Zhan Long Chapter 714 - The Crown Prince's Rule


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 714 - The Crown Prince's Rule

Chapter 714 - The Crown Prince's Rule

There were several people standing on the General Appointment Stage. Ye Lai carried his axe over his shoulder and sat on the top level of the stage. He looked over at me and laughed, “Xiao Yao, you’re here?” 

I nodded and slid down my horse. After I put it away, I brought Wan Er and Qing Qian along with me and sat beside Ye Lai. Not far from us, Simple smiled to me and gave me a wave. Not Ordinary and You Yi disdainfully glared at me. It was no wonder. After all, their 16,000 Greedy Wolf Raiders had been killed by [Zhan Long] just South of the Sword Saint Forest. That was truly a deep seated vengeance. The only problem was that he was asking for it. 

Fang Ge Que held a fan with frosty power in his hand. He elegantly folded it and stood on the stage. His robes fluttered in the wind around him. He held a regal and indifferent posture, as though he were an otherworldly expert. Enchanted Painting and Lu Chun Yang sat beside him, and waited for the meeting to begin. 

Q-Sword, Sword Tears and Jian Tan sat at a corner of the stage, just across from Fang Ge Que. Neither party exchanged words. 

Bai Li Ruo Feng and Dragon Emperor, the guildmasters of rival guilds still held a grudge against me. They coldly glanced at me and didn’t say much. On the other hand, Yan Zhao Warrior brought Ya Ya and Windy Walker over with a smile, “Li Xiao Yao, I just watched the video of you PKing Smile’s team this morning. You’ve truly outdone yourself, even killing Smile. You did incredibly well!” 

I smiled, “That was luck. If we fought again, I’m afraid the ending would not be the same.” 

Yan Zhao smiled understandingly and said, “Actually, you just aren’t willing to look down upon the dignity of experts, isn’t that right? If you had started off with activating your 25 seconds of [Invincibility], and then used [Thundering Heavens], I’m afraid Smile, Apollo and Summer would have all kneeled!” 

I was stunned, “Uncle, how do you know I have 25 seconds of [Invincibility]?” 

Yan Zhao smiled, “I found out through research….” 

Looks like the intel of each guild is incredibly accurate. I’ve only used my [Invincibility] skill twice, and neither of those times were very intense battles. Despite that, they’ve already figured it out. 

Soon after, the clock hit ten. Over a hundred people had gathered at this stage. All of the guild master level players had all arrived. 

w.a.n.g Ze Cheng rode into the area carrying his shield and stepped onto the stage and furrowed his brow, “What’s wrong? Isn’t it already time? Why haven’t we started yet?” 

Fang Ge Que calmly replied, “We’re waiting for someone important.” 

I was puzzled, “Who?” 

Fang Ge Que smiled, “Li Xiao Yao, you were born in China, you should know that there’s a lot of rules here right? If the leader hasn’t arrived yet, how can we begin?” 

I grinned, “So it was like that.. But who are we waiting for?” 

“You’ll find out soon.” 

Another twenty minutes pa.s.sed. Ye Lai suddenly raised his battle axe and roared, “D*mm*t, I’m going to go grind levels. What f*cking leader is this. I won’t take this kind of treatment while I’m playing a game!” 

Misty Clouds also picked up his sword, “That’s right. I’m leaving!” 

Right as the two had stepped off of the stage, a group of people suddenly appeared. The person leading them rode on a chestnut horse. He carried a long sword and looked to be around twenty years old. He was a Level 117 Swordsman, ID “Rumor”. He was the guildmaster of “Run like Fire”. I quickly went to look up the ranking of the guild. It was ranked 1237 in the Chinese Servers. What was going on? For an average guild like that, it shouldn’t have the right to join right?” 

Fang Ge Que raised his eyebrow, “He’s arrived!” 

This Rumor held his sword in hand and walked up onto the General Appointing Stage. He walked right up to the highest point and smiled, “My name is Liu Chan, ID, Rumor. Apologies for making all of the heroes of Tian Ling City wait. Ha ha I truly am sorry. Dad’s meeting went overtime.” 

Ye Lai angrily retorted, “Just who the f*ck are you?” 

Rumor stiffened and said, “That… Guildmaster Yan Zhao, help introduce me…” 

Yan Zhao coughed and didn’t say anything. 

Of the players that Rumor brought along with him, a Level 70 knight walked over. He looked to be around 45 years old. His ID was “Strategy” and had a very elegant aura. However… there was something very bureaucratic about him. He split the crowds and walked up to the stage, “Good morning ladies and gentleman, I am Liu Gong, one of the members of the China Virtual Board. If you don’t believe me, then you can look it up.” 

Wan Er looked down and quickly looked him up. A sliver of shock raced through her eyes, “Liu Gong, he’s the Head of the Chine Virtual Board. He’s a high level official…” 

I chuckled, “We can’t offend someone like that. Otherwise you’ll be forced to wear small shoes throughout the game, slowly dying of pain.” 

Wan Er giggled, “Yes, we know!” 

Yan Zhao coughed and loudly said, “Old Liu Gong, get to the point. Everyone’s been waiting for a long time. Looks like the impatient ones like Ye Lai can’t wait any longer.” 

Liu Gong laughed and warmly said, “Yes, we were the ones that arrived late. I’m truly sorry. Then let me get to it.” 

