Zhan Long Chapter 786


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 786

【Walrus cavalry soldier】( Hybrid Demon level monster)

Level: 150

Attack: 16000-18200

Defense: 12000

HP: 800000

Skill: 【The technique of [a.s.sault]】 【Dark blue billows advance】 【Shooting of bow G.o.d】

Introduced: The walrus cavalry soldier, the walrus did not turn over to the temperate biology in sea, but after being tamed, became mount, the fish person excels at the tame technique, and can the casting excellent weapon, grasp the fish person of long spear and strong bow becomes the overlord in sea, they by flexible motion and amphibious adept tactical unceasing going on a punitive expedition against alien race, savage cruel incomparable


Looks at the attribute of walrus cavalry soldier, I have cannot help but held breath an cold air/Qi, this is the BOSS general attribute!

Progresses to arrive at the palace guard and middle of [Zhan Long] two positions, the two sides give dual attention as far as possible, I draw out Dragon Reservoir Sword suddenly, shouted to clear the way in a low voice: „Prepares to meet head-on, front Steel Blade rides to block, the long-distance output of back row must want the firepower full, the walrus cavalry soldier has 80 thousand HP, kills not to be difficult!"

The people nod in abundance, an eye looks in pairs wallops walrus cavalry soldier who comes.

In this time, the right palace guard is controlling Dragon Xing one to drink greatly: „Has aimed, puts the arrow!"

Immediately, 50 + crossbow car(riage)s almost exude the sound that machine the reed vibrates together, „" the sound is unceasing, black loud iron arrow planes have shot Going out, the dense and numerous piece, the walrus cavalry soldier in distant place handles to guard, was shot the blood to spatter in all directions, miserable howling unceasingly, the crossbow car(riage) whole body fine iron builds, its explosive force can be imagined, the iron arrow almost can shoot through the body of walrus cavalry soldier, the injury digit spatter in all directions, making all people shock





Li Mu opens the eye, has attracted the mouth air cooling channel: „, What might this is, unexpectedly has made six figures, f.u.c.k, was this crossbow car(riage) rather too also aggressive? If our later country war met NPC of enemy also to have such sharp weapon, to be equal to rushing to bring death?"

I smiled: „You think that doesn't have? Certainly must face, everybody goes all out pile of defenses and that's the end, perhaps opens is not attacking, armor of Dou Qi and other skills also to be able to support......"

Li Mu trembles: „Ok, does not think that resists the walrus cavalry soldier to say first again!"

A round crossbow car(riage) fires, on the beach is the dense and numerous walrus cavalry soldier corpse, blood incarnadine tide, but also has the walrus cavalry soldier continuously to wallop to come as before, the walrus exudes „moo moo" cry, like is the cow, but the explosive force strove to excel compared with the cow obviously mostly, moreover Movement Speed was not slow.

Dragon Xingti the iron sword, was shouting to clear the way lowly: „A bit faster packing arrow arrow!"

Around each crossbow car(riage), one group of people in bustling about, 5 soldiers are moving the spanner in pulling the long string, another 5 people move the iron arrow to continue to fill above the crossbow car(riage), about 30 seconds fill, again a round fire, but this walrus cavalry soldier approached us to arrive at 200 yards, although the packing of crossbow car(riage) already enough quick, but as if as before is unable to depend upon the crossbow car(riage) to resist the impact of sea-nymph clan.


Old K bellows, grips tightly Axe, the vision is looking at the distant place, does not know that excited or is afraid, but should not be the fear, this goods as if have not feared, dies greatly, has dead.


A troop walrus cavalry soldier was screaming flushed, I also raised Zhen Yue Blade and Dragon Reservoir Sword, the both legs clamp the warhorse, the Flying Scythe War Horse Mashangchong Going out, the front surface am an attack of [Seven Star Fragment Slash] + [Tempest Sword], held halberd Raging Flames to open, I already the one person alone wreaked havoc in the crowd of walrus cavalry soldier, entire [Zhan Long] also only then I dare to be so dry.

„Bang bang bang......"

When the walrus cavalry soldier approaches our shield started the skill, the surroundings are dense the sea water same mighty waves, then hits in shield, pushes Steel Blade to ride advances continuously, even if were we defends also as before to be pa.s.sed about 10 yards, this was the effect of dark blue billows advance, such one, the position wanted not to guarantee!

I hurried distant lost Zhen Yue Blade, surged the [Blade Spin] effect in the crowd of front walrus cavalry soldier, at the same time shouted loudly: „Li Mu, bringing people to push position!"

Li Mu nods, brandishes the Zhenhai blade to chop randomly, another holds on the reins, that using the strength that Steel Blade rides, „bang bang bang" the present walrus cavalry soldier will hit again and again retrocedes, other people imitate, Steel Blade rides can be inferred intrepidly, unexpectedly mysterious. .h.i.t to draw back 10 yards remote the walrus cavalry soldiers.

But when people also not with enough time happy, a walrus cavalry soldier already raised the long bow in hand, above the bowstring the flame arrow arrow condensed together, „" blooms in the crowd, remnant blood Steel Blade rode to handle against directly bent G.o.d shoots the skill to kill to the second, this bow G.o.d shot the skill to penetrate the crowd, projected about 30 yards penetration injury effect, the back row has not opened Healer of shield to be struck the second to kill by the violent!


Old K brandishes Axe to divide fiercely, at the same time said loudly: „Healer carefully treated!"

