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Arcane Age Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Welcome Party.
Appearing outside the door was a tall girl with long chestnut hair, graceful figure, and delicate face with little freckles but no hidden flaws. "Senior Charlotte, h.e.l.lo!  I'm glad you came! "  Siwei bowed gracefully. The girl was the only woman among the tower's six former high-ranking magic apprentices. She was also s.e.xy and beautiful. She was almost the only perfect G.o.ddess in the hearts of all male apprentices who had just begun p.u.b.erty in the tower. "The fourth floor of the tower has not had any fresh faces for half a year!  Several of us discussed and prepared a welcome party for you and Meryl in the activity room tonight. I wonder if you can come? "  Charlotte had a warm smile on her face, but her blue eyes had swept Siwei up and down. "I thank senior for her hospitality and the invitation, of course, how can  I say no?!  When does the party start?"  Siwei, who was seen the aggressive eyes by the beautiful woman in front of him, was somewhat surprised by her elder sister's boldness, but he still maintained his poise. "It will be on the sixth magic time in the afternoon!  Remember to be on time, handsome boy! "  Charlotte waved her sleeve and turned away. Her long hair drifted away, leaving only a faint scent of jasmine. The essential oil extracted from jasmine is one of the important raw materials for the mini-magic restorer, which is worth a lot of money. At least Siwei did not apply for the qualification before the advanced stage. Unexpectedly, Senior Charlotte could even have the luxury to shampoo with jasmine essential oil. It seems that even in a different world, one still cannot underestimate women's love of beauty. Compared with the centralized management apprentice and the middle-level magic apprentice, the high-level magic apprentice in the tower obviously has strong autonomy and loose environment, which is of course very good, but Meryl's situation will make it difficult for her to integrate into this group. Siwei hesitated for half a day with a frown, but chose to get up and knock on the opposite door. The young girl Meryl obviously lacked interpersonal skills. Siwei was worried that she might not be able to cope with tonight's party. I am really a very helpful person!  At the moment of opening the door, Siwei secretly spit out. The next moment, behind the door was Meryl's timid pale face. She looked like a frightened fawn at the blond boy who was much taller than her, and her eyes were glistening. "h.e.l.lo, Senior Charlotte announced that they would hold a party ... I, I want to see if you need any help?"  Siwei stumbled as he said. As the only offspring left by a couple of interstellar explorers who died in the past, he sold off the legacy left by his parents and started interstellar exploration just after finishing his studies at the naval ship school.  He had not had time to have a love affair until the moment of the supernova explosion. Siwei has little experience dealing with girls. Meryl has a small weak body, and with a timid expression like a small animal, it made Siwei's originally hard and cold heart softened. "Senior Charlotte have invited you to the evening party?  Did you promise to go?"  Siwei asked softly. Meryl nodded, but suddenly shook her head. "Do you want to go but don't dare to go?"  Siwei wanted to confirm his thoughts.  Compared with Charlotte who has begun to show the charm of a mature woman, Meryl can only be regarded as an outdated little girl. Meryl nodded lightly. "Well, you don't have to worry, in fact, our' genius girl' Meryl is also a very lovely girl!  If it's convenient, I'll help you prepare in advance. "  Siwei said, at the same time, he entered the room belonging to a girl, conveniently shutting the door. Although there was a flash of alert in the eyes of the young girl Meryl, she did not do anything. She just looked at Siwei quietly with a pair of big shining eyes. "It seems that you have no formal dress or anything, but the magic robe of the newly-issued high-level magic apprentice is not bad in texture or style. What you may need is a pair of good shoes and a better hairstyle, which is not difficult for me, Siwei ..." Siwei's mouth muttered short magic syllables, accompanied by a faint blue light, then a 30 cm high, 20 cm wide water mirror suddenly appeared in front of the two people. Water Mirror, which obviously summons a water mirror that lasts for a spell's time. It can clearly reflect one's image in front of the mirror. It consumes the mana of two basic zero-ring spells. Compared with the spells of various major systems such as light, necromancy and enchantment, Siwei has already found himself more gifted in dealing with the four elements of traditional.  Whether it's water mirror or blast, Siwei, aided by the intellectual core zero, a.n.a.lyzed and constructed more than five spells. At this time, Meryl seemed to have forgotten herself. Her eyes were full of surprises, and she stared at the tiny magic mirror in front of her as if it were the most precious and beautiful treasure. Siwei hurriedly pulled out a small comb from the magic robe and began to comb the girl's long hair that she hadn't taken care of for a long time. Soon, half a magic hour pa.s.sed. "Meryl, how about your new hairstyle?"  