I cleared his throat. It was as though we were about to listen to a speech from a politician. He then said, “The China Virtual Board was founded in 2015. Our main goal is to govern the Internet. Destiny is one of our most important priorities. As everyone knows, we have grown into the year 2017, and the compet.i.tions that we can attend are not limited to sports any longer. One of our more important jobs is organizing the Virtual Compet.i.tions. And so, for the sake of the nation’s honor and for the sake of our mission, we have made Destiny the Chinese Server Battles HQ. We cannot let down the millions of gamer fans.” 

He coughed a few times and then continued, “Today, I have invited everyone here so that we may create an alliance. Once the country battles begin, we cannot fight amongst each other any longer and we must face our spear points to the enemy outside. Each guildmaster here is a warrior of Tian Ling City. You are the talent and pride of Tian Ling City. I, Liu Gong, am just a newbie in this game, and already I feel respect and esteem for everyone’s strength. Without dragging on, I’ll get to the point. Today, I am here for one thing, everyone’s vote and support to create an alliance in the Chinese virtual world. Everyone here in favor of this, please raise your hand.” 

Everyone hesitated for a moment. Liu Gong was the first to raise his hand. Rumor was the second. 

Yan Zhao Warrior and Mu Xuan both raised their hands. After all, this wasn’t a bad thing. 

I thought about it for a moment and raised my own hand. 

Soon after, everyone else also raised their hand. It was practically a unanimous vote. 

Liu Gong smiled and heartily said, “Thank you everyone for your support. Next, let us pick out the general for the China Battles. Later on in the virtual battles, he will be the one to determine the overall strategy. Every guild that joins this alliance must listen to his every command. This is the only way that the Chinese Servers’ strength will grow explosively. Come, let’s nominate some people!” 

Everyone all listed some names. Finally, the top five names were Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Mu Xuan, and I. They were all guildmasters of the large guilds. 

Liu Gong continued, “Today, I will bear witness. Everyone vote!” 

I rubbed my nose, “Do I need to campaign for votes?” 

Wan Er smiled, “Do you really want to become the head of the China Server Battles?” 

I shook my head, “Nope.” 

“Then don’t….” 

Not far from us,  Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han were both campaigning for votes. Fang Ge Que’s subordinate, Enchanted Painting and Lu Chun Yang were both talking about something. Soon after, they each held a vote. Liu Gong himself collected all of the ballots. After a few minutes, he waved his hand over it and the results appeared before everyone——

Fang Ge Que had the absolute upper hand. What I had not expected was that I actually got 16 ballots. That wasn’t bad. Maybe, when [Zhan Long] beat the Greedy Wolf Raiders, we had actually increased our reputation quite a bit? And so all of the medium level guilds had voted for me. That should be why…. 

Liu Gong smiled at the results, “Looks like the mage Fang Ge Que is truly the king in everyone’s hearts. Right now, I will announce that Fang Ge Que will be the commanding general of the Chinese Servers.” 

As he said that, Liu Gong turned around to looked at Rumor, “Besides that, The Chinese Virtual Board’s representative will be Rumor. The guild he leads, Run Like Fire will provide support in the Chinese Battlefields. He will also be our spokesperson and will take on the position as deputy in command. Furthermore, he will represent our voice. I hope that everyone here will support him. This kid is still inexperienced. Everyone here is among the cream of the crop in Tian Ling City and so I hope you will look after him~~” 

Ye Lai raised his battle axe and smiled, “Brother Liu Tong, this Liu Chan, who is he to you?” 

Liu Gong stiffened and smiled, “He’s my nephew.” 

Ye Lai was a very stubborn person and he chuckled, “Oh, so it was like that. You’ve named Fang Ge Que as the commander in chief of the China Battles, and then you set him up with a deputy commander. This means that if Fang Ge Que, the commander, dies in battle, then you’ll send out your crown prince to lead the troops?” 

My heart nearly jumped out of my throat. Ye Lai that b*st*rd actually talked without thinking. He’s gonna die. He’s gonna die…. 

Liu Gong’s face twitched. He then covered some of his embarra.s.sment, but candidly said, “That was never my intention. It’s just that our board needs some kind of spokesperson. As long as we have a voice in the matters, we won’t go on the wrong path in this new type of game, isn’t that right?” 

Ye Lai laughed, “Is it possible for a type of game to go down the wrong path? I find this funny. You all want to interfere with our matters. What the f*ck does it matter to you what we players do in our free time?”  

Li Gong was stunned and sternly replied, “Ye Lai, what are you saying?” 

I walked up and grabbed Ye Lai’s shoulder, “Shut up!” 

I then looked towards Liu Gong and smiled, “Ye Lai is a rather hot tempered person. I hope that Mr. Liu won’t take it to heart. [Zhan Long] and [Judgement] have already created an alliance, and we will absolutely follow Fang Ge Que’s orders. Please, do not worry about that!” 

Liu Gong rubbed his nose, “Seeing as guildmaster Xiao Yao Zi Zai said that, then it’s fine. Everyone work together and work hard!” 

I have cleverly chosen my words specifically for this purpose. [Zhan Long] and [Judgement] may follow the orders of Fang Ge Que, but that did not obligate us to follow the orders of Rumor. 

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