Zhan Long Chapter 713 - General Appointment Stage


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 713 - General Appointment Stage

Chapter 713 - General Appointment Stage

I stood on the western bank of the Bridge of Fate. After I pondered for a long moment, I flipped onto my horse and said, “Wan Er, Li Mu and the rest are grinding levels and mining in the Broken Blade Canyon. Let’s head over and give them the 200 Frost Sword’s. Then, let’s find a place that’s good for grind levels. It’s getting late. If we grind any more, we’ll play throughout the night. Either way, there isn’t a pressing need right now to rush levels.” 

Wan Er nodded, “Ok, whatever you say!” 


All of us crossed the Bridge of Fate. Before we had even reached the sh.o.r.e, we saw w.a.n.g Jian and a group of people on the eastern bank. There were around fifty people with him, all of them Steel Blade Hors.e.m.e.n. w.a.n.g Jian stood in the front with a confused expression, “Brother Xiao Yao, are you alright?” 


“I’m fine, what’s up?” I was stunned. 


w.a.n.g Jian replied, “We just got intel from the British Servers Forums. They said that their EBN Battlenet Number one player, Smile, had been killed in battle while he was on the Chinese Server, Tian Ling City’s territory. If you log onto the British battle forums, you can see a recording of the battle. I watched it, only to find out that their opponent was you guys.” 


I held a fist and replied, “Yup. The Moonlight City players have already stepped into Tian Ling City Territory, but there shouldn’t be too many of them. They have to pa.s.s through a few hours of desert. It’s difficult to replenish anything there, whereas the Tian Ling City players can gather tens of thousands of players against them. On top of that, the country battles haven’t begun, so there’s no way to activate the function that allows them to take over a city. There’s no point in focusing so much on the small PKs that occur between us.” 


Li Mu interjected, “Then should we continue guarding the Broken Blade Canyon?” 


Without hesitation, I replied, “The bitter cold Gale in the Broken Blade Canyon has too much killing potential. There’s no need to take more losses. We just need to send a team or two of people to mine these areas. Li Mu, the Bridge of Fate behind me is probably the only path to the other side. From now on, arrange some of [Zhan Long]’s players to grind here. The Bridge of Fate will now become [Zhan Long]’s training grounds in Tian Ling City. There must be at least a one thousand man team here every day. Furthermore, they must all be elites.” 


Li Mu was slightly puzzled and asked, Xiao Yao, do you want to guard this Bridge of Fate?” 




Li Mu took a deep breath, “This isn’t a minor thing at all. There should be no way that [Zhan Long], a guild, can manage to go against the entire Moon City. Besides, we’ve got problems at home too. [Thousand Burial] is still recruiting players to join the Greedy Wolf Raiders. Apparently they’re close to 20,000 Greedy Wolf Raiders. No matter how hard we try, we just can’t pull this thorn out, can we. There’s no way we can focus all of our efforts on the aggressions from Moon City.” 


I smiled, “No matter, we’ll just keep on gathering mounts from Steel Blade Mountain. As long as we have over 8000 Steel Blade Mounts, then we’ll be able to destroy them in battle. Besides, as long as [Zhan Long] can hold against them, no matter how many Greedy Wolf Raiders they have, No Ordinary won’t try anything major for the next half a month.” 


Matcha lead her Moonlight of a Thousand Leagues over and smiled, “Boss is right, [Zhan Long] is already one of the top super guilds. In the eyes of others, we of [Zhan Long] are like a super war ship in this game. We must maintain our temperament even when we’re faced with an avalanche. Boss has the perfect att.i.tude for that.” 


I smiled to her and said, “That’s exactly what I was thinking Matcha, but… either way, when the Greedy Wolf Raiders come at us, it’s you guys who willlead our brothers into battle. I will just sit back and enjoy. No need to worry too much…” 


Matcha frowned, “You really can’t praise a person too much…..” 


Li Mu replied, “Alright. I’ll organize a team of players to grind levels at the Bridge of Fate. Just leave this western gate to Tian Ling City to us!” 





I looked at the time. It was already late at night. I told Wan Er and Dong Cheng that’d we’d log off and go eat some hot pot in the villa. Once we were finished, we would go and get a good night’s rest. 


But, right as I logged off. “Ding!” I received a message. It had come from the vice guildmaster of [Vanguard], “Xiao Yao, are you there? I have a very important piece of information.” 


I replied, “What is it, Beautiful Jun?” 


Simple sent a smiley face, “Well well, you player. As the guildmaster of [Zhan Long] you actually dare tease the vice guildmaster of another guild? If the beautiful Cang Tong had seen this, I wouldn’t be surprised if your entire face is green with bruises after she’s done with you!” 


I smiled and replied, “What is it?” 


Mu Jun sweetly replied, “It’s like this. The CBN committee has decided to create a compet.i.tion in the Chinese Server and use that to fight off the threats from Moon City, Swirling Abyss City, and Flaming Cloud City. Besides, we also know that [Zhan Long]’s main force has already fought against Smile, Apollo and the rest from Moon City. If it wasn’t for you, Cang Tong, and Cang Yue, and a few other teams from China, do you think that the server would have a chance to win?” 


I honestly replied, “There’s a chance, but it isn’t very high….” 


Simple smiled softly, “Exactly. And so, the CBN committee has suggested we create a treaty and use that to gather together all of the guilds in China to create a Guardian Alliance. [Vanguard], [House of Prestige], [Judgement], [Legend] and [Hero’s Mound] have all agreed to partic.i.p.ate. [Zhan Long] is one of the strongest new guilds in the Chinese Server, but you’re also one of the newer major players. And so, they wanted me to contact you since they couldn’t. After all, you had rejected all of their friend requests.” 


