Zhan Long Chapter 980


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 980

„What, Xue Rou!?"

My whole body shakes, finally had the Matcha exact place, Jiaxing! Immediately offline, greeted with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue went out, A4 howled has been driving out of Liu Hua University, directly soared the police unit base, in the entrance, Shen Bing took the packet to walk, appearance that in fact she as if has not gotten off work, the entire base was my work was probably idlest, only then carried out the important missions time will summon me, otherwise made me accompany side Lin Wan Er, but protected Lin Wan Er in fact is also one of my important missions.

„Is place decided?" I asked.

Shen Bing boards, a nod: „Only if others takes the room that her ID card is opening, but this possibility is not big, she needs her ID card to board craft other city, if the ID card in the side, she will not become difficult, Jiaxing might is only her falls fully, immediately must walk, therefore wanted to find her quickly."


I drove to skice the Hangzhou city, directly soared Jiaxing to go, but in the Shen Bing hand took a plate, the finger is drawing above stroke is searching for some needs the news, her status was quite special, the account number jurisdiction has was the A level, can retrieve the majority of confidential papers through the satellite, even the jurisdiction dominated above the police, asking her to help to be be please right.

„Decides a direction, guidance Jiaxing ringing Holiday Inn, Xue Rou opened the room there."


This time was more accurate, the Hangzhou city is not far from Jiaxing, but I drive also is very at heart disturbed at the same time, if saw Matcha, I should say that said everybody forgave you, did you a bit faster come back? In this case, as if being insufficient lets her, as soon as sweeps re-enters [Zhan Long] guilty? Does not manage, first saw said again, at least must confirm she is all right.

Less than one hour, enters Jiaxing, soon after the vehicle stopped again in downstairs of Holiday Inn, I got out immediately, Shen Bing also followed me, Cooldown is 11 : 00 o'clock at night.

Enters the hotel, onstage female greets immediately: „h.e.l.lo, can stay?"

I approach immediately, stern [say / way]: „h.e.l.lo, which please help I inquired the ID card of Xue Rou this person the room is?"

She has been startled being startled, shook the head saying: „Is unfair to the mister, the stipulation of our hotel must keep secret to the status of inhabitant, please forgive me unable for you to inquire the registration information."

I was not many said that put out a hand to pull out the special police officer to prove to her is launching, said: „I am the Hangzhou police, now has been OK, a bit faster helps me look up, thanked!"

Onstage female visits me astonished, has a look at Shen Bing, Shen Bing has shown immediately also the credential: „I am his colleague, the beautiful woman invite you quickly, we catch up with Cooldown very much."

Such came onstage female not to say anything finally, the typing looked up, said: „Guest room 412, you...... Are you really the police?"

„Can that have the vacation?"

I smiled, transfer am going upstairs with Shen Bing, when we stand in 412 front, I also somewhat hesitate, the hand lifts actually does not know that should fall to knock on a door, Shen Bing could not tolerate in side, ridicules smiles: „Oh, was too indecisive, makes me come!"

Saying, her was walking to go forward, thump has knocked the room, consecutively for several times, inside has broadcast a girl's voice finally: „Who?"

Shen Bing talks bureaucratese, said: „Jiaxing police, please open the door to coordinate us to inspect the ward!"

Inside person should have a scare, after several seconds , the door opens, is actually a short hair girl, she visits us astonished, the beauty is good, and puts on somewhat disorderly, the hair is moist, should just take a bath, she said in consternation: „You...... Are you police? How to have worn the police uniform?"

I have shone the police badge, said: „This time for private affair, but also please excuse me, according to what we know, the guest in this guest room is Xue Rou, are you?"

She stared at my police badge to watch a meeting, t.i.ttered one to smile suddenly: „Hangzhou special police officer Li Xiao Yao, is you, is very long is graceful, Xiao Yao Zi Zai in legend...... Finally is seeing live, moreover delivers!"

The Shen Bing delicate eyebrows raise: „Who are you?"

The girl smiles, puts out a hand to grasp with me on own initiative, said: „My name was Zhao Feifei, was Xue Rou university schoolmate, her recent Cooldown was very depressed, therefore I accompanied her to come out to mix Cooldown, this didn't violate the law?"

I shake the head: „Naturally, but Xue Rou, we want to look for her."

„, This......"

Zhao Feifei blinked, said: „But she is not necessarily willing to see you, what to do can this, want me to give her a telephone?"

„She where?"

„Nearby forever will develop the radium to fight the bar, she subscribed the table first in the past, I her told that takes a bath goes again, has not thought that handsome fellow Guildmaster quickly pursued to here unexpectedly......" she opened the eye, said with a smile: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster, do you look up us here? Considers as finished, you are police, looks up this should not difficult......"

I said: „That please luxuriant schoolmate lead us to go to this forever to develop the radium to fight the bar together, how is it?"

Zhao Feifei thinks that said: „I can lead you to pa.s.s, but I did not guarantee that supple is willing to see you, she has been painful for serveral days, this type felt that you should be able to feel, n.o.body is willing to do to betray this matter, but she betrayed two people all of a sudden, one is you, one is Fang Ge Que, this silly thing in order to again obtains one to re-enter the [Zhan Long] opportunity, did the silliest matter."

