Zhan Long Chapter 911


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Zhan Long Chapter 911

After one pile of idle talk, truly duke has wiped the tears in eye, said: „As the saying goes, the country cannot one day not have Monarch, the day plume empire after several hundred years, the numerous older generation king founded the present day plume empire prosperous times, my within the body is also flowing the blood of older generation king, the matter of prosperous great undertaking cannot idle, now, Great Emperor pa.s.sed away, Princess Pearl the industry has died for one's country by the body in fire Yun City, pillar of the state minister may have the brilliant plan, who should we set up for the new sovereign?"

In the crowd, a dragon clock old man has stood, said: „I suggested that truly grand duke is the emperor room bloodlines, this grand duke leads 25 thousand Rong Di Jun Emperor Qin, protects Tian Ling Empire not to lose, and prepares for war to sweep away the Linhai empire again, the meritorious service is unprecedented melts now, Great Emperor pa.s.sed away, most suited the new sovereign Monarch person is truly grand duke!"

I looked at the past from afar, this person did not know.

However, is away from me, only then one pace hundred actually sneers, said: „The Lingnan marquises said badly, truly duke for a long time resided in north the uncultivated land, knew nothing to the matters concerned of empire radically, and empire subjects have not heard by rumor the prestige of truly duke, in my opinion, this new sovereign must search from the Tian Ling Empire original imperial family bloodlines."

Lingnan Hou Zhoumei: „Rather commands to think that also at heart is keeping thinking about Your Highness Pearl? However was a pity that Your Highness Pearl civilizing role of government martial arts is few in the day plume empire, but pretty girls have hard luck, to capture fire Yun City, your highness died in battle above the battleground, now said that these did not have the significance, but such as rather commands saying that if we do not support truly grand duke to proclaim oneself emperor, who that can also?"

Crazy Lei Jun's Luis holds the fist in the other hand saying: „When Locker Great Emperor reigns a paragenesis has three children, Your Highness Pearl unmarried, was still sonless, Great Emperor has not left behind the bloodlines, only big imperial prince Theodore has two sons in the manor, I think that these two imperial princes should be the optiman?"

Commanding Xiahou Renli of purple spirit regiment carved saying: „Two imperial princes, in addition young, even also less than 10 -year-old, I wants not to mount the imperial throne the qualifications? End will suggest, supports truly duke to proclaim oneself emperor appropriately."

My knitting the brows head, has not thought that Xiahou Ren was also bought over by truly duke.

Another direction, a military commander leaves ranks, the hand grasps the long sword, was commander Qin Ye of flood dragon armed forces, he „clang" p.r.i.c.ked in sword blade edge the flagstone, held the fist in the other hand saying: „Tian Ling Empire, although attacks and captures the fire likely city and fire Yun City, Port City continuously, however our military strength are damaged seriously, although seems like lively is actually the mackerel shad is in a dangerous situation, fish You Qiaofu, the position of sovereign cannot be indecisive, immediately supports the new sovereign rapidly, otherwise Tian Ling Empire will certainly the chaos."

I clench teeth, this Qin Ye does not know that was also bought when by truly duke unexpectedly, this from north Rong Di tribe grand dukes, for this throne may really deliberately plan!

A hundred face is angry, drinking that cannot bear scolds: „Xiahou Ren, Qin Ye, the Lingnan marquis, Thou and other boys rebelled, when Theodore, Pearl are alive can once treat unjustly you? Now the Great Emperor skeleton is not cold, you must cup one hand in the other across the chest to concede to other people the empire base industry unexpectedly, is really hateful, even if my hundred will be dies and others will not be a companion with!"

Xiahou Ren sneers: „Ning, you are the teacher of Your Highness Pearl, is the empire most scholar of n.o.ble character and high prestige, but also hopes that you can the one who understands the times be outstanding, do not impulse to bring disgrace on the first ill.u.s.trious name for a while!"

Qin Ye was also raising the long sword, said with a smile: „Ning, you is a smart person, knows how should do?"