“Eh, alright then….” 


I then added, “If I join this alliance, I won’t have to pay any fee will I?” 


Simple grinned, “What are you talking about. This is a spontaneous alliance, there’s no need to pay any dues. If you agree, then tomorrow morning at ten, bring your two vice guildmasters to the map that’s five kilometers south of Nine Cloud City. There’s a Tian Ling City General’s Stage there. We’ll begin our talks there. All guild master level players of the top thirty guilds in the Chinese Server will be partic.i.p.ating.” 

I pursed my lips, “Then can I bring three thousand Steel Blade Hors.e.m.e.n along for protection? I’m afraid Not Ordinary will lead his twenty thousand Greedy Wolf Raiders and bathe the stage in blood. At that point, catastrophe will befall all of the guildmasters of the great guilds….” 


Simple smiled, “Can’t you be more serious? Alright now. Not Ordinary and You Yi will also be attending. But don’t worry about it. Besides, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, and Mu Xuan will be there. Not Ordinary isn’t so c.o.c.ky that he’d make the world his enemy with just twenty thousand Greedy Wolf Raiders, right? I heard, [Legend] is already secretly creating a ten thousand man cavalry with Level 115 Saint tier mounts. Just based on that, Not Ordinary wouldn’t dare make a move.” 


I replied, “Are you talking about the Earth’s Bane Oxen?” 


Simple was slightly surprised, “Well now. You even know the details of this? As expected, [Zhan Long] has been keeping some spies in [Legend]. He he, that’s normal~” 


I was a little speechless and hurriedly replied, “Not at all. I really haven’t sent out any spies. It’s just that while I was scouting out new maps, I accidentally found the Earth’s Bane Oxen. [Legend]’s Enchanted Painting and Lu Chun Yang had already brought people there to grind levels and so I guessed that it was the Earth’s Bane Oxen.” 


Simple clenched her teeth, “Do you think you can tell me which map that was?” 


I shook my head,” No, I must keep it a secret. I can’t tell you where the Earth’s Bane Oxen are from, but I can tell you that the map is south of the Shen Ding Battlefield and east of the Fierce Wind Forest.” 


Simple smiled, “Alright then. You really are a young man of your word….” 


I laughed, “Listen to yourself, of course I have to be.” 


“Alright then. Tomorrow morning at ten. Don’t miss it.” 





I logged off to eat. We called over Qin Wen, who was about to sleep. We ate the hot pot to our heart’s content. However, I received grievous news at the same time. 


“There’s a final tomorrow morning on Ancient Chinese Literature.” Wan Er calmly reminded. 


I shuddered. The chopsticks in my hand nearly slipped out. 


Wan Er grinned, “Looks like someone who hasn’t been listening in cla.s.s is starting to panic?” 


Dong Cheng, “Will that someone fail the course….” 


I replied, “How about we don’t sleep tonight and help me learn the material….” 


Wan Er raised her eyebrows, “Will you have time? Idiot….” 


I made a fist, “If there isn’t enough time, then you’ll just have to kill me. I heard that retaking a cla.s.s means that he has to pay for it. That person apparently is an incredibly inflexible man. He won’t even take bribes. He’s so poor that can’t afford rent and he is still single. If he has to pay, then that’ll be equivalent to killing him!” 


Wan Er smiled, “Pig, I can help you pa.s.s…”


I was beside myself, “Really? You can help me pa.s.s? I will repay with my body….” 


Qin Wen calmly said, “First of all, you’re gonna have to get permission from your father in law… and from what I see, uncle won’t be very satisfied with this marriage….” 


Wan Er scooped up a fish ball and gave it to me with a smile, “Don’t worry about it. I’ve already talked it over with sister Lan from the R&D Department. She’s going to send me a new undetectable communications device. Either way, you’ll definitely pa.s.s!” 


“Oh? Alright then….” 


Qin Wen looked a little disappointed, “You’re actually getting Lan to help. Wan Er, if your dad finds out, he’ll definitely fly into a rage.” 


Wan Er smiled, “Dad has a great temper!” 


Qin Wen was speechless.


I then replied, “We have a test tomorrow afternoon, but we have to log on tomorrow morning. There’s going to be a meeting. Its for creating some kind of alliance for the future country battles. All of the guildmasters of the top thirty guilds in Tian Ling City will be there. Wan Er, you and Qing Qian both have to go. Later, I’ll send a message to Qing Qian. Once we finish in the morning, then we’ll talk about the test in the afternoon.


“Ok got it!” 



We didn’t talk for the rest of the night. 


I got up early in the morning the next day and logged on. I went to manage the resources in the Dragon’s Den and the send orders to Chi Yu Han to speed up the harvesting on the borders. Very soon, the city was going to meet the requirements of a Level 9 guild. Best case scenario, we’ll be able to reach Level 10 City before the country wars start. That way, I’ll have one more card up my sleeve. 


At ten o’clock in the morning, I rode on my horse with Wan Er and Qing Qian by my side. The three of us pa.s.sed through the Broken Bones Shrubbery and continued East. Not long after, we saw the flag of Tian Ling City waving in the wind in the midst of an abandoned field. We could already see some garrisoned troops from Tian Ling City. They had set up a tall stage in this wilderness. On it were carved the large letters ——General Appointment! 

General Appointment Stage, we’ve arrived! 

This was the place where the Tian Ling City Emperor paid his respects. Right now, all of the top guildmasters had arrived here. This place, it probably has a similar meaning as that to it? 

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