Zhan Long Chapter 946


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 946

The destiny bateau-bridge, the hanging bridge already slowly raised, palace guard warships from the hanging bridge region, Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian and the others are leading 200 [Zhan Long] players to come one after another, when an empty ship stops slowly, they embark immediately, I stand near the hanging bridge as before, hints them to walk first, quick, is several empty ships stays in the sh.o.r.e.

The Han deep pool progresses to raise the blade, puzzled asking: „General, why wants us to prepare these 20 empty ship inst.i.tutes to use?"

I do not have to explain: „Prepared the helmsman to be good, had the use!"


Several minutes later, the armed forces opening up wasteland direction has heard the serious hoofbeat, on a troop shoulder wore Cliff Dragon Cavalry of Fan Shu City symbol to have the rice colored fragrance to fire into Wu Shenhe, Chi Yu Han has instigated the warhorse to walk in the front line, arrives at the sh.o.r.e to stand up from failure to discontinue to kneel down immediately saying: „Sir, 10,000 Cliff Dragon Cavalry have been ready with 10,000 Flame Hawk Archers!"

I nod: „Embarks!"


Cliff Dragon Cavalry started to step the deck in abundance, warship each of palace guard can also hold 500 cavalry soldiers, let alone was Cliff Dragon Cavalry such heavy cavalry, soon after 1 thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry completely has embarked, but airborne Flame Hawk Archers does not need to travel by boat, Chi Yu Qing personally Military Control, troop Flame Hawk Archers dense and numerous circling in airborne, only needed occasionally to fall on the ship hair makes the rest to be enough.



A news, came from [Prague] Guildmaster Yan Zhao Warrior: „Xiao Yao, have you done, does not know that can also have the next wave of Hybrid Demon attack, the shallow forest and don't truly in convening the regiment command in player armed forces account discussing official business, how on only see you and Cang Tong?"

I smile: „Uncle you discussed official business, other I and Wan Er a little matter, kept secret!"

„Good." Yan Zhao Warrior said: „Sky rose led own army to complete one time large-scale to strike to kill the duty, obtained 1500 meritorious values, she now is the person of entire server highest meritorious service value, but surpa.s.sed her person hopefully is you, come on, hopes that can keep the Chinese war zone the reward of this MVP."

„Knows that you also diligently."


Switches off communication, my place ship has driven out of Wu Shenhe, direct afloat entering the sea, does not turn over to the sea the edge everywhere is the wreckage of warship, does not need to think that many warships definitely are Luo Cauldron manage for many years to save, but Luo Cauldron thinks that had not expected his 1 million armies have not destroyed completely the Tian Ling Empire effective strength unexpectedly, but the present is he repays a debt.

„Wind direction was just good!" The Han deep pool raises the sword to stand on the bow, the loud order said: „Flag indicator, ordering all warship full sails to go forward!"

„Yes, General!"

The standard-bearer on main warship starts the flag indicator that hits us unable to understand, immediately palace guard these 200 warship full sails, the gale is stirring the style in abundance, promoting the warship speedily to fire into the northern boundary, after entering the dense fog, could not see too many things, but also had nothing to dread, Luo Cauldron in warship has almost consumed on hand completely up, following Cooldown belongs to our performance Cooldown.


Within a half hour, on the big map presented the north bank outline, and clearly discernible seacoast has blood red Hybrid Demon camps, shortly afterward, the sunlight will puncture thoroughly the cloud layer again, dispersed the dense fog, the military compound completely clear appearance of Hybrid Demon army at present, harbors, only then simple several transport ships, all fell dead as for the warship in the south bank, some sh.o.r.e also many Hybrid Demon military officers and others transported the weapon military baggage in the direction demon spirit big sword master, the sickle little rascal, this will be soon will clearly give up the appearance of this time campaign.


On one side warship, Lin Wan Er puts out a hand a finger of distant place, said: „Is there the command headquarters that the command is at? Advance Luo Cauldron and demoniacal Redding perhaps in inside."

As soon as I nod, holds up single-handed, sinking sound track: „All dragon crystal artillery packing good ammunition, the non- difference to attack the coastal Hybrid Demon camp, rumbles the fragment them, comes 50 dragon crystal artillery concentrated fire powers again, rumbles that command hall!"

„Yes, General!"

From has achieved, when the 200 warships of palace guard run out of the dense fog already from the north bank Hybrid Demon camp, only then less than 500 meters, next quarter boom has made noise, warships are swaying flood ripples in the sea level, but the ash.o.r.e the flame has soared to the heavens, a sickle little rascal and uncivilized nationalities of brave warrior trim and other low-order Hybrid Demon were attacked the disintegrating slag by dragon crystal all, the uniform second kills, but these simple stone barrier camps cannot block [Vanguard] of dragon crystal artillery, shock-wave that dragon crystal artillery form easily accomplished has torn into shreds the Hybrid Demon camp all, these blood red. The war flag in flaming is burning, pitiful yell sound continually a piece.

But that command hall also degenerated into the sea of fire and ruins in bang sounds, inside also has many demon palace Knight to clash, actually fell to the ground dead in battle under the crowded fire, with horse by sc.r.a.p.


A white light gets up suddenly, that is blade air/Qi [Vanguard], that surging stiffly a pyroshock of dragon crystal artillery, the owner of long blade rapidly flushed, impressively is a whole face Bai Xu old man, is not others, is the advance Luo cauldron in legend, in the legend first steps into Holy Domain humanity, cultivates for many years, now has actually stepped into Deva, to fly upwards for the G.o.d, but is an demon G.o.d, with Frost this type the superior G.o.d who is the G.o.d emperor rank is unable to place on a par.

„d.a.m.n humanity!"