At this time, an official went out of the ranks suddenly, got angry: „You and other traitors, I and others will not collaborate with Thou, otherwise is hard to see Locker Great Emperor and soul in heaven of Great Emperor, I rather die here, will not support truly to proclaim oneself emperor!"

„Good to admonish discusses doctor!" Qin Ye sneered: „Comes the person, admonishing discussed doctor Liu Mingtuo to get down, the stick executed!"

In the crowd, the players of only several general levels could not bear, Fang Ge Que is grasping the paper fan, said: „Although I do not understand these things, but General Qin Ye did not needing stick execute this civil official?"

Qin Ye turned around, was lowering to Fang Ge Que shouts to clear the way: „Fang Ge Que, the flame dragon regiment altogether has 7 Yorozuo to be long, you are just a small four General Pin, who allowed you to speak?"

Enchanted Painting stares, has not spoken, the Fang Ge Que knitting the brows head, turns around to walk, Drunken Spear almost said: „Fang Ge, do not walk, otherwise this Tian Ling Empire NPC camp wanted the worldwide chaos."

Saying, the short spear trick was raising the iron (spear
gun) in hand, said: „Some words said well that can't resort to arms the (spear

Truly duke shows a faint smile: „Did fall harvest regiment contour possess the words to say? You may not forget, the fall harvest regiment experiences Tian Ling Empire post-war already, only then less than 2000 people, your this regiment commands is a Yorozuo is also long."

Drunken Spear stares, in the eye pa.s.sed over gently and swiftly hatred, but in the hand does not have the military authority truly unable with truly duke to meet the tough head-on with toughness, he is also a smart person, then touches the nose, resentful did not speak.

That admonished to discuss the doctor to be towed as before by several warriors, obloquied the sound again and again.

Finally, the strong wind from afar armed forces commanded hundred also to look to me, said: „Li Tongling, you are on the general, did the empire bloodlines when the life and death, you speak words actually?"

I took a step to forward several steps, said: „Lets loose this civil official!"

Two warriors stare, is drawing the civil official as before.

My anger, „clang" Dragon Reservoir Sword comes out of the sheath slightly, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Father makes you let loose this civil official, what's wrong, can't understand my words? Whose world this is Tian Ling Empire? Comes the person, gave me to cut these two people!"

„Crash-bang" a rumor pa.s.sed over gently and swiftly, Han Yuanheng has a blade, when the people have not responded promptly has cut to fall a head of warrior, the blood has spattered in all directions place, another warrior draws back several steps continually, presented Xia Ye the form, Jianfeng comes out of the sheath to turn over to the sheath to be only the flash, but that warrior slowly has actually knelt, was punctured thoroughly the throat, the fresh pool of blood anchors to flow.

„Li Xiao Yao, are you insane?!"

Truly duke looks to me, the anger shouted to clear the way: „The Great Emperor new mourning, you moved the blade soldier before his spirit unexpectedly, did not fear that has alarmed the soul in heaven of Great Emperor?"

I have smiled, Jianfeng points to truly duke, said: „Truly, Great Emperor and Your Highness Pearl shortly after dying in battle battleground, you conspire to usurp the throne with one group of rebels, you did not fear that has alarmed their soul in heaven?!"

Drunken Spear could not bear smile: „I go, Xiao Yao said well, these two kill excitingly!"

„Li Xiao Yao commands!"

Qin Ye Jianfeng has also aimed at me, said: „Do not forget, you is a trivial on general, dares to aim at duke Sir Jianfeng unexpectedly, you are the disobedient crime!"

I took advantage of opportunity have drawn out the town country blade of waist, the body plundered suddenly forward, thousand frost wings opened, the body flew high, „", knife point of town country blade on Qin Ye the neck, has sneered saying: „This is the town country blade that Great Emperor gift of the emperor, may cut the n.o.bles and ministers, he orders my town country, today when is this blade drinks the blood, Qin does Ye, you want to work as the first sacrificial offering under town country blade?"

