Zhan Long Chapter 981


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 981


In the morning, one bunch of sunlight shine on the face, I have struggled, where this was, last night what happened, I as if saw Matcha, was that really she?

Opens eyes, actually sees itself to lie on the bed, the body top head the quilt, is not right, but also incessantly is the quilt, as if also the soft hand bracelet in my front, lowers the head to have a look, saw impressively Shen Bing lies in my arms, the hair is slightly disorderly, her eyebrow is very beautiful, very gentle that did not speak unable to look is the female man.


I have pushed her shoulder, said: „The Shen Bing elder sister, awakes quickly!"

Shen Bing opens awake song the sleepy eyes, discovered one lie down in my arms, suddenly one startled, crawls rapidly, afterward restored calmly, a two stars pupil swept on the bed has swept, says with a smile: „Snort, I also think that what had, originally has not escaped including the clothes, Bai Xia my this expectation, is Zhao Feifei delivers us to come back? This miss may be really innocent, how the person can not remove completely in sleeping!"

My speechless visits her: „Was good, gets out of bed to wash, prepared Hangzhou."


Shen Bing stands up, takes off clothes to take a bath, the back is gripping the hair to me, while said: „Was right, my indistinct remembering afterward Xue Rou probably appeared yesterday evening, real?"

I nod: „Originally you also remember that she truly appeared, you take a bath first, my Going out has a look!"



Gets out of bed to wear the shoes, having a look at the front, on the shirt also to leave a trace of bulk tears, this is Matcha stays behind.

Goes out, goes to 412 directly, actually discovered that the person goes to Fang empty/sky, time Matcha and Zhao Feifei who 9 : 00 am walked, I go to the onstage hurriedly again, asked: „When do the two guests in 412 rooms walk?"

Onstage female smiles extremely ambiguous: „7 points walked, was right, when you and your colleague opened the room credential to place here not to take away last night, you examine."

I stare, on the table is putting me and Shen Bing police badge, NND, this time was smelly big, looked that this onstage female smiling face knows she affirmed to misunderstand, thought that the men and women of our police so were also frivolous, this discredited to the team simply, turned head certainly to think the means to buckle the evil reputation above w.a.n.g Dui, otherwise was unwilling!

Matcha walks early, thinks or thinks without the face countenance to me, ok, along with her, when she played outside enough has naturally been able to come back, but my this time came to Jiaxing also to indicate my manner, [Zhan Long] has not given up her, I have not given up, this was enough, this is not white.

The Shua tooth washes the face, my bath has not washed will return to Hangzhou, returns to Liu Hua University time soon at noon, has taken a bath later Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue also already offline, at noon solves in the dwelling, Tang Qi and Qin Wen also.

In the sofa, Lin Wan Er sits side me, helping me reorganize the disorderly collar, said: „Yesterday found Matcha?"


Tang Qi one startled, the eye shone: „Finally? Did CBN fight net 2 nd Little Demon to give loyalty to [Zhan Long] finally?"

„No." I shake the head, said: „Xue Rou is not willing to see me from the beginning, drank the dead drunk she to appear in the bar until afterward me, a few words had not said that this morning her around 7 : 00 walked."

Lin Wan Er digs the small mouth: „You rested with whom last night together?"

Was finished, the young lady must be jealous!

I one thump, the facial color said as usual: „Does not have, after getting drunk, oneself rest."

Where I dare to speak the truth, if said that I held Shen Bing to rest last night for night, G.o.d knows that night has her touches, said that perhaps I must break the window to be thrown from the second floors.

Also, the body has not feared the shadow to be slanting, I truly have not had anything with Shen Bing, this has not related.

Dong Cheng Yue asked: „Hasn't Matcha said on a few words?"

I: „Um, she cannot pa.s.s at heart this pa.s.s/test, if she came back at this time, that [Zhan Long] everybody will see her? Even if Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian and small wolf and we did not mind that she discarded Dragon's den this matter, but [Zhan Long] 10 will thousand register other player players to see her? Ok, she is Little Demon, always has own haggling over, waits for her to return......"

Qin Wen said with a smile: „Generally speaking Little Demon or the heart are [Zhan Long], not?"

I clap, say with a smile: „Right, is this principle, has this existence, that anything did not need to worry, she will come back, gave back to our [Zhan Long] more perfect Matcha."

Tang Qi shows a faint smile, said: „Matcha...... CBN fights the net second person, the Pulse Break Style creator, can say that her fight skillful and personal ability was rides to fight NO.1 of department in the Chinese war zone, such talented person which didn't Guild want? Actually was open about the facts you saying that Q-Sword, Bai Li Ruo Feng and Jian Feng Han these people had to send for seeking for and relating Little Demon, what a pity had not contacted, it seems like Li Xiao Yao comparison advantage of being close to somebody first moon/month."

Dong Cheng Yue groans smiles: „Isn't this perhaps an advantage of being close to somebody? But is the heart of Matcha from the start in Brother Xiao Yao here, has not left, right, do we incur Brother Xiao Yao who the girl likes specially?"

