Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 29


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Cultivators

“That’s him, he was wearing a mask. Even if he was turned to ashes I would still recognize him. And by his side is that fata.s.s, it’s definitely them. Bro, you need to get revenge for me!”

Xie Dong was yelling from far away while beside him there was that two young men and an additional three men, all of them weren’t wearing masks.

Seeing that Xie Dong has really found them, he did not expect it to be so quick. Looking at the far off people, Lin Feng’s eyebrows frowned.


Meanwhile, A middle aged man next to Xie Dong loudly shouted towards the direction of Lin Feng.

Turning his head, Lin Feng saw that middle aged man and Xie Dong had some similar features. That seems to be Xie Dong’s brother which was the team leader of the black market guards.

Lin Feng did not guess wrongly, after Xie Dong tasted hardship he went ran off crying to his brother Xie Qiang. The black market guards were not far off from the black market, they would be able to arrive within a couple of minutes.

Of course, Xie Dong would not tell all the details of what happened. He would only say that he had seen someone selling canned food and when he tried to test what kind of canned food there was, the vendor forced him to buy it and going as far as to beat him up.

There was no way Xie Dong’s brother Xie Qiang couldn’t have know what kind of person his younger brother was, Xie Dong would definitely want to rob other people’s stuff. But when the opponents were stronger than he was, he would come and complain.

But after all, Xie Dong was still his brother. After the apocalypse occurred three years ago, Xie Qiang’s mother tragically died. Before dying however, Xie Qiang’s mother told him to take good care of his younger brother. This sentence was still in Xie Qiang’s mind.

Ever since he became the team leader of the black market guards, Xie Qiang also knew Xie Dong’s uses his ident.i.ty to oppress people within the black market. These were just minor issues, he did not really give him any big issues. Just let him indulge in it, The apocalypse was what it was. If you did not have strength, why blame other people for bullying you?

Today after hearing that Xie Dong was. .h.i.t by other people, Xie Qiang was also not satisfied. Even not taking into account his standing as the leader of a team in the base, there were more than 50 thousand people throughout the base, yet there was only a mere 8 hundred guards. While there was just 80 team leaders, among the fifty thousand people only a couple dozen has that ident.i.ty, they were higher than the ordinary people by a lot.

Of course, Xie Qiang would absolutely not provoke cultivators. Within the entire base there were only a hundred cultivators, they were the entire strength of the base. Not talking about himself, even the captain of the guards would have to politely address them. Even the strongest guard was still a guard, they absolutely could not compare to a cultivator.

As the saying goes, a dog must still look at the owner1, today seeing that his brother was hurt Xie Qiang was also choking with anger. Who would dare be so blatant to make trouble within three metres of the black market.

Thus, taking along two guards, Xie Qiang went with his brother into the black market. They then found the man which Xie Dong said had hit him.

“No fighting is allowed within the base, this is part of the rules. Are you guys not clear about it?”

Seeing that after he finished speaking LIn Feng had stopped, Xie Qiang was complacent and continued saying.

Sure enough, crows are all black everywhere2. After hearing what Xie Qiang had said Lin Feng thought secretly.

“You can go and ask your little brother, who was the one to raise their hands. If you still don’t believe, you can find those witnesses to testify.”

Lin Feng pointed towards Xie Dong as he said this to Xie Qiang.

Obviously the other party was being unreasonable by talking about the black market rules. Lin Feng really felt that it was laughable, those words were really too pretentious.

Seeing that the team leader of one of the black market guards,Xie Qiang, has arrived the people in the black market decided to spectate. Xie Dong always oppressing the stall vendors was fairly well known. Now after seeing that Xie Dong was dealt a blow, the people in the black market secretly applauded.

Nevertheless, there were people who were concerned for Lin Feng. Hitting the younger brother of a team leader, it seems the situation this time was dire. Xie Qiang always tried to justify his actions, letting Xie Dong run amok in the black market. However, this time Xie Dong was beaten. Beating up a person would definitely attract some consequences.

“It is obviously your Xie Dong who attacked first, robbing other people’s canned food and also hitting them. Then afterwards, when the other guy’s brother decide to retaliate it’s suddenly their fault.” There were people within the crowd which was oppressed for a long time, they now started to complain.

But when Xie Qiang glared at them with a murderous expression, those people hastily pulled back their heads and disappearing.

“It’s obviously that Xie Dong was in the wrong.”

“That’s right, he went to disturb other people’s brother3.”

Apparently Xie Dong had affected quite a lot of people, by relying on others there were many people discussing within the crowd. Anyway since everyone was wearing masks, they won’t be recognised. There were a lot of people in the crowd which supported Lin Feng’s case.

“It doesn’t matter who acted first, hitting someone violates the rules. Come and arrest these two.”

Hearing the crowd’s incessant chatter, Xie Dong’s tried to suppress the redness in his face. He didn’t want to lose face4 so he ordered his subordinates to make an arrest.

Obeying the team leader’s command, the two guards quickly went straight towards Lin Feng and Dong Wu. They pull out hand cuffs from the Apocalypse watch and tried to apprehend Dong Wu and Lin Feng.

Seeing that Xie Qing had issued an order, the people who was originally helping out Lin Feng were all gritting their teeth in anger. Those who was shouting a moment ago were now pitying Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was furious!

Originally, Lin Feng did not want to stir up trouble within the base, however he had not expected that the guards and even the team leader of the guards would be so biased. Only listening to one side of the story and indiscriminately arresting.

Wrong, Lin Feng realised his actions were wrong. In the Apocalypse, there was no need to listen to reason. If Lin Feng was an ordinary person, he would certainly be taken away and unfairly tortured. This was the apocalypse, a world which obeyed the law of the jungle.

After he understood that, Lin Feng acted when the two guards were trying to handcuff him.

Moving extremely fast to the side, one of his hands grab hold of a guard’s handcuff and instantaneously held the guard’s hand. Before the crowd could react, the two guards were handcuffed together. Afterwards, he s.n.a.t.c.hed the handcuff on the other guard.

Both of his hands exerting strength, the original circular handcuffs made out of steel was vigorously stretched under the force of Lin Feng’s hands. This caused the cuffs to straighten into two ‘chopsticks’.

A Cultivator!!

Looking at Lin Feng’s handiwork, the people present was shocked. The ability to straighten steel cuffs was only something a cultivator was capable of.

An ordinary person’s strength could be great but they were still a normal human being. The handcuffs made out of steel as able to restrain any ordinary person and naturally also those with good fairly combat efficiency. Only Cultivators would not be bound by the steel handcuffs. But of course, if one had the ident.i.ty of a cultivator, how could they be possibly handcuffed.

No one had expected that the one who hit Xie Dong was a cultivator!

Seeing Lin Feng completely overpowering the two uniformed guards, as well as straightening the hand cuffs. Xie Qiang’s expression suddenly became deathly pale.

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