was from. Knowing this, Lin Feng pretended to be calm and expressionless. After all, he was really ignorant of what this super-brain thing was.

However, Dong Wu proved to Lin Feng his good reputation of being a chatterbox, and considerately explained to Lin Feng how the super-intelligent smart watch became the apocalypse watch today.

Apparently, the apocalypse watch was something similar to a supercomputer from Lin Feng’s world, only that its size is very small. The apocalypse watch can display a person’s status and information on all of the person’s characteristics. Apart from this, it still has many other functions.

Apparently, the apocalypse watch is this world’s portable computer, and it’s called the super-intelligent watch. After entering the apocalypse, its name was changed to the apocalypse watch.

The apocalypse watch uses a solar power power supply, so there is no need to worry that it’ll stop working due to lack of power.

The crucial thing was, after turning into an apocalyptic world, this world’s satellite was not damaged and the network power stations on the ground could still be used. As such, the internet for this world could still be used. The apocalypse watch could access the internet, therefore information in this world still spread fairly quickly.

Furthermore, the most important thing was that the apocalypse watch had this world’s s.p.a.cial compression capabilities. That is, the apocalypse watch could be used to store things, and thus won’t occupy s.p.a.ce. However, there were still restrictions. The limit on the amount of storage s.p.a.ce was 10 cubic meters.

Hearing Dong Wu speak about this feature of the apocalypse watch, Lin Feng laughed. This is simply the storage ring from the fantasy novels. At this moment, Lin Feng was very relaxed. Previously, Lin Feng was very worried, as he couldn’t think of a way of bringing things out from the supermarket without people noticing. Now that the apocalypse watch had appeared, all the issues have been resolved.

Right now, the most scarce thing in this world was natural resources, and these high-tech things, are very cheap in comparison.

At that moment, Lin Feng thought to take out two pounds of rice, and, as before, pretended to take it from the back of the car. He gave it to Dong Wu in order to let him first enter the base to exchange it for white crystals for him, so he could buy an apocalypse watch.

However, when Lin Feng took the rice and thought to return back to reality, a very strange thing happened: he was unable to come back from the supermarket.

“Could it be that it’s too heavy?” Lin Feng thought to himself.

As a result, Lin Feng took out some rice from the bag in order to reduce the weight, so as to see whether he could bring the bag back.

Eighty-two pounds, sixty-four pounds, forty-two pounds…

This continued until half of the bag was emptied, dropping the weight down to one pound before Lin Feng was able to successfully come back from the supermarket.

“Only one pound? This is very troublesome.”

Looks like this supermarket wasn’t all powerful either. Only an object that weighed at most one pound was allowed to be taken from the supermarket. This caused Lin Feng’s earlier excitement to dampen.

Previously, Lin Feng had many ideas, however, this restriction has caused many problems. For example, if Lin Feng wanted to take out something bulky, it was practically impossible to do so.

Lin Feng once again returned to the supermarket, and wanted to take out another pound of rice. However, something Lin Feng didn’t want to see happened. This time, Lin Feng couldn’t even take out a piece of rice.

“How is this happening.”

Reality let Lin Feng feel endlessly depressed. Looks like the restriction for this supermarket isn’t that you can only take out one pound at a time.

From the start, Lin Feng took out a long knife, the second time it was canned luncheon meat, and the third time it was a pound of rice. That is to say, the supermarket restriction isn’t that the items withdrawn aren’t allowed to exceed one pound. Instead, it is that each day only three items are allowed to be taken out.

Lin Feng didn’t know if this supermarket’s restriction could be upgraded in any wa. However, at the very least, this time Lin Feng is not completely clueless. He could only accept reality.

The value of one pound of rice in this apocalyptic world is very little. Lin Feng wasn’t sure, so he had asked Dong Wu.

“Enough enough.”

Seeing that pound of rice, Dong Wu was extremely excited. There was so much fresh rice. He had not seen this kind of shining white rice for a very long time.

The value of one pound of rice in this world was about three to four white crystals. The stuff that can’t be eaten like the apocalypse watch was extremely cheap, only one white crystal was needed to buy it. Seeing Lin Feng take out food instead of white crystals from the back of the car, Dong Wu was even more convinced that Lin Feng was a cultivator. After all, only a cultivator could use white crystals to increase strength. Furthermore, Lin Feng mentioned that at the very least they would encounter a few cla.s.s one zombies while travelling on this road, it was impossible for him not to have any white crystals.

Of course Lin Feng didn’t know what Dong Wu was thinking about, and watched the happy and diligent Dong Wu run into the base. This beautiful misunderstanding could only continue this way.

Lin Feng wasn’t afraid that Dong Wu would take the pound of rice and run away. After all, Dong Wu kept rejecting the can at the start. Also, if he ran away, he shall also lose a lot of resources. If he wanted to possess such a small amount of resources, Lin Feng will definitely not a.s.sociate with him.