I only think creepy feeling: „Said that which words, do I only like our family Wan Er being good? And...... I and Matcha are most normal that partnership, she called my Boss, I her, when the work room member same regarded with the younger sister, had anything wrong......"

Qin Wen raises in side corners of the mouth: „Divides the leg to start from elder brother younger sister......"

I twitch, am grasping nearby Lin Wan Er small hands: „Did Sister Cang Tong, have to think that yesterday evening I think can't sleep?"

Lin Wan Er pair of beautiful eyes visits me: „Um!"

Dong Cheng Yue: „Incurable......"


At this time, noon meal left pot, two female were busy going to the kitchen to serve food, I and a Tang Qi person opened one bottle of red wines, does not know that to celebrate anything, ok, used temporarily as is celebrates me and palace guard is expelled the regiment to be systematic by Tian Ling Empire!

Also good, the central government powerless in local, in a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den multi- Shua Hybrid Demon army, the reward that obtains is also other player wants unable to think the fire that for example we yesterday attained burns the sword and G.o.d to be the same the wrister and match for ten thousand skill book, this equipment and skill book in the Tian Ling Empire map has little met, however kills BOSS in the Hybrid Demon territory, these are actually not very rare.

Eats meal, I while said: „What important matter in last night and this morning played has not had?"

„Does not have basically." Dong Cheng Yue said.

Lin Wan Er adds: „Had one 200 people to roll the extinguished group besides Old K last night."

I one startled: „Scratches, what person is so rampant, dares to extinguish our [Zhan Long] group?"

„Demoniacal Redding......"


I perspire silently: „Why will that Redding extinguish our [Zhan Long] group?"

Lin Wan Er: „Actually had a regiment a.s.signment of SS level in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, the death plain edge searched for one to scout the squad, the duty was not difficult, but Old K one led the person to pursue the monster to pursue impulsive deeply, therefore entered the death plain, the luck was not very good, Redding led one group of subordinates to make an inspection tour across there, convenient Old K that group of people tidying up!"

„NND, Redding is so rampant!"

I grasp the chopsticks, said with a smile: „Turned head we to lead some people to go, has the opportunity words to destroy completely BOSS that Redding this was listed 4 th to be good!"

The Dong Cheng Yue nod smiles: „Um, I also think."

The strength of player progresses by leaps and bounds, if in fact we a group over ten thousand people of team, selects Redding only, has me to play family belongings T like this, there is a certain stratagem which ensures success, but n.o.body so is temporarily bold, after all in Hybrid Demon territory crisis-ridden, no one is willing to fall the level after 160 levels again, the price was too big.


Around 1 : 00 pm, get online!


Appears in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, raises the b.u.t.terfly sword to go to blacksmith there to repair whole body equipment, just fixed saw Yue Qing Qian with a smile walks: „Brother Xiao Yao, your head picture was pasted in the Tian Ling Empire city wall, truly is issuing a warrant for arrest you, said that ma.s.sacres you to become the general khaki cloth......"

I sneer: „Ahem, where wants to kill my to be so easy, said again...... I am a player, no one can chop my head."

„Oh." Yue Qing Qian nods again and again, said: „This morning Frost in the administrative hall issued that various duties, Brother Xiao Yao you also a bit faster in the past had a look, by you with Frost own density, should be able to receive the different duty to be right."

„Good, immediately pa.s.ses!"

Raises the air/Qi, thousand frost wing in addition hold successfully, the snowy area on pa.s.sing over gently and swiftly city has fired into the administrative hall, after entering the hall, really in very busy, many [Zhan Long] players in continuous back and forth is taking a walk, Frost arranged 10 Dragon Rider logistics depots to be responsible for providing the duty in the surroundings, probably was also felt the player who in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den moved into were too many, the system gave here Shua newly many new duties.

I have swept one, duty basically is looks for missing persons, the hunting demon beast and collection grain, post a reward the bandits and thieves and so on low-order duty, the ABC Level duty I was am disinclined to meet again, if at least also above S level, therefore raised the b.u.t.terfly directly to move toward Frost of city main position, she was cleaning is cutting incorruptible on Chinese sword, looked up me, revealed Bei Chi to say with a smile: „Do you come?"

„Um, recently in Dragon's den very busy!"

„Yes, we are expanding recruit soldiers, Ba Huang City many hobos and adventurers have registered, Qing Luo they are choosing the elite soldier to join the ranks of Dragon's den armed soldier!"

I said: „Came in a moment ago, sends the cash Dragon Rider gentleman feather to be straight is reorganizing the troops to prepare, why is this must go?"


Frost opened Zhang Xiaozui, said with a smile: „This looked by you, we are preparing to carry on a time secret task."

„, What secret duty, can say?" I came the interest.

Frost said with a smile: „Had a stretch of volcano region on the death plain, Redding deploys the army to establish many underground furnaces there, cast the construction new attacking a city heavy artillery there, if made them successfully complete the construction, perhaps cold uncultivated land Dragon's den must be destroyed in a moment, therefore I planned to attack on own initiative, destroys these underground to build up the work place!"

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