Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 27


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Black Market

Zhan Lang’s black market in the middle of the living area and the edge of the base was open every evening on sunday. Every week, therefore when it opened it was very lively.

Actually it could be called a market except that ever since the apocalypse, everyone could not help but be a little “dark”. So up till now it’s been called the black market.

The black market’s entrance was defended by guards in order to prevent theft of the goods and fights from breaking out. According to the rules, no one can use their weapons within the black market, those who break this rule would get capital punishment.

Before it turned dark, Lin Feng and Dong Wu arrived at the black market. After paying twenty white crystals, they received two masks. After putting on the masks to conceal their ident.i.ty, the two went inside the black market.

Similar to the antique bazaars of Lin Feng’s previous world, at both sides of the black market were rows of tables. Some were empty while some were stocked with goods for sale.

It was Dong Wu and Lin Feng’s first time visiting the black market. Dong Wu was curiously looking around as the things on display in the black market was relatively novel to him.

Lin Feng roughly glanced at the stalls on both sides, he found out that the vendors were also wearing the same mask. In this environment, transactions should be relatively secure.

The goods on display were relatively simple, most of them were food while there were some weapons.

His spirit crystal’s chain was already awoken and Lin Feng now could use soul sense. Looking at the people who were pa.s.sing by, Lin Feng found out that the majority of the people were ordinary people while there were some cultivators mixed in between. Except, their levels were not very high, they were generally all below level 3.

The tables on the two rows were not full; the tables were provided by the base. Anyone could use them, there were quite a lot so as to prevent disputes over stalls.

Withdrawing fifteen cigarettes from the supermarket as well as twelve boxes of canned luncheon meat1. After removing their labels, he hands them over to Dong Wu to setup a stall. Specifically telling him not to take them all out at once, only putting a couple up for sale.

After breaking through to a level 3 cultivator, Lin Feng withdraw a total weight of 1.5 Kilograms2from the supermarket. However the frequency hasn’t changed from three times a day.

After he instructed Dong Wu, Lin Feng decided to wander around the black market.

In the apocalypse world, when people went out to hunt they might occasionally find a shop which had not been scavenged. As long as they can find these shops, they would be able to make a small fortune. Thus, Lin Feng letting Dong Wu trade these goods for white crystals was safe since this amount would not cause people to pry further.

The Apocalypse world was really lacking in supplies, from what Lin Feng has observed, the goods on both sides were food from convenience stores such as biscuits and instant noodles. The price of these were not very expensive, ranging from a couple of white crystals to tens of white crystals. Nevertheless, ordinary people could not afford to buy these. Eating moldy rice on weekdays was already considered good. The processed food with long shelf life were the favourite food of the people who reside in the living areas.

While walking, Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly shined. He quickly went straight to a booth on the opposite side

“How much is this?”

Picking up a steel recurve bow from the table, Lin Feng asked the masked vendor.

The recurve bow3 in Lin Feng’s hand had an odd black gleam, the main body of the recurve bow was well polished. Using his strength to tug at the string, he was surprised to find that the string was very tight. It was unexpectedly able to hold much more than a hundred kilograms of force. If Lin Feng was not a cultivator, he would not be able to even pull back the string.

Sizing up the stall vendor, his soul sense told Lin Feng that he was not even a level 1 cultivator. He was only an ordinary person.

Gently stroking the recurve bow made him feel a cold chill, Lin Feng was pleasantly surprised. The recurve bow which had such great strength turned out to be man-made.

“500 white crystals, no bargains.”

Lin Feng looked at the vendors face who was not raised, but his mouth spat out this sentence.

The voice of the vendor had a crude unrestrained voice, hearing it he should be a middle-aged man.

500 white crystals!

Hearing what the stall vendor said, Lin Feng could not help but be startled. This price was too expensive. One should know that an automatic rifle only cost a hundred white crystals. Although the recurve bow’s strength was not inferior to a heated weapon, but it was five times the price of a rifle. Besides no bargaining, no wonder there were nearly no people in front of this stall. The price was too extravagant.

Seeing that unlike everyone else Lin Feng had not thrown down the recurve bow after hearing the price, the stall vendor looked up at Lin Feng.

“Five hundred white crystals and I’ll give a hundred arrows that utilize the string of the recurve bow and white crystal energy making it comparable to an AMR4 sniper.”

The stall vendor spoke a long line introducing the power of the recurve bow.

White crystal energy!

Before, Lin Feng had once heard Dong Wu talk about weapons that could utilise white crystals as force. Up till he arrived at the apocalypse world, Lin Feng had not encountered such a weapon.

As expected, Lin Feng found that at the side of the recurve bow he found that there was compartment to input five white crystals. The recurve bow can fill five arrows at a time while using white crystals as a propulsion energy. Not only does it boost the power of the arrows, it also automatically draws the bow. This way it can burst out with power solving the weakness of bows only shooting one arrow at a time.

Moreover, the best thing about it is that the recurve bow is less bulkier and lighter than an AMR sniper by a lot. Unlike a AMR sniper it does not shock the person till they are half dead. This reduces the amount of zombies attracted towards you when hunting, it is simply an a.s.sasin’s ideal weapon.

Without saying anything else, Lin Feng took out Five hundred white crystals to buy this recurve bow.

After closing the deal, Lin Feng received the recurve bow as well as the arrows in his Apocalypse watch. The recurve bow has already been filled with arrows and white crystals by Lin Feng so that when he needs to use them he would not need to waste time.

Seeing that in his apocalypse watch he had less than a hundred white crystals, Lin Feng wryly smiled. Arriving in the apocalypse world, it really was one day rich while another day poor. Only two days ago he nearly had ten thousand white crystals yet now he had less than a hundred. After arriving in the apocalypse world, seeing that he was such a spendthrift made him gloomy.

During the rest of the time, Lin Feng was wandering around the black market but he did not find anything else which was good. After listening to Dong Wu say that the market in the base had an auction which had good things for auction, Lin Feng was interested as he decided to check it out.

As he was approaching Dong Wu’s stall, Lin Feng found out that in front there were people making a ruckus. Lin Feng had a bad feeling as he pushed through the crowd to take a look.

Sure enough, in front of the crowd he saw Dong Wu’s mask drop to the ground not far away. Exposing his fat face, and on his face was an impressive palm print.

“My brother let me sell these canned goods, he trusts me so much to give it to me. Yet you don’t have money but you still ate it.”

In front of Dong Wu was a couple of revealing people who did not wear masks. Looking at their appearances they should be around their twenties. They stood their while sneering.

“f.u.c.k off, this father ate your broken a.s.s canned food yet you still want money, are you looking for a beating?”

The man in the middle of the three was opposite of Dong W, after hearing what Dong Wu said slapped Dong Wu’s face.

On Dong Wu’s face was a read handprint as well as the opened canned of luncheon meat, how could Lin Feng not know what was going on.


Just as another slap was about to land on Dong Wu’s face, Lin Feng opened his mouth and shouted.

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