Just as Lin Feng imagined, not too long after, Dong Wu ran out from the entrance of the base, with his fat shaking about. It was really funny.

“Now that food is too scarce, if not for your anxiety, and if I had waited for a while, perhaps we could have received five white crystals.”

When thinking that the rice was sold for so cheap, Dong Wu felt slightly pained.

Seeing how Dong Wu was, Lin Feng laughed, and muttered that this fatty was very cute, being so caring about one pound of rice.

What Lin Feng didn’t know was that with one pound of rice you could eat three meals, and if each day you only ate one meal, it would allow the person to live for another three days. In this apocalyptic world, if it allowed one to continue surviving, then it was a great hope. Lin Feng looked at the apocalypse watch Dong Wu exchanged. His brain churned as he thought of taking the rice in the supermarket and storing it in the apocalypse watch, and afterwards leaving the supermarket. Could this bypa.s.s the restriction of the supermarket?

If it was cruel, after storing the rice in the apocalypse watch, Lin Feng would still be unable to leave the supermarket. If it was like this, it means that the supermarket’s restriction, not only restricts Lin Feng, but also the apocalypse watch on this wrist, meaning that it was completely impossible to bypa.s.s the restriction. If it couldn’t be bypa.s.sed, Lin Feng wouldn’t think of it again, and let nature take its course. In the future, there would be a solution.

Under Dong Wu’s guidance, Lin Feng took the apocalypse watch, which Dong Wu bought with one white crystal and wore it on his left wrist. Once it booted up, Dong Wu helped Lin Feng to type his name in a series of inputs, and afterwards set up his pa.s.sword. Dong Wu said, while guiding Lin Feng on how to use the apocalypse watch, “This young master, before the apocalypse, thought the super-brain could only help those who had money. Now it’s as if it doesn’t need money, also it’s not as if this apocalypse watch doesn’t have any good points.” After saying this he smacked his lips “Boo, if anyone else heard, this young master would get cut alive…”

After setting up his pa.s.sword, Lin Feng felt a stab of pain in his wrist. Dong Wu told him that this was the apocalypse watch testing his blood to measure his physique. This was after the apocalypse happened, which prompted an upgrade in the watch’s system, resulting in a completely new system, as a result the name of the watch was changed to the apocalypse watch.

After the testing ended, Lin Feng opened the inquiry interface, and text appeared on the apocalypse watch.

Lin Feng, 23 years old, Male.

Physical Condition: 168 Fighting Strength: 225

Body Type: Level One Cultivator


Lin Feng didn’t think of this. On the apocalypse watch, it unexpectedly showed that his type was that of a cultivator.

Following what Dong Wu said before, the physical condition and fighting strength of normal people are always 100. Lin Feng practiced martial arts, so his physical condition and fighting strength were greater by not much. However, the status of cultivator was way out of Lin Feng’s expectations.

Having listened to Dong Wu’s presentation on the apocalyptic world, only a extremely small number of people became cultivators. With the status of cultivator, people anywhere will respect you.

Lin Feng was nothing but an ordinary person, and couldn’t believe that the apocalypse watch was unexpectedly saying that he was a cultivator. Lin Feng didn’t doubt the apocalypse watch because, from listening to Dong Wu, this world’s technology was very advanced, and had already deciphered most of humanity’s genetics. With regards to something like distinguishing body type, this was very simple. Thinking again of what Dong Wu just said, was the outcome of the arrival of the apocalypse good or bad? With regards to the people who had unfortunate living conditions at first, did a apocalyptic world and a prospering world really have a difference?

Lin Feng wondered whether it was because of the supermarket which caused him to turn into a cultivator. Afterwards, he gave up on this idea. The supermarket was a thing that only exists on the exterior on Lin Feng’s body or was nothing but s.p.a.ce. However, the requirement for becoming a cultivator was that the body could attain a level of cultivation. Because this cultivator’s status is based on the result of the blood by the apocalypse watch, this has nothing to do with the supermarket. Cultivator, this world, with regards to Lin Feng, was even more mysterious. Advanced technology, an apocalyptic world full of zombies, mysterious cultivators, this, exactly what kind of world was this?

Tian Qi city, after going through the apocalypse, has only five million or more people left, and they are distributed throughout the hundred small and big bases around. Dong Wu should know, it was the Lin Feng in front of him that heard of Zhang Lang base so many times, the leader which built Zhang Lang base, is also a level seven cultivator, it is said that they are able to kill cla.s.s two zombies without much trouble, so much so that they are able to fight with cla.s.s three zombies. On top of that they had many strong cultivators as their subordinates, with regards to protecting a small base, this was enough.

“Already inspected that you are of cultivator body type, open city battle ranking system?”

It was when Lin Feng was contemplating about his cultivator status and this mysterious world, that this prompt appeared on the apocalypse watch.

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