Gentle words sounded in her ears, and finally Meryl stopped using her spirit to a.n.a.lyze the magic in front of her. She only looked at herself in the mirror for the first time not the spell. The girl in the mirror has smooth long hair, with her bangs hanging on her forehead in front and split into two horsetails at the back, tied up with beef tendon ropes. Her delicate little face and white tender skin set off by the lovely two horsetails are like newly peeled litchi, which made people want to take a bite. "It's a pity that there is no bow, only beef tendon rope can be used instead!"  Siwei sighed. Limited by the girl's hair quality and his own skills, it was not perfect. At this moment, the girl's eyes in the water mirror already had glittering and translucent tears sliding down her pale pink face, like pearls with broken lines. This woman is really made of water! The women's shoes on the tower are mostly some shoes and socks, just like the thick soft foot-wrapping cloth with half shoes and half socks, which makes little sound when walking, but obviously looks terrible.  While men's shoes are all wooden shoes with only a few thick ropes on the uppers, and they walk with ease.  As early as he came here, Siwei accurately drew the styles of several common oxfords provided by Zero with charcoal pens and sent them to the only workshop on the island through servants. He exchanged the design drawings for three pairs of handmade oxfords with top, lining, heel and boot barrel. Originally, there was a pair intended for Gus, the only friend in the tower, but the 13-year-old Gus' foot was just the same size as Meryl's, so he had to choose "ladies first". Meryl, dressed in a brand-new magic robe and oxhide shoes, seemed to grow up a lot in an instant and began to show the charm of a young girl. As the afternoon drew closer and closer to the sixth magic, Siwei and Meryl arrived at the activity room on time. Charlotte's eyes flashed with surprise when she saw the newly-changed young girl Meryl. She smiled: "Welcome, juniors!  Can everyone introduce themselves?  I'm Charlotte, 17, I can cast 16 zero-ring spells in a row. " "Palin, 17, 20."  A Brown-haired youth sat alone on a velvet-covered high-backed seat, with deep eyes without focal length, as if he's in a trance. "Hi, this little beauty and blond handsome boy, my name is Linden, the same name as the Prussian king who ascended to the throne in 1747. I am 18 years old this year and have just been able to cast 14 spells. It's nice to meet you!"  This is a young man with curly hair who comes from his own time and has a dark brown skin. He is naturally hip-hop. "Yang, 16 years old, has 17 magic rings. It's nice to meet you."  This is a very bookish young man with dark hair, black eyes and yellowish skin, which made Siwei suspect that this one seems to have some eastern blood. "Faawi, 19 years old, my name means far away in elvish. Haha, we finally have a new junior among our high-ranking apprentices, which alleviates the current situation of the extreme shortage of beauty resources!  I can cast 16 apprentice spells, and it isn't m far from becoming a full wizard! "  The apprentice was fat and looked like a big ball from a distance. One person occupied the whole bench beside the fireplace. "Ed, 16 years old, magic in 12 zero ring spells, for half a year, I finally have a junior!"  The last is a teenager with acne, he said with an exaggerated tone. "Siwei, 15 years old, has just learned ten zero-ring spells. It's nice to meet all of you."  Siwei supercilious, replied. Although there is some compet.i.tion, these high-ranking apprentices, who are generally located at the top of all apprentices in the tower, are still relatively friendly. This is something unexpected for Siwei, who is accustomed to all kinds of literary and artistic films and television works, that is bound to have intrigues and hostility with each other. Apart from Palin, who is about to be promoted to a full-time wizard, who is a bit chilly, several other high-level apprentices are very easy to get along with. Only for a moment, Siwei is officially integrated into the group of high-level apprentices.  The name of Meryl, a "book fanatic", has long been known to all apprentices in the tower. After a long time of questioning in Linden and failing to get a reply, everyone gave up communicating with her. Meryl simply sat in a chair and read a book. Just as Siwei was relaxing against the window sill in the evening breeze, a gust of fragrant wind came. "Very beautiful unique shoes, isn't it?  I have never seen it in the tower! "  Charlotte smiled cleverly. "In fact, this is a popular shoe style in my hometown. My uncle is a shoemaker, and I began to help in his workshop when I was six years old.  I've had enough of wooden shoes for a long time. I just provided the workshop with a sketch the other day and bought a few pairs of oxfords. "  Siwei shrugged his shoulders.

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