A Walk-on Actor Who Wants To Be A Baker Chapter 6: Kiss Me!


A Walk-on Actor Who Wants To Be A Baker

A Walk-on Actor Who Wants To Be A Baker Chapter 6: Kiss Me!

Lu Yanzhou was startled. Not knowing who the one was for a moment, Lu Yanzhou grabbed the man's back neck to pull him away in a hurry.

However, Lu Yanzhou didn't expect that the man held so tight. Crossing his arms around Lu Yanzhou's waist, the man shouted, "Hug! Give me a hug!"

Finally, Lu Yanzhou learned from the voice that it was his little lover who he hadn't met for a month. According to the little lover's unusual behavior, he must be drunk.

"Fang Qiao, let go of me first, I'll send someone to drive you home." Lu Yanzhou patted his back and coaxed, trying to pull him away. After all, it would have a bad influence to hug in public.

However, Fang Qiao ignored him and continued to shout, "No! Hug me and I will let go of you." Clear and loud, Fang Qiao deserved to be a singer to have such good voice that attracted all people's attention to turn around for them.

Lu Yanzhou, "..."

No, that was not what you saw.

Those big stars who were brilliant at usual times had all gathered around to enjoy the drama and watch their boss being teased smilingly.

The a.s.sistant rushed over to help pull Fang Qiao away. However, under the curious stare of all people here, Lu Yanzhou could only put on an awkward but polite smile, saying generously, "That's okay, I will support him, you go upstairs first to book a room for him."

The drunk were especially heavy. Half supporting and half carrying, Lu Yanzhou moved Fang to room finally, which nearly exhausted him.

The moment he shut up the door, the little drunkard stuck to him again.

"Kiss me."

Lu Yanzhou didn't know whether to laugh or cry, 'why did he upgrade his requirement?'

Fang Qiao, who had lost his consciousness, took great initiative. He stretched out his hands to cross Lu Yanzhou's neck, hanging on his body. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lu Yanzhou hugged his waist, which caused the two's lower body closed to each other tightly.

Lu Yanzhou didn't pay much attention to Fang Qiao just now in the chaos, not until now did he notice that Fang Qiao was in a white suit today, which wrapped his slender figure, accentuating his firm and nice hip.

What was more, the nice hip was now rubbing on Lu Yanzhou's body, causing Lu Yanzhou in heat as his breath became heavy.

Without getting the kiss for a long time, Fang Qiao was so anxious that he directly closed to Lu Yanzhou to kiss on his lips.

Lu Yanzhou was stunned now. It was the first time for him to be kissed by force in thirty years.

However, the main culprit knew nothing about that and continued to smile funnily, asking, "Is my smile sweet?"

Lu Yanzhou's breath paused. 's.h.i.t, when did the little guy learn to seduce!' Then he turned around and pressed Fang Qiao against the wall suddenly. Unb.u.t.toning their trousers violently and opening Fang Qiao's legs, he pushed forward and entered in Fang Qiao hard in a hurry without foreplay.

The next morning, Fang Qiao lay face down on the bed and groaned after waking up, only feeling that he was almost falling apart.

The sheet was messy and his clothes were thrown all over. Fang Qiao rubbed his painful temples and could recall vaguely what happened last night.

It was so shameless. Fang Qiao pulled over the pillow, trying to smother himself under it.

"Click," the door was opened. Lu Yanzhou leisurely walked in with a cigarette in his mouth.

The moment he entered the room he saw Fang Qiao pretending to sleep. Lu Yanzhou patted on his naked b.u.t.tocks directly, "Hurry up, get up to have a bite."

Lu Yanzhou packed a bowl of hot porridge in the first floor of this hotel. The pretending one's stomach began to growl loud as soon as he smelled the aroma. That was embarra.s.sing indeed. Fang Qiao didn't eat much the night before, plus that he nearly 'exercised' for a whole night, he was starving.

He crawled out from under the pillow slowly, wrapping his naked body with duvet and daring not to put his eyes on Lu Yanzhou.

Lu Yanzhou felt funny. Who was the one asked for hugs and kisses last night and finally rode on him profligately?

He handed over the bowl to Fang Qiao but withdrew half way.

Fang Qiao looked up in confusion, only seeing Lu Yanzhou say seriously, "Kiss me and I will give it to you."

Fang Qiao's face blushed scarlet in a sudden.

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