Qin Ye frightened to move not to fear, the complexion of duke also exceptionally was truly ugly, but the rapid restoration was tranquil, said: „Li Tongling, do not impulse, everything we can discuss that the Tian Ling Empire experience the war had been scarred several times, do we unnecessary make the day of plume empire once more war-torn for the imperial throne?"

I nod, take back town country blade, probably this blade got down unable to ma.s.sacre Qin Ye, he after all was Demon Harvest step BOSS, the volume of blood is many. However, my a series of movement let truly, Qin Ye, the Lingnan marquis and Xiahou Ren and the others seems the frightened person, especially I offered a sacrifice to the town country blade, this truly can cut blade even
connected Luo, was equal to that imperial sword, who also dares to act rashly?

Lingnan Hou Julie has coughed, the senile appearance, looks like will momentarily hang general, but the old fogy of this type of having mind filled with dirty trick thinks that ten years eight years were unable dead, he coughed, while said: „That depends on the meaning of General Li Xiao Yao, who should we set up are the new sovereigns?"

I show a faint smile, said: „Doesn't Theodore have two male offspring? Looks, supports that has both ability and integrity was good for the Great Emperor, how simple matter."

Hundred nods saying: „Seconds the motion, General Li Xiao Yao said is extremely!"

Truly duke strokes the long sleeve, said: „That is depending on the meaning of General Li, comes the person, immediately asks the Theodore big imperial prince two male offspring to come Tian Ling Empire!"

Has not said that suddenly emperor out of the door one rides to fly, is a warhawk rides to search, terse black clothed Knight stands up from failure from the warhawk carries on the back to leap falls, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Report! Theodore big imperial prince bandit of manor from northern territory was conquered by killing by one day ago, two little imperial princes both have been decapitated, the corpse is shipping Tian Ling Empire on the way of!"

I am startled slightly, clench jaws saying: „Speed is really fast, truly duke, this stamps out the source of trouble to play really attractively, if Pearl has the male offspring, probably also will be conquered by killing by the north bandit?"

Truly complexion one cold: „Li Xiao Yao, are you are insinuating me?"

„Does not dare!"

I let somebody cool off or calm down said: „But, the Tian Ling Empire Xinli monarchy is not you, this point you can feel relieved!"

Finally, Qin Ye a little could not bear, angry [say / way]: „Li Xiao Yao, your what meaning, thinks that a town country blade can hoodwink the public in Tian Ling Empire? Do not forget, truly duke also 12 thousand Rong Di Jun guard outside the city, the flood dragon armed forces also at least also 4 thousand troops, sufficiently run amuck do not turn over to the sea, you think that can resist us depending on your 7 thousand palace guards?"

I have smiled, said: „7 thousand palace guards no doubt are not your matches, but if adds on 10 thousand terse dark Moon Elf armies, in addition Dragon's den 15 Dragon Rider soldiers? If the real civil war, you thought that which Ba Huang City Queen Angela will stand in one side? Snort, little takes 12 thousand Rong Di Jun to frighten me, so long as I set out 5 thousand palace guards sufficiently to be ground into dust them!"

The complexion of duke was truly uglier, but also understands that what I said is the truth, with my own strength and personal connection, the entire day plume empire was my military strength was truly most powerful, especially it is well known I was the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Frost student, if cold uncultivated land Dragon's den were partial to this side me, the strengths of 15 Dragon Rider soldiers sufficiently made Rong Di Jun sleepless.

Qin Yedao: „, Theodore's two sons died, the empire final legitimate imperial family bloodlines also cut off, truly duke was the final imperial family bloodlines, whom do you also want to support?"


I silent several seconds, suddenly lifts the hand, the finger points to the rear area of truly duke, said: „He!"

The people in great surprise, the shallow forest also stare: „General Li...... You...... Do you want to support me for the new sovereign? This...... Does not may by......"

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