I am also the moral nature one cold , to promote the attack intensity hurriedly, the attraction walrus cavalry soldier attacks me as far as possible, the skill that this bow G.o.d shoots was also too ruthless, shot the might to want compared with the bow G.o.d of player intrepidly, and skill effect was also quite dazzling.

Therefore, flame bow G.o.ds shoot the skill to spread across in the crowd, player unceasing kills the walrus cavalry soldier before, simultaneously oneself also one after another dying in battle, this war already got stronger and stronger.


Another side, which the position of palace guard not necessarily is also good to go, although there is an attack of crossbow car(riage) to rush to rescue, but the walrus cavalry soldier was as before rapid near body, Han Yuan, Xiao severe lead the cavalry to meet head-on immediately, blade shield camp also unceasing flushing Going out, resisted the dark blue billows advance using the shield, then the long blade chopped horse Tui, was not right, should say that was the soft foot of walrus.


Bent arrow that the G.o.d shot light to pa.s.s over gently and swiftly together, immediately two palace guard soldiers crashed from the warhorse, the front blood hole was almost scorched, body as in shivering, was rushed before by a walrus cavalry soldier, that fish person Knight brandished the long blade, „ka scratched" two blades chopping to fly the palace guard head that two had not died.


In a famous artisan is holding the young palace guard leg of long sword one soft, he only then about is 20 years old high and low, on the face full is the scared look, the both legs shivered, kneels in the ground tears long cla.s.s: „How like this, how can like this?"

Not far away, Han Yuanda shouted to clear the way: „Tang Lin, a bit faster stands, are you are courting death?"

The voice has not fallen, suddenly a walrus cavalry soldier pa.s.sed over gently and swiftly, the long spear pa.s.ses Tang Lin's chest, selects to fly unexpectedly directly from the ground him, the bang pounds Going out suddenly, happen to falls in the fire path of crossbow car(riage), finally Tang Lin's body was penetrated by dozens iron arrows, falls on the ground is tattered and torn, the eye has not closed, dies with injustice unredressed.

In the Han deep pool eye flashes through severe Mang: „d.a.m.n!"

I lightly sighed one, this was a war, was not the game of weak one, weakness in this war, only then the killed share, the tears could not save the life.


Fight unceasing is carrying on, is the blade light and blood light, Steel Blade rides to resist the impacts of walrus cavalry soldier everywhere, is good is quite powerful because of our master, archer and Musketeer team, [Lightning Eagle Formation] and lava abyss skill erupts on the beach, making the walrus cavalry soldier not feel better, perhaps these Hybrid Demon to the NPC army are the fearful devils, in the eyes of our player, in the eyes of especially master cla.s.s, these is also experiences, equipment and gold coin, naturally, these time can also change into the meritorious value.

The fight turns the superheating, in the sea level constantly is emerging the walrus cavalry soldier as before, and also presented giant octopus to be an, 7 levels of Hybrid Demon, can, swallow the match by the tentacle winding, but the quant.i.ty was limited . Moreover the build greatly was too easy becomes the goal of crossbow car(riage), has not come ash.o.r.e to be ma.s.sacred half by the crossbow car(riage), when engaged in hand-to-hand combat was almost shot the hedgehog by the arrow arrow.

However, the walrus cavalry soldier's attack is really too fierce, Empire Armed forces as in batches was dying in battle.


The distant place, heard one to whin finally, rode the commanding level combat general of warhorse to raise is fighting the blade edge, on the arm is inserting two arrow arrows, the whole body was the blood, in the eye dejected one piece, ran over from the western position direction, ran while is whinning: „Ended...... Ended...... The fall harvest regiment did not have completely, 4 thousand armies all did not have, does not remain...... I...... My Xia Lei has the brothers who lost to died in battle......"

Was saying, suddenly the distant place flame color arrow arrow shoots together!


The mouth that center this fall harvest regiment commands, the arrow arrow ran out from the cerebellum, carries over a colorful thing, Xia Leilian snort no snort fell, but killed his fish person to be towed the long blade to overrun immediately a blade beheading skull of by the Han deep pool, looks at Xia Lei the corpse, Han Yuan clenches teeth, said: „Summer lei commands, wishing you in underground to rest!"


The empire altogether also on that many regiments, the result had regiment whole army has been annihilated in this war......

Flame Dragon Juntuan, the legendary Emperor Yu regiment direction, a flame, as if in the use might strong artillery, there is in king, is the Hybrid Demon regiment most centralized point of attack, thinks the pressure that bears is also big, although will be two big trump card regiments will not actually feel better.

Another direction, is thunderclap rings out, I look to that side, knits the brows to ask: „That what's the matter?"

The Han deep pool said: „Is empire first Teacher Thunder Ximo hundred Ningxia, Princess Pearl teacher, he is vice- commander-in-chief of empire third regiment strong wind from afar regiment, that certainly is he."

I in consternation: „Strong wind from afar regiment?"

The Han deep pool nods: „Um, Your Highness Pearl is grasping two troops, one is our palace guards, another is to support the soldier 8 thousand strong wind from afar regiments, the command of strong wind from afar regiment is Your Highness Pearl, vice- commanded is hundred Sir, the present tactical situation looks like, the strong wind from afar regiment should unable to preserve the establishments of 8 thousand people!"

I smile: „After this war, no one want to retain the original population to establish......"

Smiling of some Han deep pool vicissitudes: „Oh, we know that commands the Sir, kills the enemy, the palace guard rather completely died in battle here, do not degenerate into the laughingstock in others mouth!"

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