Luo Cauldron whole face ominous light visits us, exclaimed lowly: „Did you think this to be able destruction our advance armed forces? Come, making me have a look at some of your big abilities, unexpectedly dares to go down to the northern territory, you are courting death simply!"

My Jianfeng points to the ash.o.r.e, said: „Bombs, disembarks, who can chop Luo Cauldron head, the monetary reward 100,000, promote palace guard Yorozuo to be long!"

Below Han deep pool these palace guard mult.i.tude of people long, hundred husband long combat generals had already been ready to make trouble, the warship approach sh.o.r.es in abundance, completely is not very steady sees only the rows of palace guard heavy cavalries to rush to the warship, but the fine silks also lead one group of dark Moon Elf young girl archers to come ash.o.r.e, I jump thousand frost wings to come ash.o.r.e, lift a hand blade to kill demon palace Knight of remnant blood, Luo Cauldron tidy up the remnant armed forces in the flash, at least Hybrid Demon of over 2 thousand remnant blood waits for us to tidy up.

„Ha Ha, gains the meritorious service time to!"

Li Mu laughs, leapt horse to rush to the warship, bringing the [Zhan Long] 200 people of elite teams to enter in the monster group, Hybrid Demon were the remnant blood, killed quite to be truly quick, especially Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest, Xing Lie and other long-distance attacks, in the harvesting meritorious service value, 5000 + remnant blood Hybrid Demon almost in a minute completely turned into the meritorious value, the empirical value and equipment simply.

I wield single-handed, Chi Yu Han leads 1 thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry to disembark immediately, reorganized the sequence in the ash.o.r.e, hating Sky Sword to hold up high, said with a smile in a low voice: „Knight, put out our strengths to come, after advance guard support line of wild geese in flight and squadron bow arrow, team cone-shape, gives me [a.s.sault]!"

Luo Dingti the long blade, is built on arrogantly airborne, the corners of the mouth raise, sneer saying: „10,000 Dragon Kai armed forces, give me [a.s.sault], with me on, we must kill a none remaining south this crowd mean humanity together today!"

Luo Cauldron has gone forth to battle unexpectedly personally, the low alt.i.tude dive, fell to the ground in the front of Dragon Kai armed forces, the long blade wields, the place that the blade glow pa.s.sing over gently and swiftly crowd, the knife point pa.s.sed over gently and swiftly directly, three Cliff Dragon Cavalry were killed all, is 30 thousand + the injury, Cliff Dragon Cavalry has my attribute, the setting approximately situated in the player and NPC, receives the attack injury of BOSS, is higher than the player, is lower than NPC, but this already very awfully!

The dense and numerous Dragon Kai armed forces rode warhorse, to throw over Dragon Kai to attack with Cliff Dragon Cavalry in one, but just a contact the fit and unfit quality have stood have sentenced, my attribute obviously compared with 7 levels of Hybrid Demon must, therefore after Dragon Kai armed forces and Cliff Dragon Cavalry collided, already a little praying mantis arm, when the stance of car(riage), under Cliff Dragon Cavalry [a.s.sault], in the short five minutes was cut to kill over a thousand people!

Luo Cauldron is wreaking havoc in the crowd as before, died Cliff Dragon Cavalry under his long blade at least crosses hundred people, exceptionally visited me to love dearly, these laboriously suppress the military strength that the resources were recruiting!

„Old thing, meets to incur!"

Chi Yu Han roars, hating Sky Sword to hold Dou Qi to divide to cut completely on the back shoulder of Romanian cauldron, immediately Gang is mad the shake to flood together, this sword has not cut into the body unexpectedly, is Luo Cauldron turns around on the contrary suddenly, the hilt delivers the Going out hit state-of-art to the Chi Yu Han front, Chi Yu Han is inferior G.o.d level BOSS, a Jianfeng pendulum, the palm opens to condense to be mad the shield after to defend together!


Air/Qi the shield to be stave, Chi Yu Han draws back several steps continually, clenches teeth steady stopping in the midair, hating Sky Sword to tremble, Thunder Guang saves in the sword blade edge, in the eye pa.s.ses is killing intent, said: „City main Sir, shields for me!"

„Shua" I the low alt.i.tude pa.s.sed over gently and swiftly, the Zhen Yue Blade anger cuts in the waist of Romanian cauldron, Dragon Reservoir Sword delivers, [Strength of a Thousand Men] combo erupts, is better than Luo Cauldron this G.o.d level BOSS also miserable howling backlash several steps, the long blade one cold, separates spatially is in charge in my chest, immediately that was in charge has formed the roaring flame shape, I had been rumbled fall to draw back dozens meters, the falling crowd in an extremely difficult situation, several palace guards made way hurriedly, shouted loudly: „A bit faster makes way, should not be commanded the Sir to hit!"

I: „......"

Looks up, Chi Yu Han overwhelming time Thunder Guangzhan struck has rumbled on Luo Cauldron knife edge, Thunder Guang swallowed around the Romanian cauldron, burnt the melt the armor of Luo Cauldron body week piece by piece, this G.o.d level BOSS miserable howling unceasingly, did not feel better by the taste of inferior G.o.d level attack.


„Chi Yu Han , your this mean villain!"

Luo Cauldron calls out one, the strength of demon G.o.d erupts around the body, attacks continually Chi Yu Han draws back, Luo Dinggeng is the diving posture overtakes, the knife point sweeps, the blood sways in the midair, the Chi Yu Han front left behind one deeply not to see the bottom the wound, the blood strip is struck to rumble over 40% many!

„Elder brother!"

Chi Yu Qing looks at the eye to be red, the thorn whip wields, said loudly: „Flame Hawk Archers, kills Luo Cauldron this scoundrel old thing, shields the elder brother to retreat!"

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