I touch the nose, said: „Hurries......"

Zhao Feifei eats to smile: „At least can wait for me to put on clothes? Like this, you outside my five minutes, I make up a makeup to come out slightly, how is it?"


I and Shen Bing go out, depends outside the wall is waiting, soon after Zhao Feifei came out, wears a pure black company clothes short skirt, looks like in the youth is pa.s.sing the fondness of countryside, pours truly goes to the standard clothing of night shop, she tilts the head visits me, said with a smile: „Xiao Yao, why you visit me like this, what meaning is this look?"

I show a faint smile: „Tutu as short as this situation, can look to meet colorfully?"

Zhao Feifei purses the lips to eat to smile: „If b.u.mps into the handsome fellow, I did not mind actually that is the supple mood is not quite good, ok, I did not have this mood, accompanied peacefully her was drunk Fang Xiu to come back."

I nod: „Good."


Soon, our three people arrived at that forever to develop the radium to fight the bar, actually the pattern was also general, at least in the top bar with big city compared with the incoming messenger, but in Jiaxing, here was top, around 11 : 00 pm, entered the guest who the bar bought wine already many, under Zhao Feifei led, we entered the bar, arrived at the Xue Rou scheduled that table, actually did not see her person's shadow.

„She in......" I somewhat desolate saying, has not guessed correctly anything at heart.

Zhao Feifei smiles: „Perhaps doesn't need disappointedly, her secretly to visit you in some corner like this? Since supple is not willing to see you, I give self up to take the righteousness to help her today accompany you, come, what wants to drink?"


I observe the situation surrounding one week, has not seen the Matcha form, but Shen Bing nods to me, went to the washroom to have a look at her directly in female washroom, after several minutes came back, shakes the head, not.

The hand is grasping ice-cold drinking gla.s.s, some stabbing pain, Xue does Rou even see me not to want at heart at the same time?

The liquor that Zhao Feifei selects is very fierce, the density that high-purity Vodka, the accent exchanges is not low, at least over 20 degrees, „, when" a cask falls on the table, today I and she can only have one to go out of here stance, said: „Listened to say supply that the Xiao Yao Guildmaster alcohol capacity was specially good, exactly the girl was also the rare and beautiful flowers physique of Drink-Drank-Drunk, today we fight a happiness, how is it?"

I am not quick, then nods: „That fights happily!"

Saying, takes up Zhao Feifei to toss down to one cup that I fill to the brim, the strong liquor revolves in the throat, starts to lull each nerve of body, my body was already quenchinged by Yang Flame the strength almost hundred does not invade poisonously, can actually the luck resist these spirits the paralyses, but I do not have, is drunk happily, thinks all that I recently made, bringing [Zhan Long] to rise, enter the palace guard to conquer north and south, finally the [Zhan Long] station lost, the majority of elites of palace guard follow me to be sent into exile by Tian Ling Empire, how many person this whole life can handle the happy matter, approximately also on is the alcoholic intoxication. Post- this moment is happiest?

Shen Bing sees me not to be happy, then also accompanies me to drink together, the result bottles of calling liquor, are less than one hour, 4 bottles of high-purity Vodka emptied, Zhao Feifei cheek blood flushes, actually as before made excuses said the own thousand cups not but actually, were known as that in liquor war-G.o.d, Matcha the university schoolmate but actually also adorable, was holding my hand, before was saying , the men and women heartless and cruel matter, while complained tearfully was saying that the person was living too the pain.

Looks at her appearance and wear, the family is inevitably well-off, I somewhat laugh in one's heart, this added one lived painfully, in social most underlying bed that small wolf, old K and did Fox this type of original ma.n.u.script fight for the brothers unable to live? But in fact their several also very cross moistens, the happiness of person only came from the self sufficiency actually.

Has drunk around 6 : 00 am, 7 bottles of fierce Vodka have gotten down, this feeling looked like drinks 5 bottles of white liquor to be highly same, the head of whole person was heavy.

Shen Bing and Zhao Feifei have bent down on the table, was almost sleepy.

I depend upon in the sofa, consciousness is fuzzy, the light in bar glitters unceasingly, the people of surroundings amus.e.m.e.nt are swaying from side to side the young body, is releasing the youth of these nowhere impositions heartily, but at this moment, slightly some forms appear in my view.

Is Matcha.

She wears a coffee binding body short skirt, the happy figure will outline perfectly, which this is Matcha, is more like that beautiful and bewitching and charming Little Demon, the mature flavor fires imagination, opening eye that I make an effort, but realizes was not sober, the uphold hand that can only make an effort, visits her.

She said anything, I cannot hear, sees her to approach me, bends down gently in my arms, but my front piece was moistened one piece by her tears immediately, the body of Matcha was shivering slightly, that sobs, but I can only caress her shoulder lightly, not being able to say a few words that in the throat works unceasingly, is fuzzy until the consciousness, heavy has rested.

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